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99's Mother (Character)
from "Get Smart" (1965)

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"Get Smart: Snoopy Smart vs. the Red Baron (#4.2)" (1968)
99: Mother, you just call Max 'Max' and Max, you call mother 'mother'.
[they all sit down on a couch]
Maxwell Smart: Right, 99.
99's Mother: 99?
99: Oh, eh, Max and I have pet names for each other, heh, sometimes he calls me '99' and sometimes I call him '86'.
99's Mother: Isn't that cute. You can call me '38' if it isn't taken.
Maxwell Smart: No, no. No it isn't.

99's Mother: Did you have a nice chat with your shoe?
Maxwell Smart: Eh, yes well, I can explain that, mother...
99's Mother: Oh, don't bother, my husband used to always talk to his suspenders.
Maxwell Smart: He did?
99's Mother: Sometimes he'd talk to his belt. He was a very strange man but a good provider.

99's Mother: [about Max] Eh, is he really in the greeting card business?
99: Why yes of course, why do you ask?
99's Mother: Oh, I don't know. Your father always used to always say he was in the greeting card business.
99: And wasn't he?
99's Mother: Didn't you know? Your father was a spy.

"Get Smart: Absorb the Greek (#4.19)" (1969)
Preminger: We want ze formula!
99's Mother: What formula?
Stroheim: The formula given to you by your husband in Greece.
99's Mother: Greece? Oh, now I know who you have me mixed up with: Jacqueline Kennedy.

99's Mother: [99 is untying her mother from a rack] Why are those men fighting with Max?
Agent 99: Oh, eh, they're from a rival greeting card company.
99's Mother: I had no idea the competition was so fierce in the greeting card company.

"Get Smart: With Love and Twitches (#4.9)" (1968)
99: [worried] He's not gonna show up, he doesn't want to marry me.
Chief: Don't say that, 99, he'll be here, he must have stopped of for something on the way.
99's Mother: Of course darling, he probably stopped of at a bar for a drink.
99: At 10.30 in the morning?
99's Mother: Bums drink at any hour.

Chief: The guests are starting to ask questions.
99: Have they all arrived?
99's Mother: Everyone except the bum.
99: Well Chief, I guess you'd better go downstairs and tell them that the wedding is off.
Chief: Let's give the bum another few minutes... I mean Max.

"Get Smart: And Baby Makes Four: Part 2 (#5.8)" (1969)
99's Mother: Nice to see you again, Mr. Clark.
Chief: Thank you. This is Mr. Larabee, he's a buyer from out-of-town.
99's Mother: Oh really, what town?
Larabee: I don't know, yet.