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Roxanne Melman (Character)
from "L.A. Law" (1986)

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"L.A. Law: Hand Roll Express (#2.12)" (1988)
Arnie Becker: It's almost 10 o'clock, Roxanne.
Roxanne Melman: Sorry.
Arnie Becker: Did you bring your financial files.
Roxanne Melman: No.
Arnie Becker: No?
[Kuzak closed the door]
Roxanne Melman: Look, I appreciate both of you taking the time that you have. But I've changed my mind. I'm going to take the fifth.
Michael Kuzak: Roxanne, once they've granted you immunity, you have no right to take the fifth.
Roxanne Melman: But they can't keep me in jail once I see that it won't make me change my mind.
Arnie Becker: Did your boyfriend tell you that?
Roxanne Melman: Isn't it true?
Michael Kuzak: Oh, yes, but a judge can keep you in jail for up to a year before he decides that it won't change your mind. What's more, the U.S. Attorney's office could withdraw the immunity and prosecute you for insider trading and mail fraud. Now why go through all of that?
Roxanne Melman: Because one day this is going to be over. One day I'm going to say goodbye to McKenzie/Brackman and make a life with Jimmy. So whatever else happens, I can't do anything to hurt him.
Arnie Becker: Doesn't it bother you at all that those brokerage accounts were in your name?
Roxanne Melman: No, it doesn't. He was in the middle of a divorce and he didn't want his wife to find out about them.
Arnie Becker: Why didn't he tell you?
Roxanne Melman: He was going to tell me as soon as the divorce became final.
Arnie Becker: Well, that sounds real convincing coming from a straight arrow like him.
Roxanne Melman: Michael, please, tell the federal prosecutor that the deal is off.
Michael Kuzak: Absolutely not. If you're intent on putting yourself through this kind of a ringer, I want you to march into open court tomorrow and tell him and the judge yourself. Maybe between now and then, you'll come to your senses.
Arnie Becker: He's got her too twisted for that. She's set.

Roxanne Melman: Arnie, you don't know the first thing about him. You've never even met him!
Arnie Becker: Oh, Roxanne, I've met this guy. I've met him a thousand times. His wife hires me, I make him look bad. He hires me, I'll make him look good. Either way I know him for what he is the minute I see him. He comes on like a romantic but he's only in business for himself. I know this guy, Roxanne. Hell, I've been this guy!
[Roxanne turned to Michael]
Roxanne Melman: Thanks for the legal advice.
[Roxanne heads out of the door and slams]

Roxanne Melman: [Here in jail, the Jail Guard bring Roxanne to the visitor room to meet someone and sit down] They told me my attorney was here to see me. Who are you?
Gay Halloran: My name's Gay Halloran.
Roxanne Melman: How did you get in here? They only allow lawyers.
Gay Halloran: I'm a legal secretary at Tecowsky and Goldfarb. I presented our letterhead to the guard. And told them I was a lawyer.
Roxanne Melman: Why?
Gay Halloran: Because I want to tell you something about Jimmy Markham that you obviously don't know.
Roxanne Melman: You're his wife.
Gay Halloran: I'm his girlfriend.
Roxanne Melman: [thrown off guard] Oh, my God.
Gay Halloran: I'm who he wants to make a life just as soon as his divorce becomes final. I'm who he reaches for in the middle of the night. Or maybe you thought that was you.
Roxanne Melman: Something like that.
Gay Halloran: I read about you in the newspapers this morning, probably with the same dumb expression on my face that you have in yours right now.
Roxanne Melman: [trembling] My God. I can't believe this is happening.
Gay Halloran: Yeah, well, I didn't come here for us to cry on each other's shoulders. I was involved in Jimmy's stock deals, too. The same way they come after you, they gonna come after me. Only I don't want to give back the money I made, I don't want to hire a lawyer, and I don't think you want to spend another night here in jail. So why don't you save us both the trouble and stop protecting him?
Roxanne Melman: I trusted him. How could he lie to me when I trusted him?
Gay Halloran: I guarantee you he never lost any sleep over it. So now you're here in jail, I'm expecting a subpoena any minute, and we've both had our hearts stomped on. You stand fast, they come after me, I'm gonna send that bastard up without a second thought. Nothing heals like vengeance.

Donald Kelly: [Arnie has arrived in the courtroom and take a seat and listening to Roxanne's testimony] Please state your name and address?
Roxanne Melman: Roxanne Melman, 1509 Cheremoya.
Donald Kelly: And do you acquainted with the defendant, James Markham?
Roxanne Melman: Yes.
Donald Kelly: Miss Melman, have you ever sold or bought stocks?
Roxanne Melman: Yes.
Donald Kelly: And has the defendant ever offered you any advice as to which stocks to buy and sell?
[Roxanne pause and looking at Jimmy. Michael listen to Roxanne's testimony]
Donald Kelly: Miss Melman?
Roxanne Melman: I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may tend to incriminate me.
Michael Kuzak: Your Honor, may I have a short recess to confer with my client?
Roxanne Melman: Your Honor, I don't need to confer.
Judge Cyril Hodges: Approach the bench.
[Mr. Kuzak and Mr. Kelly approached the sidebar of Judge Cyril Hodges. Stanley Niles talk to his client Jimmy Markham]
Judge Cyril Hodges: Miss Melman, as I would hope your attorney has advised you since the U.S. Attorney's Office has offered you full immunity from prosecution, you're in no danger of self-incrimination. As such I'm ordering you to answer.
Roxanne Melman: With all due respect to the court, Your Honor, I refuse to answer anyway.
Donald Kelly: The prosecution asks that the witness be held in contempt.
Michael Kuzak: Your Honor, I insist on speaking to my client.
Roxanne Melman: No, Michael, there's nothing to say.
Judge Cyril Hodges: Do you understand that you'll be taken to the Sybil Brand Institute for Women and held there until you do decide to cooperate?
Roxanne Melman: That day will never come.
Judge Cyril Hodges: Tell me that again after you've been in jail. Take the witness into custody.
[the Court Security Officer of the United States Marshals Service takes Roxanne Melman as a witness into custody for contempt of court and refuses to testify against the defendant Jimmy Markham. Arnie is seeing Roxanne off to jail. The Court Security Officer takes Roxanne Melman and escorted her out of the courtroom. Jimmy seeing Roxanne heading into custody. Michael Kuzak dealing with Jimmy Markham. Arnie Becker sits for a while]

Stanley Niles: Your Honor, prosecution having failed to make a prima facie case against the defendant. I would move that all charges be dismissed against him.
Judge Cyril Hodges: Mr. Kelly?
Donald Kelly: Your Honor, prior to the court's disposition of Defense Counsel's motion, I would ask to recall Roxanne Melman to the stand.
Judge Cyril Hodges: Proceed.
[Jimmy Markham as the defendant turned that the Court Security Officer of the U.S. Marshals Service opened the door and having Roxanne Melman entered the courtroom and return to the witness stand and testify, escorted by another Court Security Officer of the U.S. Marshals Service since her release from jail for contempt of court. Stanley Niles stands at the microphone at the rostrum. Roxanne take a seat]
Judge Cyril Hodges: Miss. Melman, does your presence here suggest that you're now ready to discharge the contempt citation against you and testify?
[Roxanne will testify and be release]
Roxanne Melman: Yes, I am.
[Jimmy is hearing Roxanne's testimony. Mr. Kelly will now take a seat and Mr. Kuzak is now listening of Roxanne testifying in court]

Jimmy Markham: Come on, baby, it's not the end of the world.
Roxanne Melman: No, I heard this prosecutor wants to be governor. He's supposed to be tough as nails.
Jimmy Markham: My attorney is no pussycat. I mean a lot of things can happen. We could make a deal. We could beat him cold.
Roxanne Melman: I'm sure not helping you any by testifying.
Jimmy Markham: Now listen to me, it's the only thing you can do. You don't have a choice, you have to testify.
Roxanne Melman: You really think that?
Jimmy Markham: Absolutely. I don't want you to go to jail for contempt.
Roxanne Melman: But my sentence wouldn't be as long as your sentence if you got convicted.
Jimmy Markham: Rox, I don't want you to go to jail for one single hour. This trial and divorce I'm going through, it's, it's all just a temporary thing. When they're all over, and the dust settles, you're gonna be my wife. Now, that's forever. You want to know something else? Who knows how much your testimony is gonna hurt me, huh?
Roxanne Melman: They're not offering me immunity for nothing.
Jimmy Markham: I don't want to see you go to jail, period.
Roxanne Melman: Listen, there's no guarantee I won't see you go to jail, is there?
Jimmy Markham: Rox, I'm not gonna lie to you. The sentencing guidelines for this kind of white-collar crime, they come down pretty hard on it. I think it makes me look even handed or something, if I do go, I don't think I'm looking at more than 18 months.
Roxanne Melman: It's a year and a half.
Jimmy Markham: It'll be a minimum-security prison, probably be a bunch of lawyers in there with me.
Roxanne Melman: They'll disbar you.
Jimmy Markham: Listen to me. The hardest thing that we may have to endure... you know what scares me the most?
Roxanne Melman: What?
Jimmy Markham: Waking up at night and not having you there.
Roxanne Melman: Me, too.
[Roxanne and Jimmy kissed together]
Roxanne Melman: I'll be late for work.
Jimmy Markham: Be late. We both may need the memories.

[Here with Roxanne Melman and Jimmy Markham outside the courtroom. Arnie Becker is in the telephone booth]
Arnie Becker: She's here.
[Hang up the phone]
Arnie Becker: Roxanne! Roxanne, where have you been? You're supposed to be here at 9 o'clock.
Roxanne Melman: Jimmy's lawyer called and said the trial was put till 11:00.
Arnie Becker: Ask your boyfriend if it's all right if you consult with your lawyer.
Jimmy Markham: I got a name, Ace.
Arnie Becker: I wasn't talking to you.
Roxanne Melman: Come on, Jimmy, let's go.
Jimmy Markham: You do pretty good job of talking about me. Why don't you say something to my face?
Arnie Becker: I'm interested in her.
Jimmy Markham: Well, I'm in love with her. What's between us doesn't concerned you.
Arnie Becker: [Yelling] You're gonna tell me what's concerns me?
Michael Kuzak: Whoa, whoa, we're gonna have a fistfight right here in the corridor?
Jimmy Markham: Roxanne, everything's gonna be fine.
[Roxanne kissed Jimmy]
Jimmy Markham: I love you.
Roxanne Melman: Where will you be?
Jimmy Markham: Attorneys' lounge.
[Jimmy will be back]

Michael Kuzak: So have you thought anymore about what you're gonna do in there?
Roxanne Melman: Yeah. I've thought a lot about it, and there's no way I'm going to testify against him.
Arnie Becker: This guy got himself a slave girl.
Michael Kuzak: Arnie, maybe you ought to get a cup of coffee or...
Arnie Becker: You know something I don't give a damn about the insider trading. But for him to let you take this kind of rap, we've got to be talking about a world-class slug.
Roxanne Melman: For your information, he doesn't know anything about and he wants me to testify.
Arnie Becker: What a guy. Did he tell you that?
Roxanne Melman: Why is it you need to poison my love for him, Arnie? He never did anything to you.
Arnie Becker: Yeah, but he sure as hell is doing something to you.
Michael Kuzak: Arnie.
Roxanne Melman: Forget it, Michael! There's nothing I want to discuss with either of you.
[Roxanne walks away]
Michael Kuzak: Well, that was helpful.
[Arnie sighs]
Michael Kuzak: Come on.

[Arnie find out what does Roxanne doing in the morning]
Arnie Becker: What are you doing in today?
Roxanne Melman: I just came in to pick up my check.
Arnie Becker: Why don't you stay home tomorrow?
Roxanne Melman: Home will feel just as bad as any place else.
Arnie Becker: I know that you loved him, Roxanne.
Roxanne Melman: But you know he was a bad guy anyway, right?
Arnie Becker: That's not what I was going to say.
Roxanne Melman: But it's great to be right, isn't it, Arnie?
Arnie Becker: Do you think that I like seeing you hurting?
Roxanne Melman: [Sobbing] When did you ever notice?
[Roxanne got upset and walk away from Arnie]

Ann Kelsey: Come here.
[Roxanne sobbing in pain and was comforted by Ann Kelsey]
Roxanne Melman: Thank you. I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm sorry.
[Roxanne is looking at herself in the mirror. So does Ann]
Ann Kelsey: Just so you know, when the suggestion was made to fire you, Arnie said, "If she goes, I go."
Roxanne Melman: Oh, yeah. He just wants to keep me around so he can rub my nose in it.
Ann Kelsey: I think he wants to keep you around because he needs you and values you. Look, Roxanne, tell me to shut up if it's none of my business, but the fact is you brought this on yourself. It doesn't mean you're a bad person, it doesn't mean you're a criminal. But I think all of us are gonna have to accept the consequences for what we did.
Roxanne Melman: I lost my boyfriend. I'm broke. I used my old car as a down payment on my new car. So now I don't have any car at all. Why am I the only one taking the consequences? Why not you or Abby? Or... or Elizabeth? You all profited from Jimmy's tips as much as I did. So what's your consequences?
Ann Kelsey: I'm not sure, but like it or not I think I'm gonna have to find out. Roxanne, I'm sorry for your pain. Maybe self-interest blinded me from the risks you were taking.
[Ann blames Roxanne for what she's done for insider trading]
Roxanne Melman: No. It's not your fault. Or anybody else's.
[Ann should forget an apology. Ann Kelsey should leave Roxanne alone in the Ladies' room]

"L.A. Law: Hello and Goodbye (#7.13)" (1993)
[Gwen kisses Lucy, the baby girl, hold by her loved father Daniel, and she back and reunited. Gwen is wounded in her left arm. And Gwen is going to be all right]
Daniel Morales: Oh, yes.
Gwen Taylor: She was in the ladies room?
Roxanne Melman: Yes. She was just sitting there waiting to be found.
[Gwen and Daniel want to thank Roxanne who helped found Lucy]
Daniel Morales: Oh, sweetheart. Thank God, you're all right.
Roxanne Melman: Look how, she's so happy to be back with her daddy.
[But Warren McElroy knocking the door and has made something important]
Warren McElroy: I notify the Santa Barbara Police Department, they've assign an officer to parents, round-the-clock.
Daniel Morales: You should come with me.
Warren McElroy: Daniel, you need to get Lucy to a safe place. And this woman still out there nobody knows what she wants. At least for the two of you apart and focuses split.
Gwen Taylor: Daniel, I'll be fine.
Daniel Morales: I'll call as soon as I get there.
[Daniel gives kiss to Gwen and Gwen is going to be okay. Gwen loves Daniel and Daniel loves Gwen]
Gwen Taylor: Drive carefully. Bye, sweetie.
[Gwen kisses Lucy, the baby girl. Daniel will take his daughter Lucy and heads safely to Santa Barbara County. While Warren McElroy keep an eye on the first watch to protect Gwen from being stalked]

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: What?
Roxanne Melman: I'm surprised to find you here.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Oh, full of surprises today.
Roxanne Melman: How's your father?
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Dead. Yeah. We had a fight, I walked out to cool off. Next thing I know I get this phone call, he always had a heart attack.
Roxanne Melman: Tommy, I'm sorry.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Rox, what was I'm thinking? I came all this way so not to be alone. I left them alone.
Roxanne Melman: You couldn't be there every second.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: No, no. I walked out 'cause I was mad. I'm afraid like I was a kid. My doctors worked on him finally I gave up body against called quick. My old man never liked the cool.
Roxanne Melman: Let's go.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: I'm watching the show. Or I would be if this jerk were blocking my view.
[Talking to the fat boy]
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Hey! Fat boy, have a seat!

[Roxanne is washing her face. She grab a towel to pat her face. But suddenly she sees something's on the floor and found out that baby Lucy was in the women's room. Roxanne found Lucy]
Roxanne Melman: Lucy? Baby? Oh, Lucy. Oh, Honey.
[Lucy is safe and sound]

[Tommy drinking beer]
Roxanne Melman: Why are you drinking?
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Uh, it tastes like rocks in, I forgot how good it. It can't handle this.
Roxanne Melman: Come on, let's go, sweetheart.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Sweetheart to you. I'm just a sperm donor.
Roxanne Melman: Hey, a most heartless thing that you could see.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Roxie, come on. I was just joking.
Roxanne Melman: I'm leaving.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Sorry. Hey, Rox! Did you make all that kind of sit out?
[Roxanne leaving. But Tommy watch the show and continues drinking beer]

Arnie Becker: Roxanne, you got crumbs all over the Behringer file.
Roxanne Melman: Better than the alternative, at least soda crackers stay down.
[Looking up the Behringer file]
Roxanne Melman: There is no...
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Any word on Lucy?
Roxanne Melman: Still missing. Oh.
Arnie Becker: What?
Roxanne Melman: I guess wrong about the soda crackers. Whoa!
[Roxanne heads to the ladies' room]

"L.A. Law: Wine Knot (#7.4)" (1992)
[Later in the evening in the city of Los Angeles]
Roxanne Melman: Douglas.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: What's the latest on Benny and Stuart?
Roxanne Melman: Both safe and sound.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Great. Roxanne, what happened here?
[the window of the door law meeting room was wrecked and damaged. So the janitor clean, sweep and vacuum everything in the floor]
Roxanne Melman: Stuart got upset about Lincoln and tossed the chair through the window.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Oh. Abraham Lincoln?

[Benny is sitting alone of silence in the filing room. But Roxanne got in]
Roxanne Melman: Hi, Benny.
[Benny turned to Roxanne, and he has to tell the whole story]
Benny Stulwicz: We were having fun. And we came back, and it was scary.
Roxanne Melman: I know.
Benny Stulwicz: Stuart was mad. Stuart was mad at me.
Roxanne Melman: I know. Why he was mad at himself. Because he can't remember things.
Benny Stulwicz: Like your dad Murray?
Roxanne Melman: That's right. Like Murray. Only he had a disease called Alzheimer's.
Benny Stulwicz: Once. Murray forgot it was Christmas.
Roxanne Melman: Mm-hmm. He got upset about that. Stuart's feelings confused, too.
Benny Stulwicz: Murray didn't get better. Is St... is Stuart gonna get better?
Roxanne Melman: Well, I hope so, Benny.
Benny Stulwicz: Yeah. Yeah. Me, too.
[Benny is going to head home]
Benny Stulwicz: Good night, Roxanne.
Roxanne Melman: Good night, Benny.
[Roxanne is going to see Lucy the baby girl]

[Ann Kelsey, Alec Weston, and Gwen Taylor heads to Ms. Kelsey's office privately]
Alec Weston: So what are you saying, if we go to court Elaine could win?
Gwen Taylor: Or the way the partnership ex-structured, your wife wants 50%.
Ann Kelsey: This was a risk going in, we want to avoid having a judge rule accompanied be sold.
Alec Weston: I'm not liquidating a business I spend over half my life building. Elaine wants Weston Realty. I want the kids.
Ann Kelsey: You told me you didn't want custody.
Alec Weston: Elaine will do anything to keep her children.
Ann Kelsey: They are your children, too, not bargaining chips.
Alec Weston: I will not pay to be lectured. I hired McKenzie, Brackman to protect my interest.
Ann Kelsey: Do you have any grounds for custodial dispute?
Alec Weston: Elaine had an affair last year?
Ann Kelsey: Extramarital affairs or not.
Alec Weston: It's our next door neighbor's son. He was 19 years old at the time. I have the loved letters he send to Elaine.
[Knocking on the door. Gwen opened the door is Roxanne reporting]
Roxanne Melman: Excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt, Ann, it's Stuart and Benny. They're missing.
[Ann is worried]
Ann Kelsey: Uh... If you're excuse me.
[Ann has to go and find Benny and Stuart]

"L.A. Law: Parent Trap (#7.12)" (1993)
Roxanne Melman: [Roxanne holding a baby Lucy, opened the door and see they have a guest at the McKenzie, Brackman Law Firm in Los Angeles. Tommy's alcoholic father Tommy Mullaney, Sr. sitting while smoking along with his luggage] Mr. Mullaney?
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Yeah. I'm, uh, looking for my son Tommy.
Roxanne Melman: Nice to meet you. I'm Roxanne.
[Tommy Sr. shakes hands to meet Roxanne]
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Yeah.
Roxanne Melman: Roxanne Melman. Well, when your son and I used to work together when he was here.
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: What are you fired?
Roxanne Melman: No, no. Tommy works at the District Attorney's office now.
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Oh, true justice in the American way, huh? I guess I'm amazed during launched. I haven't been in any same room with him ever since derringer Blondie. If I had known the airlines, didn't let you smoke anymore, I don't think I would have make the trip.
Roxanne Melman: Well, I'll be glad to take you over Tommy's office.
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Don't bother. I'll go down and get a cab.
[Tommy Sr. lighting another cigarette]
Roxanne Melman: Well, L.A.'s not like Boston. There you have call for a ride.
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Now, how do you know? I've come from Boston.
Roxanne Melman: Tommy talks about you.
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Yes. Well. There's a good kid.
[Baby Lucy scared and crying]
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Like this one. Who is it?
Roxanne Melman: I'm a friend.
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Oh, what's the matter?
[Lucy don't like Tommy Sr]
Roxanne Melman: I'll just go find somebody to watch Lucy, and, uh, we'll go.
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Thanks.

A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: [A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney looking at the window at the District Attorney's office, he turned that it's his long time alcoholic father Tommy Sr. escorted by Roxanne] Pop, longtime.
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: It's February in New England, I was freezing my camp.
[Tommy Jr. greeting his father Tommy Sr. with shaking hands]
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Welcome to California. Um, you met Roxie?
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Oh, she as blonde is blonde. That's too bad, you never knew a good thing when you had it. Well, you got a smoke?
[Tommy Jr. changed his mind]
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Actually, I quit.
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Quit?
[Tommy Sr. chuckling]
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Why you let that nice office for this hellhole! Working with lowlife! Coming from the airport, I was surprised to see about as many niggers in spics. Camping in the street as we have in Boston.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Pop!
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Neighbor grew so sour. I couldn't let his mother go for a walk alone!
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Hey, don't start about mom, huh?
Roxanne Melman: Tommy. Tommy, I'm sure your father didn't mean anything...
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Hey, you have no idea about this guy. Even he doesn't know what he means.
Roxanne Melman: Tommy.
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: No. This is my son's way. I'm making his dad feel welcome. You've made your point. I am not staying with you. I'm gonna rent a room and a hotel.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: No, I never said that you couldn't stay with me.
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: Not in so many words.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Look, it's just a mother a lot of pressure lately here with this...
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: It doesn't matter, I raised you better!
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: As a matter a fact, you didn't!

Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: I'll fly home tomorrow. Not a problem.
Roxanne Melman: [Begging] Mr. Mullaney. Mr. Mullaney, please, don't go.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Roxie!
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: You're real sweet, Maurane.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Her name is Roxanne!
Tommy Mullaney, Sr.: I'm fooling.
[Tommy Sr. take his belongings and leave. Tommy Jr. felt mad]

"L.A. Law: Pilot (#1.1)" (1986)
[Roxanne shows Arnie the dead body of Norman Chaney across his desk]
Roxanne Melman: Mr. Chaney. I didn't actually touched him. But I'm pretty sure he's dead.
Arnie Becker: If he is, I got dibs on his office.

Ann Kelsey: What's going on?
Roxanne Melman: Mr. Chaney's dead.
Ann Kelsey: Oh, no!
Roxanne Melman: Yep. I found him.

"L.A. Law: Do the Spike Thing (#6.3)" (1991)
Leland McKenzie: Well, in addition to the broken nose, he suffered facial bruising and a cracked rib.
Arnie Becker: How much they get?
Ann Kelsey: Oh, my God.
Leland McKenzie: The robbery was, uh, apparently not the motive. He has $200.00 in his wallet when he was admitted to Cedars.
Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: Where did this happen?
Leland McKenzie: Westside. Outside a restaurant Andrew Cleese?
Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: Andrew Cleese?
Arnie Becker: You know the place?
Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: Uh, yeah, it rings the bell.
Stuart Markowitz: So is he gonna miss his own awards luncheon?
Leland McKenzie: Well, I hope not. If this condition remains stable, we'll let him come home tomorrow. In his absence, we'll keep this brief. Roxanne?
Roxanne Melman: Okay, first up, we...
Tommy Mullaney: Oh, by the way, the word is the Board of Supervisors has completed its investigation of Mr. Rogoff. As of today, our district attorney is history.
Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: Yeah. Yes.
Jonathan Rollins: Yeah.
Ann Kelsey: Woo!
Bill Castroverde: Rogoff's final appeal was rejected?
Jonathan Rollins: He withdrew his appeal and got to keep his pension.
Tommy Mullaney: Hey! When did your ties with the DA's office get better than mine?

Roxanne Melman: Moving along.
Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: Hey, you're going to see Zoey, huh?
Tommy Mullaney: Oh, yeah, you bet.
Leland McKenzie: Can we get started, Roxanne?
Roxanne Melman: Good idea. Uh, Paul vs. Humble Logging.
Leland McKenzie: Oh, yes. That's the saw mill accident.
Ann Kelsey: I'm down to my last motion.
Tommy Mullaney: Ann, you're gotta revoke your Sierra Club membership because you're deferred the loggers.
Ann Kelsey: This time the logging company is not at fault. The tree spiker caused the accident.
Bill Castroverde: Tree spiker?
Stuart Markowitz: An activist that drives nails into trees keep him from being cut down.
Arnie Becker: An activist? He's a terrorist.
Ann Kelsey: He's also our co-defendant.
Tommy Mullaney: Ah, co-defendants.
Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: Uh-huh.
Roxanne Melman: Can we move on, People?
Ann Kelsey: Thanks for the encouragement, guys.
Roxanne Melman: Okay, People, listen up. Now Jonathan got the McFarlane deposition, C.J.'s got Jackson vs., oh, Tommy, you're downtown on the blasphemous arraignment. Okay, any questions? That's it. We're adjourned.

"L.A. Law: Where There's a Will (#7.14)" (1993)
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: I'm the Assistant D.A. Mullaney. Thomas M. Mullaney, Jr.
Roxanne Melman: [Roxanne opened the door] Hi, Tommy. I saw about Mr. Mullaney.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Roxie, what's with this police shakedown?
Roxanne Melman: Protection for Gwen.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Oh, don't I looked like a Clear and Present Danger?
Roxanne Melman: Coming to yourself.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: [Tommy talk to the policeman] You know something? She's having my baby. Honest.
[Roxanne dragged Tommy in]

Roxanne Melman: Tommy, I'm not gonna pretend to understand this.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: What?
Roxanne Melman: It's one thing to grieve a loss of a parent. It's another to destroy yourself in the process.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Rox, I'm fine.
Roxanne Melman: You're drunk.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Well, excuse me, if I like a little cooler in my coffee.
Roxanne Melman: Now, you're smoking.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: I can quit anytime.
[lighting the cigarette.Tommy looking up his time on the watch]
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Whoa, hey. I'm late for work.
Roxanne Melman: You can't go to the office now.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Sure I can, Rox. I am fine.
[Tommy kisses Roxanne]
Roxanne Melman: Tommy.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: What?
Roxanne Melman: Stop.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: I have a bunch of days since we slept together.
Roxanne Melman: I'm not the one who can't find his way home.
[Continues kissing]
Roxanne Melman: Stop!
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: Ahh! Who needs this anyway?

"L.A. Law: Smoke Gets in Your Thighs (#5.5)" (1990)
[Brackman is in a body sling after being burned on his rear end]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Could you have at least warned me about the turpentine you dumped down the toilet? You know I love to smoke my favorite cigars on the toilet. They're talking about skin grafts. You know how painful that is?
Murray Melman: Skin grafts? They should get them from the top of your bald head. That way your butt won't grow hair.
Roxanne Melman: Daddy!
Murray Melman: Oh, come on! A little ass-in-the-sling humor.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Get him out of here, Roxanne!
Murray Melman: [as he walks out] You didn't blow your top. You blew your bottom! I got a million of them! But I don't want you to be the butt of my jokes! I like my buns toasted! There's a full moon out tonight!

"L.A. Law: Bare Witness (#7.11)" (1993)
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: So when's the big move?
Roxanne Melman: I think we ought to wait for awhile.
A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney: This morning? You were all for it?
Roxanne Melman: Your office called. Next week, your father's coming to visit.

"L.A. Law: Odor in the Court (#7.9)" (1993)
Roxanne Melman: You want some ice cream?
Stuart Markowitz: I don't usually eat sweets in the afternoon. Sugar highs, sugar lows, less calories.
Roxanne Melman: This isn't a life choice.
Stuart Markowitz: Ice cream will be nice.
[Stuart will sit down and open the lid of ice cream]
Roxanne Melman: Stuart. Is something wrong?
Stuart Markowitz: What? Just seem like a joke?
Roxanne Melman: No. No, it's just that, ever since you made the turn on your recovery, you seemed, well...
Stuart Markowitz: Unhappy.
Roxanne Melman: Uh-huh.
Stuart Markowitz: Yeah. Uh, uh, even though I feel better. Um... I felt better.
Roxanne Melman: I'm not sure what you mean exactly.
Stuart Markowitz: I'm - I'm thinking more. Not so much introspective. Just, uh, unwilling to take things for granted, curious about the way things work, you know. Like, uh, why's an electricity always there? Or - or - or, gravity. How come we don't just goofs spitting off the planet? That's how crazy.
Roxanne Melman: Uh-uh.
Stuart Markowitz: Good.
[They now eating ice cream with chocolate fudge sundaes. But Stuart pours some Chocolate syrup in his mouth. Taste delicious]
Stuart Markowitz: Excellent.
Roxanne Melman: [laughing] Instant chocolate sundae.
Stuart Markowitz: Ann would kill me, if I had a Hershey's squirt at home.
Roxanne Melman: Ann would kill you, she saw you doing it here, too.

"L.A. Law: Spleen It to Me, Lucy (#6.4)" (1991)
Roxanne Melman: You didn't hear a single word I said yesterday about respect for others.
Susan Bloom: You and I need to have a talk about your deal.
Roxanne Melman: But we're having this one first. You wanted to know when you are being offensive, well renting this entire office floor as a movie set is offensive!
Susan Bloom: I said they could shoot one scene in my office after hours. You give these Hollywood producers an edge and they take it to be a mile.
Roxanne Melman: That's not the point! You rented out our place of business like it was a cheap motel room!
Susan Bloom: It was a favor for a friend. We set it up days ago, but quite frankly I forgot to tell you or Leland about it. I was gonna give you a percentage.
Roxanne Melman: Is that what everything is to you? A percentage? You can't keep doing this with your chain smoking, nickname calling, tipping, brash attitude and expect others up pick up after you. McKenzie Brackman has principals. We stand for something. We don't ambush each other, we don't provoke internal fighting, and we don't sell out each other to the highest bidder!
Susan Bloom: We're talking about lawyers here.
Roxanne Melman: I didn't say we were perfect. But we try to have respect for others and ourselves.
Susan Bloom: Let me tell ya about respect. I had to sweat for it all my life. I was born and grew up in rural and impoverished West Virginia. My family was dirt poor. I was lucky if I got one meal a day and one cigarette to smoke a day. I went to a piss-ant college in Charleston, West Virginia. And about a hundred pounds ago, I had to work my way through law school as a stripper. I have taken a lot of crap to get where I am today with being an entertainment lawyer. Now, I have all the food I can eat, all the cigarettes I can smoke, all the jewelry I want to wear, along with all the money that I can spend. And one of the things that I learned is that play by the rules generally means "pardon us while we screw you".
Roxanne Melman: [in disbelief] You did it again. You changed the subject. We were talking about how you treat the people you work with. You can't keep doing this, Susan! You are so brash, crude, and selfish that you have no respect for anyone or anything, not even yourself!
Susan Bloom: Boy, you don't give up, do you? All right, if I can be a good little girl, I can handle it. I can see why Douglas promoted you, Roxy. You are one hell of an enforcer!

"L.A. Law: Bang... Zoom... Zap (#4.19)" (1990)
Joan Nystrom: Miss Melman, it's an untenable situation, your father's been very disruptive around here.
Murray Melman: What are you telling her for?
Joan Nystrom: [Takes off glasses] She's your daughter.
Murray Melman: Just an accent at birth.
Roxanne Melman: In what way has he been disruptive?
Joan Nystrom: He goes to constant mood swings, he's a wild and boisterous, one minute and nearly catatonic the next. I think your father's increasingly losing touch with reality.
Roxanne Melman: In what way?
Joan Nystrom: He takes on the persona of a television character. Your father goes in and out of thinking he's Ralph Kramden.
Murray Melman: You haven't the slightest idea what I'm thinking.
Roxanne Melman: It sounds to me like my father's just trying to get a rise out of you, he - he often does that sort of thing to amuse himself.
Joan Nystrom: Well, all I'll tell you is that, uh, whoever he assigns the role of Ed Norton is not amused.
Roxanne Melman: Why? What does he do?
Joan Nystrom: He throws them out whatever room there in. And then he makes some elderly woman Alice Kramden. And he yells at her for not ironing his bowling shirt or not having his dinner ready.
Murray Melman: Why is it I get the feeling like I'm sitting in the principal's office?
Joan Nystrom: We are just a retirement community, for people on a fixed income. What your father needs is professional help.
Murray Melman: No, no, no, no. What I need is to be treated with some respect.
Roxanne Melman: Daddy, if you're not happy, then don't stay here. Pack your things and we'll find another place.
Murray Melman: You want me to ride? There's a bus stop up on the corner.
Roxanne Melman: On will you?

"L.A. Law: Oy Vey! Wilderness! (#1.21)" (1987)
[a distraught Arnie pulls his car off a road and dials a number on his car phone]
Roxanne Melman: [voice] Hi, you've reached Roxanne. I'm not home right now, but if you leave your name and any brief message at the sound of the beep, I will get back to you. Thank you. Have a great day!
[the beep is heard]
Arnie Becker: [into the phone] This is Arnold Becker. I'm calling from Pico Boulevard where I've just pulled over to the curb to wait out the impulse to head due west until I crash through the guardrail of the Pacific Coast Highway to plunge to my death in the ocean below. I hope you're are having a hell of a good time in Hawaii.
[hangs up]

"L.A. Law: Happy Trails (#5.2)" (1990)
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Aside from humiliating this firm, what you did boarded on fraud.
Murray Melman: I was just trying to help.
Ann Kelsey: That doesn't help. Passing yourself off as an attorney. Lying to the media, that doesn't help.
Murray Melman: I thought it sounded good. You see it.
Arnie Becker: Murray, you can't do that.
Murray Melman: So you don't want me to help?
Ann Kelsey: No.
Arnie Becker: No.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: No.
Murray Melman: You want me to pitch in?
Arnie Becker, Roxanne Melman: No.
Murray Melman: OK. OK. Just so I understand that. My help you never want.

"L.A. Law: Open Heart Perjury (#2.18)" (1988)
Elizabeth Brand: So, how was your date with Dave Meyer last night?
Roxanne Melman: If I had three weeks to live, I'd marry him.
Elizabeth Brand: Why?
Roxanne Melman: Because every boring day with that man would seem like 10 years.

"L.A. Law: Zo Long (#7.3)" (1992)
[Back at the LA Law firm building. Roxanne will substituted today for Douglas because he not in the meeting today because he's in jail]
Roxanne Melman: Should we get started? First stop, People vs. Douglas Brackman.
Arnie Becker: He broke the law and the law won.
Daniel Morales: With 90 days in jail?
Leland McKenzie: Arnold, I know this isn't your primary area of expertise, but Douglas insisted on our representation.
Arnie Becker: Yeah, of course. He doesn't wanna pay.
Leland McKenzie: Why... Just do your best to get him release.
Roxanne Melman: Yes, please, billable hours accounts receivable something for Douglas and I'm drowning in red ink. All right, next, uh, Weston vs. Weston.
Gwen Taylor: Yeah, Ann's still working at home, I've been assisting some writing depositions, and we go to trial next week unless some settlement can be reached.
Leland McKenzie: You have any questions or Ann's unavailable, you come to me. This firm needs Alec Weston's business.
Roxanne Melman: Uh, anything else, Leland?
Leland McKenzie: Uh, yes, don't forget Election Day is just around the corner. If the latest polls are any indication, Jonathan Rollins could use whatever support we could muster.
Roxanne Melman: That's all.
Arnie Becker: In and out. That's what the staff meetings all about.
Gwen Taylor: Things are getting pretty thin here.
Daniel Morales: Pretty soon, we could get together in the elevator.
Arnie Becker: For the employment line.
Leland McKenzie: All right, now listen up. Douglas and I have made no secret of the fact that our situation here at McKenzie, Brackman is precarious at best. However you should be equally clear of the fact that I poured my life blood into this firm and I'll be damned if I'm gonna give up now. I expect the same commitment from all of you.
[Leland leaves towards the meeting window door exit, but turned back and look at Arnie Becker]
Leland McKenzie: Becker, get a haircut! You look ridiculous.
[Gwen looked at Arnie with a long hair, beard, and mustache. Gwen laughed at Arnie]

"L.A. Law: He's a Crowd (#5.12)" (1991)
Corrine's Lawyer: How long have you been in Mr. Becker's direct employment?
Roxanne Melman: 12 years.
Corrine's Lawyer: And in that time, how many affairs had Mr. Becker had with his female divorce clients?
Roxanne Melman: I don't know.
Corrine's Lawyer: More then 25?
Roxanne Melman: I guess... I don't know.
Corrine's Lawyer: More then 50?
Corrine's Lawyer: Awnser the question, Miss Melman.
Roxanne Melman: I'm thinking.
Arnie Becker: Oh, please Roxanne! 50?
Corrine's Lawyer: [to Becker] Interrupt again, I'll suspend these proceedings and move for costs and sanctions.
Arnie Becker: Threaten me again, and I'll pick you like a crusty scab you cheap night school act!

"L.A. Law: Beauty and Obese (#2.13)" (1988)
[Knocking on the door]
Arnie Becker: Come in.
[Opening the door is Roxanne]
Roxanne Melman: Arnie. There's a mistake in my paycheck. It's a $100 more than it supposed to be.
Arnie Becker: I affirm that it's your raise.
Roxanne Melman: A raise? A week ago, they were going to fire me. It's out of your pocket, isn't it?
Arnie Becker: What's the difference where it comes from?
Roxanne Melman: Thank you, Arnie, for this. For sticking by me, for not clubbing me on the head with that, I told you so about to me.
Arnie Becker: Rox, you're not the first person to fall in love and make a mistake.
Roxanne Melman: I guess I'd feel better about myself if it was just love. It wasn't. I was seduced by the money all around me, everything I see people with great clothes, great cars, great houses. It gets to me sometimes.
Arnie Becker: There's nothing wrong with wanting the same thing as everyone else, Rox.
Roxanne Melman: Oh, I know. I know I can want them. The difference is, I was stealing them. Anyway, I just wanted you to know, I'm pretty glad you're in my corner.
[Roxanne kissed Arnie's head]
Arnie Becker: Ouch. My hair.

"L.A. Law: Cold Shower (#7.16)" (1993)
Roxanne Melman: Arnie, Jack Caller's here.
Arnie Becker: I gotta go.
[Ann finds out how Roxanne's been]
Ann Kelsey: How you're feeling, Roxanne?
Roxanne Melman: Pretty good.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Everything going all right? Visa V-V pregnancy?
Roxanne Melman: So far.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Good.
[Leland was so relieved about Roxanne's pregnancy. Arnie will be going and escorted out by Roxanne]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: How much paid leave are we on the hook forward this one?
Stuart Markowitz: 6 weeks.
Ann Kelsey: You wouldn't have a problem with that by any chance, would you, Douglas?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Oh, no. I think it's the least we can do.