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Charles 'Chaz' Finster, Sr. (Character)
from "Rugrats" (1990)

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"Rugrats: Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster/Twins Pique (#3.1)" (1993)
Paul Gatsby: [Losing patience with the adults incessantly talking about the "Dummi Bears" throughout dinner] What is WRONG with you people? Don't you have any *real* lives outside of this mindless cartoon?
Betty DeVille: Well, really! I thought you'd like to hear from some of your fans!
Paul Gatsby: Well, I *don't*!
Chas Finster: How could the creator of Happy Bear be so cruel?

Chas Finster: Gosh, after Happy Bear almost got caught by the taxidermist, I couldn't sleep for days!
Paul Gatsby: Mr. Finster, have you talked to a psychiatrist about this?
Chas Finster: Oh, he didn't understand.

"Rugrats: Chanukah (#4.1)" (1996)
Chas Finster: Oh look, Boris, your play made the front page! "Synagogue Seniors Stage Meaning of Chanukah."
Grandpa Boris: [looks at newspaper] Wonderful! They took my picture for this. Oy gevalt! They used Shlomo's picture instead of mine!
Chas Finster: What's a "Shlomo?"
Didi Pickles: He's an old friend of Boris from his school days back in Russia.
Grandpa Boris: What friend? Ever since we were young, he always tried to outdo me. I caught a smelt, he caught a sturgeon. I caught a cold, he caught the pneumonia. I start a family, he starts his "fancy-shmancy" business.

"Rugrats: Finsterella (#7.4)" (2001)
Kira Finster: I am sorry about Fifi. I did not realize she would affect your allergies.
Chas Finster: That's okay, my immune system should kick in, in a few years.

"Rugrats: The Santa Experience (#2.14)" (1992)
Chas Finster: When I was a kid, Christmas was always kind of disappointing. The best gift I ever got was a rubber glove and a tongue depressor.

"Rugrats: Daddy's Little Helpers/Hello Dilly (#8.8)" (2002)
Stu Pickles: [after babies have soiled themselves following the Dads' overfeeding] Okay, Men. We've done it before... Just not all at once. I'll get the wipes.
Chas Finster: I'll get the diapers!
Howard DeVille: I'll get the rubber gloves!
Chas Finster: [Before leaving] Uh... Way to go kids!

"Rugrats: Down the Drain/Let Them Eat Cake (#2.19)" (1993)
Chaz Finster: I can't believe Didi's baby brother is getting married. I mean it seems like only yesterday, he was running around in shorts screaming.
Stu Pickles: That was yesterday, Chaz. Remember the bachelor party?
Chaz Finster: Oh yeah.