Saint Matthew
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Saint Matthew (Character)
from The Gospel According to Matthew (1993)

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The Miracle Maker (2000)
Matthew: Look, we have to keep records. It's the law.
Simon Peter: Is it the law to cheat? And steal? And line your own pockets? Is that the law? Traitor?

Mary Magdalene: [rambling] Hands off me! I'll give you murderers! Your money.
[tosses money at tax collectors]
Mary Magdalene: Your money!
Tax Collector: Leave this one. She's the mad woman from Magdala.
Matthew: [wearily] How much does she owe?
Simon Peter: Nothing! And nor do we! We caught nothing, no catch, no money. We're not paying taxes for thin air!
Mary Magdalene: [muttering] I told the emperor. I told the emperor about you.

Jesus: [to the paralyzed man] My friend, your sins are forgiven you.
Matthew: [to himself] Sins... forgiven?
Ben Azra: [thinking] Who can forgive sins but God?
Jesus: [looking at Ben Azra] Let me ask you a question. Which is easier to say? "Your sins are forgiven you" or "Get up and walk?" But to prove the Son of Man has the power to forgive sins
[turns to paralyzed man]
Jesus: I command you, take up your mat and walk.

Death Interrupted (2011) (TV)
Dumah: I told her to stay here.
Saint Matthew: Well, that worked out pretty good.
Dumah: Shut your quill, Shakespeare!