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Benny Stulwicz (Character)
from "L.A. Law" (1986)

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"L.A. Law: Bound for Glory (#4.16)" (1990)
Benny Stulwicz: The refrigerator guy came by...
Stuart Markowitz: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, whoa. Slow down. Come on in. Tell me about it.
Benny Stulwicz: It started because I want a new refrigerator on a counter I'm getting married, and the one I have it doesn't get cold on the bottom part.
Stuart Markowitz: Uh-huh.
Benny Stulwicz: And the guy who came to fix it, says he can't fix it now. And he said it be cheaper to get a new one. So that's what I'm want to do. Because If I'm gonna married, I want to have a good refrigerator.
Stuart Markowitz: I agree with that.
Benny Stulwicz: But I don't have enough money in my emergency savings. I used it for Alice's ring. So I decided to sell my baseball card collection for money. So Jerry, he came and looked at my cards, and he said he wanted them.
Stuart Markowitz: Who's Jerry?
Benny Stulwicz: Uh, he likes my cards. Only I can't give him all my cards because I promised Frank Malzone to Ed.
Stuart Markowitz: Who's that?
Benny Stulwicz: Third base, Red Sox.
Stuart Markowitz: No, that's uh, that's Frank Malzone. And who's Ed?
Benny Stulwicz: He's my friend who likes my cards, except he doesn't want all of them. He just want some.
Stuart Markowitz: Mm-hmm.
Benny Stulwicz: And so I told Jerry that I couldn't give him Frank Malzone and some of the others, and he got real mad, and he send me this.
Stuart Markowitz: It's a summons.
Benny Stulwicz: What's that mean?
Stuart Markowitz: It means he's suing you, Benny. Your friend Jerry's gonna taking you to court.
Benny Stulwicz: Oh, God.
Stuart Markowitz: No. Don't worry. I'll look into it. Okay? Don't worry.
Benny Stulwicz: I just wanted a new refrigerator because of the bottom part.
Stuart Markowitz: It doesn't get cold. I know.

Stuart Markowitz: Look, uh, he's willing to sell them to you, Mr. Svetka. He just wants to hold back a few back for Ed.
Jerry Svetka: He's looking to hold back Heinie Manush, he's looking to hold back Gus Bell, he's looking to hold back a '62 Warren Spahn in near mint condition.
Benny Stulwicz: I never said I'd sell them to you, Jerry.
Jerry Svetka: Whether express or implied, binding representations were made which I placed reliance upon thereto.
Stuart Markowitz: Are you an attorney?
Jerry Svetka: Freelance Paralegal.
Stuart Markowitz: Aha.
Jerry Svetka: Well, you think that's gonna make it easy for you?
Stuart Markowitz: Look, what are we talking about here, a couple hundred bucks?
Jerry Svetka: Try 13,000, and it's an appreciating asset. He's got an important collection, Mr. Markowitz, I'm not about to watch it slip away. You'll see by the affidavits annexed hereto, but all parties have been served, a TRO's been issued, freezing any subsequent transfers and depositions have been scheduled.
Stuart Markowitz: You got to be kidding.
Jerry Svetka: I know my way around litigation, Mr. Markowitz. Maybe even better than your average tax attorney.
Stuart Markowitz: Look, if you want to go to court, we'll go to court.
Benny Stulwicz: Stuart!
Jerry Svetka: Benny, I want those cards placed in escrow. Excuse me.
Benny Stulwicz: Stuart, I don't want to go to court. You said we wouldn't have to.
Stuart Markowitz: It's going to be fine, Benny. Don't worry. It's just going to be fine.

Paul Zweibel: Now you only want seven cards in total.
Jerry Svetka: The collection's meaningless to me without those cards.
Stuart Markowitz: Hold on. Now which seven do you want?
Paul Zweibel: Don't talk to my client here.
Stuart Markowitz: I'm asking him a simple question.
Ed: You told me I can have them, Benny.
Jerry Svetka: There was an offer. And an acceptance, a valid contract.
Stuart Markowitz: Now wait a minute. Backup. Now first of all, let me just say as delicately as possible, but, uh, that there are certain questions as to Benny's capacity to enter into an forcefully...
Ed: He's trying to squirm out of it.
Stuart Markowitz: I don't appreciate that.
Paul Zweibel: You don't talk to my client.
Jerry Svetka: I'm go for punies.
Benny Stulwicz: Leave me alone, Jerry.
Stuart Markowitz: ...Mr. Svetka.
Ed: When you needed Elroy Face, I got you Elroy Face.
Stuart Markowitz: Let's...
Benny Stulwicz: I gave you Willie Mays.
Paul Zweibel: [Continues arguing] Don't talk to him.
Jerry Svetka: You're honoring a contract!
Benny Stulwicz: You ought to me first.
Stuart Markowitz: Hold it, guys. We're talking about baseball cards.

Paul Zweibel: We're talking about promises my client relied upon to his daft-format. Now he could have made other acquisition.
Stuart Markowitz: I don't believe this.
Jerry Svetka: The trouble with your lawyer, Benny, is that he doesn't grasp nuance.
Benny Stulwicz: I never said I'd sell them to you, Jerry.
Jerry Svetka: You ever hold a '51 Mickey Mantle with four sharp corners and original gloss?
Stuart Markowitz: You're nuts. These things come five to a pack with a stick of guts.
Ed: That's one of the seven card.
[Ed ripping Benny's baseball card]
Stuart Markowitz: Give me...
Paul Zweibel: That was a '54 Wally Moon.
Benny Stulwicz: You ripped my card.
Stuart Markowitz: He ripped it. Not me. You saw it.
Jerry Svetka: I'm adding on a claim against you. That was gross negligence. On amending.
Stuart Markowitz: I'll pin your ears back, you little squid.
Benny Stulwicz: I'm leaving.
Ed: The big guy's upset.
Jerry Svetka: This isn't over, Benny.
Benny Stulwicz: You said you'd fix things.
[Benny takes his baseball cards collections, exiting the conference meeting room and leave. Stuart looking scared]

Benny Stulwicz: No, you, you have doubles of Luis Aparicio.
Jerry Svetka: His rookie of the year card?
Benny Stulwicz: Uh-huh.
Ed: Okay. I'll give you that. You give me Johnny Podres and Gil Hodges.
Stuart Markowitz: What's, uh, what's going on?
Benny Stulwicz: We're having a meeting.
Stuart Markowitz: Benny, I think I should be involved , especially it affects...
Benny Stulwicz: No lawyers. I can fix this myself.
Stuart Markowitz: Benny, we're talking about a considerable sale shares.
Jerry Svetka: Here's the check. Put it in the escrow pending the completion of the transaction.
Stuart Markowitz: It's for the full amount.
Jerry Svetka: Hey, you're dealing with card collectors here. We're an honest group.
Benny Stulwicz: Y-You have all the Dodgers pitchers.
Ed: I still need Ralph Branca.
Benny Stulwicz: Oh. You give him Ralph Branca. And you give Pee Wee Reese.
Ed: Pee Wee Reese?
Benny Stulwicz: It's a good trade.
Jerry Svetka: Wait a minute. There's a gum stain on this one.
Benny Stulwicz: Well, g-give him Norm Sherry, too.
Ed: What?
Benny Stulwicz: You still have his rookie card. That's better.
Jerry Svetka: I don't know how you can do it, Ben. And how can you give up your cards?
Benny Stulwicz: I'm getting married. Uh... now... yeah. You need Joe Pignatano, and he need Chuck Essegian.

"L.A. Law: Outward Bound (#4.21)" (1990)
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Will Rosalind be joining?
Leland McKenzie: Uh, no. No, she won't. As a matter a fact, Rosalind has ask me to informed you all, she'll be leaving by the end of the week.
Arnie Becker: She's taking all those clients with her?
Leland McKenzie: Yes.
[Benny has serve some danishes on the plate. Ann ask Benny how his show of The Wizard of Oz going so far]
Ann Kelsey: So, Benny, how's the show going?
Benny Stulwicz: Good.
Stuart Markowitz: You're shopping for an agent yet?
Benny Stulwicz: No.
[Benny felt bad. And he left the meeting]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: What's with him?
Leland McKenzie: Can we get started?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Cavanaugh vs. Smyth.
Michael Kuzak: And we go today. It's gonna be a tough one.
Arnie Becker: I'm surprised you're even taken it to trial.
Michael Kuzak: Well, outing makes some people pretty mad, Arnie, and particularly the out he...
Jonathan Rollins: What is outing?
Michael Kuzak: There some gay activists like the defendant who believed in forcing other gays to come out of the closet. Sometimes it's gay, politicians who don't support gay causes other times it's just people that they want everyone to know they are gay.
Abby Perkins: Sounds nasty.

[Checking and opening the door. Benny as the Cowardly Lion find out that Alice as Dorothy is kissing the Scarecrow]
Benny Stulwicz: Hey.
[Alice turned to Benny]
Benny Stulwicz: What are you doing?
Alice Hackett: Nothing.
Benny Stulwicz: I saw you. You were kissing Scarecrow.

Alice Hackett: Hi, Benny.
Benny Stulwicz: [Benny turned is Alice] What are you doing here?
Alice Hackett: I came to visit. You want to come to a movie tonight?
Benny Stulwicz: No.
Alice Hackett: I want to.
Benny Stulwicz: Go with Harold.
Alice Hackett: I don't want to go with Harold. I want to go with you.
Benny Stulwicz: I'm busy now.
Alice Hackett: You're mad at me?
Benny Stulwicz: Go with Harold. You kissed him that means you like him.
Alice Hackett: You like him, too?
Benny Stulwicz: Well, how about sex? Are gonna have sex with him?
Alice Hackett: No.
Benny Stulwicz: Well, you're... you like to kiss him. Go on. Have sex with him.
Alice Hackett: I'm only want to do that with you.
Benny Stulwicz: Get away!
[Benny pushed and knocking Alice down on the floor]
Victor Sifuentes: Hey! Benny! Are you okay? Alice, you're all right? What do you think you're doing? You're okay?
[Victor find out what happened. Benny scared Alice and then she leave. Victor turned to Benny]
Victor Sifuentes: Benny, don't you ever knock her down like that again! Don't ever do that, okay?
Benny Stulwicz: She kiss Scarecrow on the leg!
Victor Sifuentes: I don't care, Benny! Don't ever go knocking her down like that!
[Benny was scolded, hurting his feelings and walk away for help, but Victor want to stop Benny]
Victor Sifuentes: Benny?

[Next to the fishes, Leo Hackett has arrive meeting with Douglas]
Leo Hackett: Thank you, Douglas, we'll just be a few minutes.
[Douglas having Benny to see Leo Hackett, and Mr. Hackett closed the door privately and find out why Benny pushing Alice]
Leo Hackett: I'm gonna be very direct with you, Benny. I'm very concerned that you would push out as to knock her down.
Benny Stulwicz: I didn't mean to knock her down.
Leo Hackett: But you did, Benny. You knock her to the ground so hard, she's black and blue. And I don't want you ever to do anything like that again. Do you understand?
Benny Stulwicz: Yes.
Leo Hackett: Are you sure?
Benny Stulwicz: Yes.
Leo Hackett: Good. If you two are gonna be married and that kind of thing cannot happen.
Benny Stulwicz: I know.
Leo Hackett: Now, I understand that she was kissing the Scarecrow. And that, too, presents the problem. And I'm gonna talk to her about that.
Benny Stulwicz: No, it's between me and Alice.
Leo Hackett: Okay. You talk to her.
[Benny shakes hands with Leo Hackett. And Benny will see he'll talk to Alice]

"L.A. Law: Whistle Stop (#8.21)" (1994)
[Back from the honeymoon, Law Messenger Benny Stulwicz is doing the paperwork for the file. But someone's here arrived as a guest]
Chet, Copier Serviceman #1: Uh, excuse me. I'm looking for Ms. Iannello.
Benny Stulwicz: Oh, uh, she's over there.
Chet, Copier Serviceman #1: Thanks.
Denise Iannello: [Denise as Secretary on the phone] Okay. Yeah, I go to go. I'll tell him you can call me. Okay, bye-bye.
Chet, Copier Serviceman #1: Hi, I'm here about the copier.
Denise Iannello: I thought you come yesterday.
Chet, Copier Serviceman #1: Yeah, I know and I'm sorry. I was hung up on traffic most of the afternoon.
Denise Iannello: Hmm. Well, somebody could have called.
Chet, Copier Serviceman #1: They didn't call you?
Denise Iannello: No. Nobody calls.
Chet, Copier Serviceman #1: I apologize. But...
Denise Iannello: Have you been here before?
Chet, Copier Serviceman #1: No. Never.
Denise Iannello: Oh, Benny, can you show this gentleman where the copier is?
Benny Stulwicz: Oh, sure.
Denise Iannello: Thank you.
Chet, Copier Serviceman #1: Thank you.
[Benny will take Chet to find the copier. Chet is whistling]

[Back at the 444 Plaza Building in Los Angeles, Benny is whistling while he get his cup of coffee out from the microwave and have his sandwich and potato chips ready to eat for lunch]
Jane Halliday: Thank you.
Denise Iannello: Benny, have you seen Chet, the Copier guy?
Benny Stulwicz: I don't think he's been here today.
Denise Iannello: Oh. I feel bad.
Eli Levinson: How come?
Denise Iannello: Uh, because this guy was whistling, we got him a nurse, I told him to stop.
Jane Halliday: So, why do you feel bad?
Denise Iannello: Huh? I don't know, I guess I was a little harsh. Right?
Benny Stulwicz: I don't know.
Jane Halliday: Was he obnoxious?
Denise Iannello: [Scoffs] No, not really, when the guy was just whistling.
Benny Stulwicz: I don't like this lip come.
Denise Iannello: [Clears throat] More guilt?
Eli Levinson: Is he coming back?
Denise Iannello: I assume so, I mean I don't think he's finish programming the copier.
Eli Levinson: So, when he comes back, tell him you're sorry.
Denise Iannello: Hmm. Is that absolutely necessary?
Eli Levinson: No.
Jane Halliday: It's really up to you.
Denise Iannello: [sighs] Should have known better than to answer so were youse.
[Denise opening the refrigerator to get something]

[Here at the office, Leland is taking his medicine pills and drink water. Opening the door is Douglas]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: You want to see me?
Leland McKenzie: Uh, yeah. Rosenstiel is set for the 17th?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I believe so.
Leland McKenzie: I don't want anymore continuances in that case. Whoever's going to handle it, I wanted to go forward.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Will do.
Leland McKenzie: Also I have to go into the hospital in a week or so. I'm not sure the exact date.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Was it for?
Leland McKenzie: I was in getting my prostate examined, my internist found something.
Benny Stulwicz: Your secretary in there and she said you had to sign this, uh, before I give to the media.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Could you wait outside, Benny, please?
Benny Stulwicz: Well, he said he park downstairs in the circle.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: It doesn't matter, Benny. Wait outside.
Leland McKenzie: I will just be a minute, Benny.
Benny Stulwicz: Okay.

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: [Benny will wait. And closed the door] Oh, my God, Leland.
Leland McKenzie: I don't want any visitors when I'm in that hospital.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Okay.
Leland McKenzie: The Bradshaw Arbitration is schedule for that week, I'll need for you to takeover.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Fine.
Leland McKenzie: Well, it's about it. I'll keep you posted.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Is there anything I can do?
Leland McKenzie: No. Try not to lose the Bradshaw. Would you ask Benny to come in?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Okay.
[Douglas opens the door and bring Benny to come into the office]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Benny?
Benny Stulwicz: Can I come in now?
Leland McKenzie: Yes, you may.
[Benny gives the paper file and handover to Leland at his desk and signed it]
Leland McKenzie: Yeah.
[Benny whistling. And Leland handed the paper file back to Benny]
Leland McKenzie: Thank you.
Benny Stulwicz: Is everything okay?
Leland McKenzie: [Leland takes off his eyeglasses] Everything's fine.
Benny Stulwicz: I, uh, you want me to close the door?
Leland McKenzie: If you would.
[Benny leaves and closed the door. Leland is silent for the moment. He's holding his eyeglasses and looking up the widow and it's raining outside. And it's almost next week the final cases at law]

"L.A. Law: That's Why the Lady Is a Stamp (#7.17)" (1993)
Benny Stulwicz: This is for white paper. This is for color paper.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Uh-huh.
Benny Stulwicz: This is for newspaper.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Right.
Benny Stulwicz: This is for shiny paper.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Benny, try not to spend the whole day on this, you know what I mean?
Benny Stulwicz: Okay.
Dominic Nuzzi: Where's my buddy? Hey, Ben!
Benny Stulwicz: Dominic?
Dominic Nuzzi: There he is. How's it going, chief?
Benny Stulwicz: Dominic, hi.
Dominic Nuzzi: Put out your hand.
Benny Stulwicz: How come?
Dominic Nuzzi: Put out your hand. I got something for you. Ha ha!
[Gives money to Benny]
Dominic Nuzzi: I wheeled an exactly to 8 race and a 25-1 shot. Bingo! He has no idea what I'm talking about. We had a very big day today, Ben! There's three large right in the palm of your hand!
Benny Stulwicz: Oh, thanks. Uh, this is my friend Dominic.
Dominic Nuzzi: Don't dribble on your shirt.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: How do you do?
Dominic Nuzzi: Fine, thank you. Nice to make your acquaintance. Very beautiful offices you have here. Very nice. Very centrally located.
Arnie Becker: Where do you know Benny from?
Dominic Nuzzi: Uh, we, uh, sit at the counter at Du-Par's and have supper every night.

Benny Stulwicz: Uh, uh, are we still done a thing?
Dominic Nuzzi: What thing?
Dominic Nuzzi: You know the place you said where we're going.
Dominic Nuzzi: Yeah, well, I said we're going. We're going.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Going where?
Benny Stulwicz: It's a secret.
Dominic Nuzzi: Oh, this guy. Everything's a big game. It's no big deal, Benny.
Benny Stulwicz: Well, it is to me.
Dominic Nuzzi: [Dominic mimics Benny] Don't get all emotional on me, all right?
Benny Stulwicz: I'm sorry.
Dominic Nuzzi: Okay. Now there's a 2 year old running today that looks very good to me. Okay? They're all the Anna's the trainer. McCarron's up. I intend to show the source of support by going out to the track and betting next month's rent. Who's coming along?
Benny Stulwicz: [Benny changed his mind] We have work to do, Dominic.
Dominic Nuzzi: Why? Are you sure's nothing going to wait?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: [Douglas declines] Thanks anyway. I don't think so.
Dominic Nuzzi: How about you, dear, you're interested in dating a Jackie?
Gwen Taylor: Excuse me?
Dominic Nuzzi: All right. Never mind. Listen, Benny, don't spend it all on comic books, huh? I'll see you for supper? Same time? Same station? Nice meeting youse. Yeah.
[Benny's friend Dominic is leaving out to the exit of the filing room. Gwen just turned when Dominic leaving the filing room, and she turned back again to see that Dominic went in the right way]

Arnie Becker: Benny, we like you to tell us a little bit more about this friend of yours.
Benny Stulwicz: What do you want to know?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: For starters, we'd like to know why it was that he gave you $3,000.
Benny Stulwicz: The horse he bet on one.
Arnie Becker: But why did he gave you money?
Benny Stulwicz: He always gives me money when the horse wins. I give him money to bet with, and he gives me money if the horse wins. And sometimes I think, even if the horse comes in second, you can still win.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: You give him the money to bet with?
Benny Stulwicz: Yeah.
Arnie Becker: How much money do you give him?
Benny Stulwicz: Uh, that depends on how much money he needs to bet with. Sometimes he doesn't bet anything, and other times, he says you gonna bring down the hammer. That's what he calls it, and... and I give him a $100, $200, one time I gave him $500.
Arnie Becker: Benny, you have to stop doing that.
Benny Stulwicz: Why?
Arnie Becker: Why? Because you work hard for your money. You don't have that much of it, and you shouldn't be giving it to some guy to blow it at the track.
Benny Stulwicz: But he didn't blow it. He won. The other night, I gave him $200 and yesterday he gave me $3,000.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: That's yesterday. What's he gonna do tomorrow?
Benny Stulwicz: I don't know. Uh, paper that has all the different horses that are running comes out in the morning.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Benny, the point is that he shouldn't be doing this with your money. You should be doing it with his money.
Benny Stulwicz: But he don't have any money.
Arnie Becker: Then he shouldn't be gambling. He should be working.
Benny Stulwicz: Well, he says the gambling is working. He says some people go to the office to work and other people go to the track.
Arnie Becker: Benny, this guy is taking advantage of you.
Benny Stulwicz: It's okay, guys, really. I don't mind given him money. He's my friend.
[Benny leaving and walk out the door]

"L.A. Law: America the Beautiful (#3.17)" (1989)
Executive at Hackett Development Corporation: Okay, Mr. Brackman, better get your people in.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: We're in.
Executive at Hackett Development Corporation: Just the two of you?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: How many people did the other firms bring?
Executive at Hackett Development Corporation: Bundies, back set for partners, you'll be fine.
[Douglas here with Law Messenger Benny]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Benny?
Benny Stulwicz: Yeah.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I want you to sit next to me in the meeting, okay? Like a lawyer.
Benny Stulwicz: Uh - uh - I don't know.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: It'll be fine. Sit next to me, just take a yellow pad and write. Don't talk. Don't look around. Just look down at the pad and write.
Executive at Hackett Development Corporation: Mr. Brackman?
[Douglas needs a minute with Benny and they'll be in the meeting in few minutes]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Put these on.
[Douglas will give Benny to put on a reading glasses]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Great.
[Now Douglas and Benny are now ready for the meeting]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: And get rid of the gum.
Benny Stulwicz: Uh.
[Benny has to find out where would he get rid of that chewing gum, Douglas got a tissue, Benny spit out the gum]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Head down. Write.
[Douglas and Benny are now getting to the conference meeting]

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: McKenzie, Brackman, may not be all things to all men, but we think our strengths and your needs make a nice stiff.
Executive at Hackett Development Corporation: I think it's only fair to express my concern about Nobey area office.
Leo Hackett: That's what the alliance are for. Look, we're severing our tides with Gacey Whitman because I'm going to be able to pick up the phone and talk to my attorneys, I don't want to wait 3 days for a return call.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Of course not.
Leo Hackett: What's going to make this work is compatibility, because if you don't like the way I do business, if you're constantly having to be the barrier of bad news, it's going to affect your commitment to us.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Rest assure, Leo, that our professional obligation...
[Mr. Hackett is moving along to Benny Stulwicz]
Leo Hackett: What does your associate think?
[Douglas pause. And moving to Benny. Benny is writing quietly. Leo is talking to Benny]
Leo Hackett: You.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Uh, Ben?
[Douglas wants Benny to answer and pay to attention to Leo. Benny look at Leo]
Leo Hackett: You heard all this. Uh, how would you assess this imagine terms of compatibility?
Benny Stulwicz: [Benny thinking] I don't know.
[Douglas turns back to Leo]
Leo Hackett: I don't know either, Ben, but I appreciate the cantor. For once, a lawyer doesn't bluff an answer when he doesn't have one. Thank you, Ben.
[Benny is continues writing, Douglas come back to Benny and pat Benny on his shoulder. Benny turned to Douglas. Douglas is so proud. Benny will find out]

"L.A. Law: Bare Witness (#7.11)" (1993)
[Coming out of nowhere, Law Messenger Benny Stulwicz loading the mail in the cart. And he heads to the exit in the stairwell]
Benny Stulwicz: Hello? Hello?
Linda Salerno: Hiya, Benny. How are you?
Benny Stulwicz: Okay. I guess.
Linda Salerno: I have something that might make you feel better.
[the woman throws a fairy dust for Benny. Benny doesn't like it]
Linda Salerno: Benny, what's wrong? Yesterday, you were so happy.
Benny Stulwicz: Me like this is sneaky.
Linda Salerno: [Regrettably] Oh, Benny. You know... if I gonna be a good fairy godmother to Gwen, I have to make sure she doesn't get anymore mail that might upset her.
Benny Stulwicz: Yeah.
[Benny handover the mail to the woman]
Benny Stulwicz: Does... everybody have a fairy godmother?
Linda Salerno: Of course.
Benny Stulwicz: Maybe I should tell Gwen.
Linda Salerno: No. No, you must never tell Gwen. Then the magic spell is broken. And I will die.
Benny Stulwicz: But she probably liked to meet you and thank you for protecting her.
Linda Salerno: Someday. Soon.
[Return and handover the mails back to Benny. The woman laughing smiling]
Linda Salerno: Run along.
[Benny will head back to the office]
Linda Salerno: Benny?
[Benny turned, the woman threw one more time and again is the fairy dust]
Linda Salerno: Bye.

"L.A. Law: The Pay's Lousy, But the Tips Are Great (#4.10)" (1990)
Arnie Becker: [Here at the filing room, Law Messenger Benny Stulwicz is preparing the papers, but Arnie is back and came to say hi to Benny] Hi-ya, Benny.
[Benny was just to press the button in that machine]
Arnie Becker: I said hello, Benny.
Benny Stulwicz: Hello.
Arnie Becker: You want to tell me what's the matter?
Benny Stulwicz: No.
Arnie Becker: You're mad at me because I left the firm, aren't you?
Benny Stulwicz: I'm busy now.
Arnie Becker: [Arnie turns off the button of the keypads. But Benny continues to press the button on. Arnie turns off the switch at the left end corner. Benny does it when he turned on. Arnie takes off the plug] Benny, if you're mad, I think you're owe me the courtesy talking to me about it.
Benny Stulwicz: You lied.
Arnie Becker: I didn't really lied to you, Ben, know I just...
Benny Stulwicz: Yes, you did. You said you and Roxanne were going to the car, and you said you were coming back. That's a lie.
Arnie Becker: Well, I did that for your own protection, believe it or not. You see, it was important that nobody at the firm know about my leaving and... it's - it's - it's - it's kinda hard to explain why, can you just trust me on that?
Benny Stulwicz: No.
Arnie Becker: Well, I think you can trust the fact that you and I are friends, Benny, and I would never do anything to hurt you.
Benny Stulwicz: You went away! And you didn't even say good-bye!
Arnie Becker: [Benny was mad and got upset and he walk away] But...
[Arnie doesn't even know what to do]

"L.A. Law: Finish Line (#8.22)" (1994)
[Back at home, Rosalie is vacuuming the room and clean the house. Benny is back, and he bought and won $24,000]
Rosalie Hendrickson Stulwicz: What's that?
Benny Stulwicz: This is what we won.
Rosalie Hendrickson Stulwicz: Well, we have to give away. How much?
Benny Stulwicz: We won $24,000 on the bet, and we have another $9,000 coming when we get the purse.
Rosalie Hendrickson Stulwicz: Oh.
Benny Stulwicz: You won, Rosalie, it went just like Dominic said it would. He came out of that last turn, and he went out ahead in front of all the horses, and he won.
Rosalie Hendrickson Stulwicz: Well, I guess whatever Dominic said goes there.
Benny Stulwicz: I don't think that.
Rosalie Hendrickson Stulwicz: Is that your money? Or is it our money?
Benny Stulwicz: It's our money.
Rosalie Hendrickson Stulwicz: Well, then give me a kiss.
[Benny and Rosalie hugged and then kissed together as husband and wife. They crosses the finish line. And Rosalie saw the money on the table and they won]
Rosalie Hendrickson Stulwicz: Bada bing!

"L.A. Law: God Rest Ye Murray Gentleman (#5.8)" (1990)
[Back at home, Murray is changing the channels and see what shows that Murray is watching on television. Frankly, Murray has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Benny bought a Christmas tree]
Benny Stulwicz: Hi.
Murray Melman: I can't believe it. Second game in the series and thought on television.
Benny Stulwicz: Why?
Murray Melman: Baseball. World Series. How come they're not put it on?
[Murray finds out what is it in the house]
Murray Melman: What the hell is that?
Benny Stulwicz: That's a Christmas tree.
Murray Melman: What are you nuts? You can't back Christmas tree on October. It won't last.
[Benny has proved and it's December in the newspaper. 2 months passed since October]
Benny Stulwicz: It's not October, it's December. Christmases next Tuesday. You're having your Alzheimer's again.
Murray Melman: Shut up. I don't want that in here.
Benny Stulwicz: Th - th - it's Christmas.
Murray Melman: Don't you talk back to me! You see any Christmas in here? Christmas is rules full of people, an eggnog, and relatives spending the night? You see any eggnog? You see people?
Benny Stulwicz: We're here.
Murray Melman: I don't want that tree in here!
Benny Stulwicz: But don't yell at me! Come on, you're having your Alzheimer's again!
Murray Melman: I can't even smell it!
Benny Stulwicz: Don't do that, please! Well stop it! You're gonna hurt the tree!
Murray Melman: Let me go!
Benny Stulwicz: No!
[Benny restrained Murray not wanting to let Murray go]

"L.A. Law: Wine Knot (#7.4)" (1992)
[Benny is sitting alone of silence in the filing room. But Roxanne got in]
Roxanne Melman: Hi, Benny.
[Benny turned to Roxanne, and he has to tell the whole story]
Benny Stulwicz: We were having fun. And we came back, and it was scary.
Roxanne Melman: I know.
Benny Stulwicz: Stuart was mad. Stuart was mad at me.
Roxanne Melman: I know. Why he was mad at himself. Because he can't remember things.
Benny Stulwicz: Like your dad Murray?
Roxanne Melman: That's right. Like Murray. Only he had a disease called Alzheimer's.
Benny Stulwicz: Once. Murray forgot it was Christmas.
Roxanne Melman: Mm-hmm. He got upset about that. Stuart's feelings confused, too.
Benny Stulwicz: Murray didn't get better. Is St... is Stuart gonna get better?
Roxanne Melman: Well, I hope so, Benny.
Benny Stulwicz: Yeah. Yeah. Me, too.
[Benny is going to head home]
Benny Stulwicz: Good night, Roxanne.
Roxanne Melman: Good night, Benny.
[Roxanne is going to see Lucy the baby girl]

"L.A. Law: God Is My Co-Counsel (#8.14)" (1994)
Benny Stulwicz: [Open the door to arrived] What do you want, Arnie?
Arnie Becker: He said he wanted to see you.
[Benny turned is Tim. Tim is hereby signing the annulment paper to handover to Benny who is going to marry Rosalie after the engagement]
Benny Stulwicz: What do you want?
Tim: I came to sign the paper.
Benny Stulwicz: You did?
Tim: Yeah, I didn't do it because of you. And I didn't do it because of you, either. I... I did it because of Rosalie.
Arnie Becker: That's okay.
Tim: [Tim got something is the sealed envelope] But, uh, I... I... I... I want you to give this to her before the wedding.
Arnie Becker: May I inquire as to what is in there?
Tim: No. And... and... and you can't look at what's inside there, either. You... you... you gotta promise not to look.
Benny Stulwicz: Oh, okay.
Tim: And... and you also got to promise now you give it to her.
Benny Stulwicz: Okay.
Tim: Say you promise.
Benny Stulwicz: I promise.
[Tim handing over the sealed envelope to Benny Stulwicz and give it to his lovely engaged soon to marry Rosalie Hendrickson before the wedding. And moving along, Tim is ready and ask Arnie where do he signed the papers]
Tim: Where do I sign?
[Arnie points the paper before having Tim signed his signature]
Arnie Becker: Right there.
[Arnie hand Tim a pen and sign his name in the annulment paper, where it says, "X Marks the Spot". Arnie smiles happily to Benny. It's ready and Tim leaves the door to exit Arnie's office. And now Benny is now going to get ready to marry his future wife Rosalie Hendrickson on Saturday. Arnie patted Benny]
Arnie Becker: You're getting married.
Benny Stulwicz: Yeah.