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Arnie Becker (Character)
from "L.A. Law" (1986)

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"L.A. Law: Bound for Glory (#4.16)" (1990)
Abby Perkins: 2 grams. Simple procession. I could probably plead him out and get 6 months minimum security. Of course, if we go to trial and lose, we're talking a year easy.
Arnie Becker: State prison?
Abby Perkins: I doubt it, but it's their defense. It's possible.
Abe Lassen: Take the plea.
Abby Perkins: No. Just a minute. Don't forget the motion to dismiss. We have a real shot at getting it kicked.
Arnie Becker: Right.
Abe Lassen: In which case he just walks?
Abby Perkins: Exactly.
Abe Lassen: Take the plea. Let him do the 6 months.
Abby Perkins: Excuse me?
Abe Lassen: My son is a drug problem, Ms Perkins. Nothing we tried has ever worked - programs, clinics. This is the third time he's been arrested. Every time, he goes free. Every time, he goes back to drugs. Maybe jail is just the thing he needs.
Abby Perkins: That may be, Mr. Lassen, but Joel is the client, at least technically. And it would have to be his decision.
Abe Lassen: If Joel were capable of making tough decision, we wouldn't be standing here right now, would we? This... this is me son - my only son. If something drastic doesn't him shake him out of this, I'm gonna lose him.
Abby Perkins: You're asking a defense attorney to deliberately put her client in jail when there's a chance of getting him off.
Abe Lassen: That's the way you see it. The way I see it is I'm asking you to help me save his life.
[Arnie will find out and Abby will do her best]

Abby Perkins: He's the client. Not Abe. If he doesn't want to plead guilty - I can't be...
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Come on. Abby, he's a drug addict.
Abby Perkins: He wasn't on drugs when he was here, Douglas, I have no reason to question his capacity to make this decisions.
Arnie Becker: OK, Abby, technically, you're right. Joel is the client, you're... you're supposed to do what he says. Look if we do get this thing kicked, that kid go straight back to drugs. Hey, are you gonna feel good about that just because technically you're ethically correct? Let me tell you something else. If we get the case dismissed, we'll lose Abe Lassen as our client.
Abby Perkins: I can't let that be a factor.
Arnie Becker: Look, Abby, I'm gonna be perfectly honest with you here.
[Arnie closed the door and have private at Douglas' office]
Arnie Becker: If I lose Abe Lassen as a client, I lose a big chunk of my clout. The balance of power tilts even more heavily in Rosalind Shays' favor. She already has to be as client bases, she already been made Senior Partner. Losing Abe Lassen is going puts her one step closer to having unfettered control to do whatever the hell she wants.
Abby Perkins: Why don't you take me off the case? Cut the plea yourself.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: If we did that, Joel would smell a rat, and get a new lawyer, and the results for here will be the same.
Arnie Becker: You know the kid is better off doing the 6 months, Abby, you know it. All we're asking you to do is steer him in the direction would best help him give up drugs. Yes, I'm asking you to do it for Abe, yes, I'm asking you to do it for me, but I'm asking you to do it for Joel. Maybe his only chance, for God's sake.
Abby Perkins: OK, I'll see if I can convince him.
Arnie Becker: Thank you.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Thank you.
[Abby will give it a shot and a try to help save her client Joel Lassen]

[In the morning of the city of Los Angeles, in the 444 Flower Building, the first day of a new incoming Senior Partner as the first woman to be in charge in the law offices meeting is Rosalind Shays since she was elected last week]
Stuart Markowitz: Ann.
Rosalind Shays: Douglas, I think everybody's here. Why don't you get started?
[And every people seated. Douglas bring his coffee and opened his time on his pocket watch, beginning the meeting of today in the morning]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Okay. People vs. Lassen.
[That's for Abby Perkins]
Abby Perkins: Joel Lassen's been busted for possession again. Arraignments tomorrow.
Rosalind Shays: Why are we in this?
Arnie Becker: Because he's Abe Lassen's son.
Rosalind Shays: Say no more.
[Abby will get started working on Joel's case. Moving along]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Breecher vs Wynn.
[That's for Jonathan Rollins' who represent the defendant Gretchen Wynn, being suing for damages by the plaintiff Ray Breecher, who was represented by Mr. Breecher's lawyer Michael Roitman]
Jonathan Rollins: That's mine.
[Michael Kuzak has done enough already working on Earl Williams' case last week, and he'll be returned to practicing law on his own until he listen during the meeting. But right now he's looking up the paper in the file]
Jonathan Rollins: Our client packages county fairs. The main event of one of them is a frog-jumping contest. There was prize money involved, and one enterprising entrant, got himself something called an African Goliath frog.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: An African Goliath frog.
Jonathan Rollins: Yeah. It was ruled ineligible hence the suit.
Rosalind Shays: I understand that there's appeal in things novel and strange. I also understand that as an attorneys we need to amuse ourselves. But quite frankly, what I can't countenance are the sort of indulgences that hurt us.
Victor Sifuentes: How does this hurt us?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: It costs us. It makes us look foolish. What I'm saying, Jonathan, is that I think you're to have to be more selective of the kinds of cases he take on.
Leland McKenzie: Actually, he didn't take on the case, Rosalind. I did.
[Rosalind is waiting. Move on the next quorum. Arnie looked quiet. Leland is waiting, too]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Moving along. Jackson vs. Haas.
[That's for Ann Kelsey, who is representing the plaintiff Charles Jackson and his wife Mrs. Jackson, who is suing against the skinhead family for kicking the black youth boy to death. Joseph Haas as a defendant were represented by his Lawyer William Willis, and were helped from Joseph's his wife Pauline]
Ann Kelsey: That's mine. A young black boy was kicked to death by a skinhead. We're suing the skinhead's parents.
Arnie Becker: Why?
Ann Kelsey: Why? Because a kid doesn't become a racist thug in the vacuum.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: But suing the parents? To me, this utter litigiousness. It's... it's looking to the courts for a payday.
Jonathan Rollins: It's looking to the courts to fight bigotry, like... like Brown vs. Board of Education. Was that utter litigiousness?
Rosalind Shays: What was the age of the defendant's son at the time of killing, Ann?
Ann Kelsey: He was 15, Rosalind.
Rosalind Shays: I think that's young enough to infer parental liabilities. Good luck.
[Stuart is next soon]
Rosalind Shays: Move along, Douglas.
[Douglas is waiting, Leland holding his address note book]
Rosalind Shays: I said, why don't we move along?
[Meeting is adjourned]

Abby Perkins: What was I suppose to do? The DA went for. I suppose to say...
Abe Lassen: Because you pushed for it.
Arnie Becker: Listen, Abe, this was a difficult call.
Abe Lassen: Where the hell were you? You're supposed to be taking care of me.
Arnie Becker: I thought Abby would.
Abby Perkins: Thanks, Arnie.
Arnie Becker: I - I agree with Abe. Jail time is what Joel needs.
[Rosalind arring late]
Rosalind Shays: Sorry, I'm late.
Abe Lassen: Who the hell are you?
Rosalind Shays: I'm Rosalind Shays, Mr. Lassen, I'm the new Senior Partner here. Douglas has explained to me what's happened.
Abe Lassen: Good. Explain to me what you got to do about it.
Rosalind Shays: Well, under the circumstances...
Abe Lassen: I don't want any circumstances. I want her fired today.
Rosalind Shays: Now, why would I do that?
Abe Lassen: Why? Because she ignored my instructions. That's why.
Rosalind Shays: Ms. Perkins was bound by an attorney's code of ethics, and she behaved appropriately. This firm's stands behind her.
[Abe Lassen pointing his finger at the two Arnie and Douglas]
Abe Lassen: These two don't seem to stand behind her.
Rosalind Shays: As I said I'm the Senior Partner.
Abe Lassen: I'll have somebody here to pick up my files. You just lost yourself a client, Senior Partner.
[Abe Lassen walks out of that door, exit, and leave Arnie's office]
Arnie Becker: I appreciate that, Rosalind, that was my client you just encouraged out that door.
Rosalind Shays: How dare you hanging associate out like that, both of you! Abby have no choice but to do what she did, and for you not to support her here is reprehensible!
[Arnie shouting back]
Arnie Becker: Abe Lassen is good for about 500,000 a year!
Rosalind Shays: There was no price tag on our ethics when Leland is in charge, and there isn't now.
[Rosalind leaves and slams the door closed]

"L.A. Law: Back to the Suture (#6.10)" (1992)
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: He's been there 3 months?
Arnie Becker: According to Roxanne, who knew about this, Benny's been a pretty good parent. He even got the kid enrolled in school, that's a social services caught up with him. Benny couldn't show any proof of legal guardianship.
Stuart Markowitz: We're the real parents.
Arnie Becker: No father, mother's an alcoholic who abandoned him. The kid was living on the streets for 10 months.
Ann Kelsey: Oh, my God.
Arnie Becker: Look, I promise Benny we try to help get him back. Grace is going to handle it, since I could be a witness.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Wait a second. We're going to actually advocate that Benny keep this kid?
Grace Van Owen: Why not?
Ann Kelsey: What's wrong with that?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: He's mentally retarded.
Arnie Becker: I pledge this firm support, he gets it, Douglas.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: All right. But please. People, under no circumstances is this firm to assume guardianship responsibilities. On a more soothing note, I'm please to announce that no charges will be filed against Tommy Mullaney in the self defense shooting of John Harvey.
[Leland was surprised]
Stuart Markowitz: That must be a relief.
Tommy Mullaney: Yeah.
Grace Van Owen: I'm so surprised, they even considered it.
Tommy Mullaney: Thanks. Thanks, guys.

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Uh, where are we Malone vs. West Side Medical at all.
Ann Kelsey: Deposition start today.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Any settlement offer to our client?
Ann Kelsey: Nothing worth mentioning.
Leland McKenzie: How much?
Ann Kelsey: 25,000.
Leland McKenzie: Should realistic to hope for mortgage account?
Ann Kelsey: Client doesn't want to.
Leland McKenzie: Well, don't you think she should?
Ann Kelsey: We're more concerned with stopping this guy from operating on anybody else, it's only a matter of time for he kill someone.
Tommy Mullaney: Is that the client talking of you?
Jonathan Rollins: Besides, isn't this guy is so unlike the top orthopedic surgeon in the universe?
Ann Kelsey: I've got a client who came out of surgery paralyzed for life. And the scrub nurse who says it's something weird happened to the universe's top orthopedic surgeon in the operating room that day, I'm gonna find out what.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Good for you.
Arnie Becker: Good for her, Mister Settlement? Mister, take the money and run?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Excuse me, believe it or not, I haven't to think there are certain things more important than money.
Stuart Markowitz: Douglas, are you feeling okay?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I'm on your side, Ann.
Ann Kelsey: Thank you, Douglas.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Now that concludes our business. We're adjourned.
[Stuart closes his not and Ann closed the notebook. The meeting is over. Leland is waiting for awhile]

"L.A. Law: Outward Bound (#4.21)" (1990)
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Will Rosalind be joining us?
Leland McKenzie: Uh, no. No she won't. As a matter a fact, Rosalind has ask me to informed you all she'll be leaving by the end of the week.
Arnie Becker: She's taking all those clients with her?
Leland McKenzie: Yes.
[Benny has serve some Danishes on the plate. Ann ask Benny how's his show of The Wizard of Oz going so far]
Ann Kelsey: So, Benny, how's the show going?
Benny Stulwicz: Good.
Stuart Markowitz: You're shopping for an agent yet?
Benny Stulwicz: No.
[Benny felt bad and now left the meeting]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: What's with him?
Leland McKenzie: Can we get started?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Cavanaugh vs. Smyth.
[That's for Michael Kuzak representing the plaintiff Tom Cavanaugh, who is suing the defendant Warren Symth]
Michael Kuzak: And we go today. It's gonna be a tough one.
Arnie Becker: I'm surprised you're even taken it to trial.
Michael Kuzak: Well, outting makes some people pretty mad, Arnie, particularly the out he...
Jonathan Rollins: What is outting?
Michael Kuzak: There some gay activists like the defendant who believed in forcing other gays to come out of the closet. Sometimes it's gay, politicians who don't support gay causes other times it's just people that they want everyone to know they are gay.
Abby Perkins: Sounds nasty.
Michael Kuzak: Yeah, well the defendant has freedom of the press on his side, what was published was true. So it's not liable. It's probably not invasion privacy either since my guy was a public figure.
Ann Kelsey: Which is why he was out in the first place.
Michael Kuzak: Right.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Well, a couple of queens get mad each other. Look out.
Michael Kuzak: These are not queens, Douglas, one is a cop, the other is a journalist. And they are both gays. But they're not queens.
[But guess who's here will be joining the firm in a while during the meeting is Gwen Taylor for Roxanne who is absent, spending sometime with her father Murray who has Alzheimer's disease]

Gwen Taylor: Mr. Becker?
Arnie Becker: Yep.
Gwen Taylor: I'm sorry to interrupted, but lease decker's on the phone wants to know if she can come in at 3:00.
Arnie Becker: Yeah, sure.
Gwen Taylor: Okay.
Victor Sifuentes: Who is?
Arnie Becker: Oh, Roxanne's working half days this week, she needs some more time to tint to her father, so, uh, Gwen is filling in for...
Victor Sifuentes: Gwen.
Leland McKenzie: Is there anything else we can cover?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Actually, that's it.
Michael Kuzak: Uh, just a second. It's no secret that I have been interviewing with the Wall Street Firm. I've decided to go back to New York. My father has cancer, and the doctors give him a year so to live. I'd like to give him a year also myself. I'm sorry.
[Michael will be going]

"L.A. Law: The Venus Butterfly (#1.9)" (1986)
[first lines]
Arnie Becker: So, my client, Mrs. Troutman, decides that she needs to get away for a couple of days. She packs her bags into her car, drives down to her condo in Palm Springs, puts the key in the door, opens it, kicks off her high-heeled shoes, walks down the hallway to the bedroom to collapse in the bed, opens the bedroom door only to find the surprise of her life: her loving husband, in the bed... in the arms of another woman.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Excuse me, Arnold. But why are we wasting the time of an important staff meeting to listen to another one of your boring infidelity marriage cases?
Arnie Becker: You have interrupted me right at the punch line, Douglas!
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Well?
Arnie Becker: You see, that was no "other woman." That... was his wife.
[everyone looks at Arnie with puzzlement]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I'm afraid I'm not tracking.
Arnie Becker: Bigamy. Bigamy! Do you know how rare it is? This is the divorce lawyer equilivant to a hole-in-one!

Angela Sipriano: You're going to find this interesting. Your original client was Mrs. Foster F. Troutman. He told her his middle name was Farrell. The one in Palm Springs is Mrs. Foster J. Troutman. He told her his middle named was James. The new ones I found are Mrs. Foster C for Charles, E for Errol, and K for Kenneth.
Arnie Becker: Alphabetical order?
Angela Sipriano: Exactly. Which means that there's most likely 11 of them. A, B, D, G, H, and I still unaccounted for.
Stuart Markowitz: And what about L through Z?
Arnie Becker: How the hell does he do it? Bee pollen?
Angela Sipriano: While we're on that subject, what Mr. Foster does is that he takes their stuff. Jewelry, furs, etc., report them stolen, live off the insurance settlement, and he gives the exact same item to another wife as a gift.
Stuart Markowitz: Boy oh boy, what I really want to do is be alone in an elevator for five minutes with this man!
[Markowitz slams his right fist into his left hand simulating a punch]
Angela Sipriano: So would I. But not for the same reason. I'd like to find out what the big attraction is.

"L.A. Law: F.O.B. (#7.15)" (1993)
[2 months later, Thursday, April 1, 1993, 5 weeks, and 35 days, the L.A. Law firm of McKenzie, Brackman in Los Angeles, CA are back to normal]
Arnie Becker: They're lot of ways I can go with this porn, I can become an Independent Producer, I can become an agent.
Gwen Taylor: I thought you were having been a Studio Executive, Arnie.
Arnie Becker: Gwen, in show-business, accentual plangency is a very dangerous thing.
Ann Kelsey: I'm thinking of opening a restaurant.
Jonathan Rollins: A restaurant?
Ann Kelsey: Yeah. These guys has started the California Pizza Kitchen, we're both lawyers.
[Douglas has arrived to begin the Session meeting]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: What kind of restaurant?
Ann Kelsey: I don't know yet.
Stuart Markowitz: What about Fast Food Jewish?
Daniel Morales: Fast Food Jewish?
Stuart Markowitz: Yeah, absolutely. I'd think I'll be great to be able to walk up to a counter and get a little paper cone filled with Kasha varnishkes.
[Melina laughs]
Jonathan Rollins: Well, I know that something, I've always want to do.
[Ann laughs. Leland has arrived to get started in the Session meeting]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Well, shall we get started? Falcone vs. Falcone.
Arnie Becker: Yeah, another divorce. I'm meeting with the woman for the first time today. I'll try to dispose of it as painlessly as possible. I'm really not up for a fight.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: People vs. Quinn.
Daniel Morales: That's my murder case. The jury's picked, we go to trial later today.
Ann Kelsey: Are you still holding with the plea of temporary of insanity?
Daniel Morales: I don't believe in it, but it's all I got.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Samuels vs. San Fernando Psychiatric.
Ann Kelsey: Uh, all I know is the - this is a negligence action and Samuels knows some people in the Clinton Administration.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Whether we knew some people in the Clinton Administration. Mickey Kantor and Warren Christopher, both came out of L.A. Law firms, they tap in all kinds of people from here to do all kinds of things. What do we get? Nothing.
Leland McKenzie: Are you done, Douglas?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Yeah?
Leland McKenzie: Good.

Leland McKenzie: I have something I want to say. I've set-by and watched this - this place has changed. People have dissipated their time and wasted their talent, you have all in varying degrees pursuit other enterprises and neglected the one that this place was build on. The law. This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a law office, and while you're present here, you will practice law. Period.
Arnie Becker: Leland?
[Arnie will let Leland finished]
Leland McKenzie: I'm not done. What you do on your own time is your own business. At the work week, it belongs to me. So, you're all going to have to do little sore searching. I want to see all partners in my office at 5 O'clock today. I will expect either a commitment or a resignation.
[Law partners and members will figure it out]

"L.A. Law: Cold Shower (#7.16)" (1993)
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Uh, can we get started?
Leland McKenzie: Just start, Douglas.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I'm started. People vs. Matz.
[That's for Jonathan Rollins' while pouring to get a cup of coffee]
Jonathan Rollins: Yes. Yes. That's mine. Matz' has accused of selling stolen artwork to undercover cop. I'm pleading entrapment.
Melina Paros: That's a tough cell.
Daniel Morales: I know it is. You yet to stolen art in his position?
Jonathan Rollins: He did.
Daniel Morales: Any sold it to the cop?
Jonathan Rollins: Yep.
Melina Paros: So where's the entrapment?
Jonathan Rollins: Well, my client's gay. He claims to a fallen for the cop. He also claims that it was mutual, I'd say for the purposes of his trial at least that, uh, the cop seduce him.
Arnie Becker: In other words, it's your only shot.
Jonathan Rollins: Yes, right.
Ann Kelsey: Then it must me true.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: In the matter of Celeste Bauman.
Stuart Markowitz: Yes, that's me. Uh, Ms. Bauman has accompanied that markets' vitamins and dietary supplements, the IRS claims that she has under paid her taxes by some $800,000, and for some reason to being nasty about it.
Melina Paros: The IRS's nasty?
Stuart Markowitz: Celeste is gonna need little managing, but I think we can resolve it.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Gwen, you're observing on to this one, correct?
Gwen Taylor: Yep.

Roxanne Melman: Arnie, Jack Caller's here.
Arnie Becker: I gotta go.
[Ann fines out how Roxanne's been]
Ann Kelsey: How you're feeling, Roxanne?
Roxanne Melman: Pretty good.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Everything going all right? Visa V-V pregnancy?
Roxanne Melman: So far.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Good.
[Leland was so relieved about Roxanne's pregnancy. Arnie will be going and escorted out by Roxanne]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: How much paid leave are we on the hook forward this one?
Stuart Markowitz: 6 weeks.
Ann Kelsey: You wouldn't have a problem with that by any chance, would you, Douglas?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Oh, no. I think it's the least we can do.

"L.A. Law: Great Balls Afire (#6.15)" (1992)
Arnie Becker: Well, so far, this alleged daughter hasn't filed yet, you're probably threatened to go public to force a settlement.
Ann Kelsey: That's blackmail.
Arnie Becker: Well absolutely. Look, this Gorman is a bottom feeder. I wouldn't be surprised if he manipulated this girl into filing suit. He may even try to get appointed a guardian.
Ann Kelsey: So we're looking at fraud here?
Arnie Becker: Probably. But they've done some homework. Stuart, you did know this woman Karen Alder?
Stuart Markowitz: Yep, I - I dated her for like, uh, 3 months.
Arnie Becker: And you did go to bed with her?
Stuart Markowitz: Yeah, yeah, it was a casual thing. Well I wasn't among...
Ann Kelsey: I never said you were.
Arnie Becker: Okay, the good news is the girl is 16, the most you can ask for is 2 year support until she reaches her majority.
Stuart Markowitz: What's the bad news?
Arnie Becker: California child support guidelines state that a child must be supported in a fashion commensurate with father's wealth.
Ann Kelsey: Oh, God.
Arnie Becker: Giving you net annual salary, uh, I could see her going to what? 6,000 a month for 2 years? You're looking at a $150,000 hit here.
Stuart Markowitz: If this really were my daughter, why didn't the mother contact me for support?
Ann Kelsey: Exactly.
Arnie Becker: Relax. There will looked one thing.
Stuart Markowitz: What?
Arnie Becker: Your sperm count is so low can be measured infractions, their case is real shaky.
Stuart Markowitz: Great. That makes me feel really wonderful.
Ann Kelsey: So what do we do?
Arnie Becker: The easiest way to get rid of this, DNA tests. They'll probably won't come to that, but Gorman is a K-Mart lawyer, if I go at him, it worked in and I don't let up, I might intimidate him right back into the woodwork.
Ann Kelsey: Good. Because if he thinks we're gonna roll over for this kind of extortion, he is dead wrong.

Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Next stop, the Simon & Catherine Rubin Foundation vs. University of California and Dr. Emily Connor. We're representing Dr. Connor and the University?
Jonathan Rollins: Yeah. The Rubin Foundation granted Dr. Connor $100,000 to study a new way to save heart attack and stroke victims, she's happy to the project and Kurt Rubin the Foundations President wants his money back.
Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: Why?
Jonathan Rollins: He says she's breach the contract by using scientific data from the Nazi concentration camps.
Alex DePalma: What?
Tommy Mullaney: Nazis?
Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: What date?
Stuart Markowitz: We're representing Nazis?
Jonathan Rollins: No. We're representing a highly respected scientist who wants to save lives.
Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: Which particular Nazi experiments is she using?
Jonathan Rollins: The deco hypothermia experiment.
Cara Jean 'C.J.' Lamb: Huh.
Jonathan Rollins: You know where they subject to prisoners to freezing temperatures and monitor the physiological responses.
Alex DePalma: How many died?
Jonathan Rollins: Abut 90 men, but tens of thousands die every month from heart disease and my client thinks you can save a lot of them.
Stuart Markowitz: I'm sorry, I don't by that.
Arnie Becker: You're hate to sound crass, but if it meant the life-or-death of somebody that I love dad want them to use the data, it won't change would have to those prisoners.
Leland McKenzie: Well, I don't think it's quite that simple, Arnold.
Jonathan Rollins: Come on, Leland, no one's saying experiments were horrendous, but there were 50 years ago. If the data concede even one life today, I feel...
Leland McKenzie: Now, I - I'm - I'm not saying you shouldn't take the case, Jonathan. And I understand what Mr. Rubin is afraid of.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Is there any possibility of a settlement?
Jonathan Rollins: So far they haven't been willing, I think it just hoping for the best deal at the 11th hour.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Good luck. And we're adjourned.
[the meeting is dismissed and they're done]

"L.A. Law: Whistle Stop (#8.21)" (1994)
[Here at the police department next to the interrogation room. Arnie is here with two detectives]
Detective Matosian: Thanks very much for coming on such short notice. You sure don't want some coffee?
Arnie Becker: No, no thank you.
Detective Matosian: At this stage, we're just questioning anyone over recent dealings with Ms. Greer. Please sit down.
[Arnie take a seat and was questioning by 2 detectives for interrogation about Carmilla Greer's death]

Detective Matosian: [Continue the lines] So, when did you last see her?
Arnie Becker: Uh, 2 days ago.
Detective Matosian: Or the circumstances?
Arnie Becker: It involved a legal matter.
Detective Matosian: Was it how you and Ms. Greer know each other this, uh, this legal matter?
Arnie Becker: Uh, actually we met several years ago, a mutual friend introduced us.
Detective Matosian: How often did you see her after that?
Arnie Becker: Hmm, 4-5 times, uh, all social occasion.
Detective: Were you a client?
Arnie Becker: Uh, no, no. Our relationship was strictly social.
Detective: She never procured anyone to accommodate your particular taste in women?
Arnie Becker: What's that supposed to mean?
Detective Matosian: We hear comes to women, or something of a rough rider.
Arnie Becker: What?
Detective Matosian: Did Ms. Greer ever tried to extort money from you in exchange for keeping your relationship secret?
Arnie Becker: Look, I came down here voluntarily someone who happened to know the deceased. If I'm a suspect, I should have damn well be told before you start asking me questions.
Detective: You are a suspect, Mr. Becker.
Arnie Becker: Based on what?
Detective Matosian: Based on the fact that you were seen leaving Carmilla Greer's home last night. 2 hours before her body was found.
Detective: You want to tell us what you were doing there?
Arnie Becker: I'm not answer anymore questions.
Detective: All right. At this point, I have to inform you that you are under arrest for the murder of Carmilla Greer.
Arnie Becker: What?
Detective: You have a right to remain silent, if you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided to you free of charge. Now do you understand each of these rights as I've explaining to you?
[Arnie Becker is arrested for the murder of Carmilla Greer and someone here appeared in the window of the interrogation room that followed him is the Assistant D.A. Belinda Fox for personal malice]

"L.A. Law: Hello and Goodbye (#7.13)" (1993)
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Any word on Daniel's baby?
Leland McKenzie: No. Not yet. But we're working on the problem.
Arnie Becker: Well colleagues at Channel 3 have been...
Jonathan Rollins: I've got City Council members getting the word out on the district's.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Well let's hoped his efforts pay off before time runs out for Lucy.
[Leland is looking at his appointment book]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Well, Collins vs. Reeve and KINX News. Wasn't this settled?
Melina Paros: KINX is offering nuisance value, but on my advice, Mrs. Collins has refused.
Leland McKenzie: What cause of action?
Melina Paros: Wrongful death. We're suing the cameraman and the newsgroup for 1,000,000 bucks.
Arnie Becker: Come on, this poor guys distraught over losing his job barbecues himself on TV. You blame the press.
Melina Paros: If the cameraman weren't there, my client's husband would be alive.
Jonathan Rollins: Except for the first amendment, you might have a case.
Melina Paros: I know I'm pushing the envelope, but the people attire the media's lack of responsibility, I think it'll fly.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Who knows? Maybe we'll said a President, we could use the publicity. Ann Kelsey vs. City Los Angeles. What's this?
Ann Kelsey: I'm suing the LAPD for inadequate response during the riots. They had a helicopter overhead during Stuart's attack, and all he did was watch.
Leland McKenzie: Stuart, you're not involved in this action?
Stuart Markowitz: No, I'm not. This is Ann's shot.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: What kind of damages he's looking for?
Ann Kelsey: Loss of consortium.
Leland McKenzie: Wait, you're aware with a case such as this, you can expect questions about your intimacies...
Stuart Markowitz: It doesn't matter, Leland. Clearly, I'm a shadow of my former self.
[Stuart needs to take a moment and be alone at his office]
Ann Kelsey: I understand that this is a matter of public record, but it's not up for discussion here.
[Ann closed her desk folder]
Ann Kelsey: Excuse me.
[Ann is going to be back to have a talk with Stuart]
Leland McKenzie: Yes, ma'am.

[Here in the kitchen cabinet, Roxanne is having a snack break is the bag of salted crackers to eat]
Arnie Becker: Roxanne, you got crumbs all over the Barringer File.
Roxanne Melman: Better than the alternative. At least salted crackers stay down.
[Roxanne looking up the file]
Roxanne Melman: But this note.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Any word on Lucy?
Roxanne Melman: Still missing. Oh.
Arnie Becker: What?
Roxanne Melman: I guessed wrong about that salted crackers. Whoa.
[Roxanne is heading somewhere to cool off. Douglas saw Roxanne took off]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: So what's the latest on Mike Hoover.
Arnie Becker: Over a budget.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: How's that?
Arnie Becker: Long and short, I read your books ever written, we have to make cuts.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: What did you take out?
Arnie Becker: A little judicious trimming here and there. Chapters 4 through 12.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Those chapters were the heart of my stories.
Arnie Becker: Douglas worldwide wouldn't have to make any cuts, if we reschedule the production. The scope for the material may be too intimate for a big-budget release.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Ah, a smaller boutique presentations, similar to a foreign film?
Arnie Becker: No. More like a movie of the week. It - it now takes place, no women's prison. Haa.

"L.A. Law: Victor/Victorious (#3.9)" (1989)
[Here at Becker's office, Arnie is writing something in his writing pad. But someone is opening the door, Allison Gottlieb got a surprise, it's a videocassette]
Allison Gottlieb: Ta-da. The finished product.
[Allison tossed the videocassette and giving to Arnie Becker and looked at it]
Allison Gottlieb: What do you think?
Arnie Becker: Nice. Very, very nice. I like the disaster credit. Arnold Becker's Guide to Divorce.
Allison Gottlieb: They're not gonna be able to keep it on the shelves.
Arnie Becker: Your lipsticks to God's ears.
Allison Gottlieb: Hey, I've done a billion of these things. This one's got popped. It's gonna be a huge seller.
Arnie Becker: You think so?
[Allison kisses Arnie]
Allison Gottlieb: It's great. You're great. I got to run.
Arnie Becker: Allison, you're always running. Why don't you stop for a minute? And smell the daisies.
Allison Gottlieb: My luck, I get stung by the bee.
Arnie Becker: Dinner tonight. Celebrate.
Allison Gottlieb: I can't, I'm working. Oh, and Dave Meyer's said to tell you that he'll send the case of those over tomorrow.
[Allison is leaving, but she bumped into Victor Sifuentes]
Victor Sifuentes: Oh!
Allison Gottlieb: Oh! God, I'm sorry.
Victor Sifuentes: No, no. Excuse me, I was...
Allison Gottlieb: It's okay.
[Allison laughs. Allison meets Victor]
Victor Sifuentes: I'm Victor Sifuentes.
Allison Gottlieb: Allison Gottlieb. Nice to meet you.
[Victor sighs]
Victor Sifuentes: Yeah, it is.
Allison Gottlieb: I got to go.
[Allison is leaving to the door exit, and Victor will find out]

"L.A. Law: Zo Long (#7.3)" (1992)
[Back at the LA Law firm building. Roxanne will substituted today for Douglas because he not in the meeting today because he's in jail]
Roxanne Melman: Should we get started? First stop, People vs. Douglas Brackman.
Arnie Becker: He broke the law and the law won.
Daniel Morales: With 90 days in jail?
Leland McKenzie: Arnold, I know this isn't your primary area of expertise but Douglas insisted on our representation.
Arnie Becker: Yeah, of course. He doesn't wanna pay.
Leland McKenzie: Why... Just do your best to get him release.
Roxanne Melman: Yes, please, billable hours accounts receivable something for Douglas and I'm drowning in red ink. All right, next, uh, Weston vs. Weston.
Gwen Taylor: Yeah, Ann's still working at home, I've been assisting some writing depositions, and we go to trial next week unless some settlement can be reached.
Leland McKenzie: You have any questions or Ann's unavailable, you come to me. This firm needs Alec Weston's business.
Roxanne Melman: Uh, anything else, Leland?
Leland McKenzie: Uh, yes, don't forget Election Day is just around the corner. If the latest polls are any indication Jonathan Rollins could use whatever support we could muster.
Roxanne Melman: That's all.
Arnie Becker: In and out. That's what the staff meetings all about.
Gwen Taylor: Things are getting pretty thin here.
Daniel Morales: Pretty soon, we could get together in the elevator.
Arnie Becker: For the employment line.
Leland McKenzie: All right, now listen up, Douglas and I have made no secret of the fact that our situation here at McKenzie, Brackman is precarious at best. However you should be equally clear of the fact that I poured my life blood into this firm and I'll be damned if I'm gonna give up now. I expect the same commitment from all of you.
[Leland leaves towards the meeting window door exit, but turned back and look at Arnie Becker]
Leland McKenzie: Becker, get a haircut! You look ridiculous.
[Gwen looked at Arnie with a long hair, beard, and mustache. Gwen laughed at Arnie]

"L.A. Law: Where There's a Will (#7.14)" (1993)
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Oh, for heaven sakes. What's wrong with Benny? No bagels. No bear claws.
Arnie Becker: No, blame L.A.'s finest who have us surrounded.
Gwen Taylor: It's been under surveillance is no picnic, Arnie, but I'm trying to go about my daily routines, so... let's get on with business.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Couldn't put it better myself. First up, everyone's favorite, innocent convict. People vs. Osgood.
Leland McKenzie: Well the bad news is Phillip Tice who confessed to the Halliday murder, uh, recently died. On the upside, I have secured an address on a missing witness. Daniel and I plan on paying him a visit.
Daniel Morales: Assuming the address is current.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Let's hope so because this could be for Frank Osgood's last chance. Next. People vs. Darcy.
Melina Paros: Anton Darcy is a longtime family friend. The grand jury indicted him for arranging his father's murder. I believe he's being framed.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: What do you know the grand jury doesn't?
Melina Paros: Come on, Douglas, the grand jury with an indictable bologna sandwich has the D.A. wanted.
Leland McKenzie: Doesn't the D.A. have a confession?
Melina Paros: Not from our client, the police have another suspect in custody who's been offered a deal, now he's pointing the finger at Anton to save himself.
Jonathan Rollins: Because the trial's been expedited, I've been helping Melina, and I'll step in as needed.
[Leland gives cheers to Jonathan while carrying his glass of orange juice]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Keep us posted. Bancroft vs. Bennett.
Ann Kelsey: Camille Bancroft, a Shakespeare professor at Stanford is suing her colleague Simon Bennett for unfair competition.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Over Shakespeare?
Ann Kelsey: Simon Bennett and Camille Bancroft have taught together for years, not long ago he published his own book, based on their teaching method.
Stuart Markowitz: That's a great book. Shakespeare in Love. Won the Pulitzer Prize.
Ann Kelsey: Right. Deposition start today, and I was hoping to reach a settlement, but Simon and Camille are like stubborn children. They always have been.
Leland McKenzie: Do you know them?
Ann Kelsey: My first year at Stanford, I majored in drama. Overtime, I kept in touch with Camille.
Arnie Becker: Shakespeare's so depressing, I mean the lovers are always doomed.
Gwen Taylor: They're dead.
Melina Paros: That's why they call 'em tragedy.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: All's well that ends well.
[Douglas closed his pocket watch that the time is up. The law meeting is adjourned]

"L.A. Law: Hand Roll Express (#2.12)" (1988)
Arnie Becker: Roxanne, open your eyes. Jimmy Markham is conning you.
Roxanne Melman: Don't say that, Arnie! You don't know the first thing about Jimmy. You've never even met him.
Arnie Becker: Oh, come on, Roxanne! I've met this guy, I've met him a thousand times. He's the typical guy I see in all my divorce cases. His wife hires me to make him look bad. He hires me to make him look good. He comes off as charming, decent, curious, but like every wealthy businessman with an agenda, he's in it for one purpose: himself and himself alone. I know this guy, Roxanne. Hell, I used to be this guy!

"L.A. Law: Parent Trap (#7.12)" (1993)
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Anybody know the whereabouts of our Mr. Morales?
Gwen Taylor: He had a pro bono arraignment this morning.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Then let's begin. First, People vs. Emory Lewis and Gary Stubbs. I should hope those animals who beat you will finally get convicted.
Stuart Markowitz: Unfortunately, the eyewitness backed out, she's afraid of reprisals from neighborhood kids if she testify.
Ann Kelsey: That shouldn't affect our case. Stuart was really convincing at the prelim health do even better at trial tomorrow.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Next. Marciante vs. Bernheim Memorial Hospital.
Jonathan Rollins: That's mine. Anthony Marciante's girlfriend is brain dead after the automobile accident. She's also 18 weeks pregnant.
Gwen Taylor: And being used as an incubator to bring the baby to a term, I caught those stories in the news, that's grotesque.
Jonathan Rollins: We're seeking a court order to keep her body functioning long enough to deliver the baby. However, the girlfriend's mother wants to pull the plug and bury your daughter.
Arnie Becker: Well, I agree, the woman's dead, for God's sake.
Jonathan Rollins: Arnie, we're talking about a potential human life. Mr. Marciante wants to be a father.
Gwen Taylor: You should have thought about that before driving himself and his girlfriend off the road drunk.
Ann Kelsey: He killed her and now he wants to...
Jonathan Rollins: It was an accident.
Stuart Markowitz: He's still has rights.
Arnie Becker: So's the girl's mother.
Melina Paros: What about the baby?
Leland McKenzie: All right, folks, we're all in the same team.
[But Daniel Morales has arrived late in the meeting]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Mr. Morales? Honor that you can join us? How's the arraignment?
Daniel Morales: Um, People vs. Alejandro Cruz, he's charged with the shooting a news vender who refuse to pay protection money.
Leland McKenzie: Any extenuating circumstances, Daniel?
Daniel Morales: No, Leland, not really, I'm trying to have Cruz tried in the Juvenile, but right now that's looking doubtful.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Well, if there's no other business. We're adjourned.
[Douglas closed his gold hunter case from the pocket watch that the time is up]

"L.A. Law: The Pay's Lousy, But the Tips Are Great (#4.10)" (1990)
[Here at the filing room, Law Messenger Benny Stulwicz is preparing the papers, but Arnie is back and came to say hi to Benny]
Arnie Becker: Hi-ya, Benny.
[Benny was just to press the button in that machine]
Arnie Becker: I said hello, Benny.
Benny Stulwicz: Hello.
Arnie Becker: You want to tell me what's the matter?
Benny Stulwicz: No.
Arnie Becker: You're mad at me because I left the firm, aren't you?
Benny Stulwicz: I'm busy now.
[Arnie turns off the button of the keypads. But Benny continues to press the button on. Arnie turns off the switch at the left end corner. Benny does it when he turned on. Arnie takes off the plug]
Arnie Becker: Benny, if you're mad, I think you're owe me the courtesy talking to me about it.
Benny Stulwicz: You lied.
Arnie Becker: I didn't really lied to you, Ben, know I just...
Benny Stulwicz: Yes you did. You said you and Roxanne were going to the car, and you said you were coming back. That's a lie.
Arnie Becker: Well I did that for your own protection, believe it or not. You see it was important that nobody at the firm know about my leaving and... it's - it's - it's - it's kinda hard to explain why, can you just trust me on that?
Benny Stulwicz: No.
Arnie Becker: Well I think you can trust the fact that you and I are friends, Benny, and I would never do anything to hurt you.
Benny Stulwicz: You went away! And you didn't even say good-bye!
[Benny was mad and got upset and he walk away]
Arnie Becker: But...
[Arnie doesn't even know what to do]

"L.A. Law: He's a Crowd (#5.12)" (1991)
Corrine's Lawyer: How long have you been in Mr. Becker's direct employment?
Roxanne Melman: 12 years.
Corrine's Lawyer: And in that time, how many affairs had Mr. Becker had with his female divorce clients?
Roxanne Melman: I don't know.
Corrine's Lawyer: More then 25?
Roxanne Melman: I guess... I don't know.
Corrine's Lawyer: More then 50?
Corrine's Lawyer: Awnser the question, Miss Melman.
Roxanne Melman: I'm thinking.
Arnie Becker: Oh, please Roxanne! 50?
Corrine's Lawyer: [to Becker] Interrupt again, I'll suspend these proceedings and move for costs and sanctions.
Arnie Becker: Threaten me again, and I'll pick you like a crusty scab you cheap night school act!

"L.A. Law: Pilot (#1.1)" (1986)
[Roxanne shows Arnie the dead body of Norman Chaney across his desk]
Roxanne Melman: I was looking around for the smell when I saw this. Mr. Chaney. I haven't actually touched him, but I'm pretty sure he's dead.
Arnie Becker: If he is, I got dibs on his office.

"L.A. Law: That's Why the Lady Is a Stamp (#7.17)" (1993)
Dominic Nuzzi: Where's my buddy? Hey, Ben!
[Someone's there calling Benny buddy. Benny finds out that he has a friend of his]
Benny Stulwicz: Dominic?
[Benny's friend. The person's name is Dominic Nuzzi holding his cap]
Dominic Nuzzi: There he is. How's it going, chief?
Benny Stulwicz: Dominic, hi.
Dominic Nuzzi: Put out your hand.
Benny Stulwicz: How come?
Dominic Nuzzi: Put out your hand. I got something for you. Ha ha!
[Dominic got the large amount of money, for the total of $3,000, and gives it to Benny]
Dominic Nuzzi: I wheeled an exactly to 8 race and a 25-1 shot. Bingo! He has no idea what I'm talking about. We had a very big day today, Ben! There's three large right in the palm of your hand!
[Benny appreciates it and thank his friend Dominic for giving Benny $3,000 in cash. And Benny would like Douglas and Arnie to introduce Benny's friend Dominic Nuzzi. Benny was away]
Benny Stulwicz: Oh, thanks. Uh, this is my friend Dominic.
Dominic Nuzzi: Don't dribble on you shirt.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: How you do?
Dominic Nuzzi: Fine, thank you. Nice to make your acquaintance.
[Arnie finds out, what's going on in the filing room]
Dominic Nuzzi: Very beautiful offices you have here. Very nice. Very centrally located.
Arnie Becker: Where do you know Benny from?
Dominic Nuzzi: Oh, we, uh, sit at the counter at Du-Par's and have supper every night.
[Dominic put on his baseball cap]
Benny Stulwicz: Uh, uh, are we still done a thing?
Dominic Nuzzi: What thing?
Benny Stulwicz: You know the place you said where we're going?
Dominic Nuzzi: Yeah, well, I said we're going. We're going.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Going where?
Benny Stulwicz: It's a secret.

"L.A. Law: Happy Trails (#5.2)" (1990)
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: [Back at the 444 Law Office Building in Los Angeles] Aside from humiliating this firm what you did bordered on fraud.
Murray Melman: I was trying to help.
Ann Kelsey: That doesn't help. Passing yourself off as an attorney, lying to the media, that doesn't help.
Murray Melman: I thought it sounded good. You see it.
Arnie Becker: Murray, you can't do that.
Murray Melman: So you don't want me to help?
Ann Kelsey: No.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: No.
Murray Melman: You want to pitch in?
Arnie Becker, Roxanne Melman: No.
Murray Melman: OK. OK. Just so I understand that. My help you never want it.

"L.A. Law: Izzy Ackerman or Is He Not (#3.11)" (1989)
Michael Kuzak: Ray never told us that his wife has been married before.
Arnie Becker: [while reading the Davis marriage and divorce papers] Douglas, I don't think we have anything to worry about.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: No? Trust me, the legal malpractice sharks will be at our door salivating this.
Arnie Becker: You think this was malpractice?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I don't, but you can be damn sure that Ray Davis is gonna find someone who does.
Michael Kuzak: When I left him, he was a little too devastated to be even thinking about formulating a battle plan to sue us.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Believe me, that won't last. In five days from now, he and his new lawyers are gonna be coming after us like the wrath of God.
Michael Kuzak: Well, he will go after somebody.
Arnie Becker: Hey Mike, that somebody is us.
Michael Kuzak: Well, maybe it should be us. How else is he going to get any compensation for this disaster?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Uh-oh. This attitude worries me. I got a distinct feeling that in an attempt to offer him compassion... "oh I'm very sorry, Ray. I could have done better"... you just served up admissions of negligence!
Michael Kuzak: Doesn't compassion enter into this at all?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: So long as it doesn't cost us money.
Michael Kuzak: Ah, the old refrain! The ultimate lynchpin consideration to which all issues turn!
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Don't get high-mined on us, Michael. You are the one who screwed up!
Michael Kuzak: Careful, Douglas! You'd better not say that outside of this office because it might cost us money!

"L.A. Law: I'm in the Nude for Love (#3.8)" (1989)
Michael Kuzak: [Guess who's back from exile in his vacation holidays following his suspension without being caught is Michael Kuzak. He's safe and sound. He arrives and returns back to the law firm for practicing law] Sorry.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Well. Well. Welcome back, brother Kuzak. Freshly return from exile.
Michael Kuzak: Thank you. Thank you.
[Leland is so happy to welcome Kuzak back to the firm]
Arnie Becker: Boy, that month fly by.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I take it you're already to plunge into your defensive of the nudist colony?
Michael Kuzak: Yeah, I just came from there, we're ready for trial.
Victor Sifuentes: Ready for trial? Do I have to take a little unauthorized practice of law at home here?
Michael Kuzak: Certainly not. My suspension ended on Friday and I've prepared over the weekend.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Well, in the interest in the firm and the client, I wish you good luck. That is as purely personal observation. I wouldn't want those perverts prancing around my neighborhood either.
Arnie Becker: Check out this centerfold of this month's flamingo, Mike. It's your star witness.
Michael Kuzak: Yeah, thanks, but, uh, I've already seen the evidence.

"L.A. Law: Tunnel of Love (#8.19)" (1994)
[first lines]
Arnie Becker: As far as I know, Patrick Flanagan is a felon! He gave me assurances that this little girl would not testify before the grand jury. That is obstruction of justice!
Leland McKenzie: Do you have any proof of that?
Arnie Becker: Of course I don't have proof, Leland. I thought you'd believe me.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Patrick said that he tried contacting you with the settlement offer, but you were unavailable, which is why he went ahead on his own.
Arnie Becker: [scoffs] Oh, please!
Leland McKenzie: He also said that no such assurances were ever given.
Arnie Becker: He's lying! Can't you see that? Less you be under any further illusions, this is someone who lies to get what he wants. He came into my office on that day and told me right to my face at what he wanted to do and asked if I was with him on it. I told him, under no uncertain terms: "do not do this." He went ahead and he did it anyway!
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Even if that was true, just keep in mind that he brought into this firm some $9 million, and additional clients and revenue...
Arnie Becker: Douglas, he is dangerous! He's a closeted sociopath, and a pathological liar!
Leland McKenzie: Now, hold on Arnie! I think that's a little harsh. I've known Patrick all my life. He wouldn't do that.
Arnie Becker: All right, fine. Do whatever you want. But I'm telling you right now, I will NOT work with him again, Leland! The day you insist that I talk to, or work out my differences with that scummy guy, that is the day that I quit!
Leland McKenzie: That's your progosis?
Arnie Becker: It certainly is! I'm telling you both... Daniel Morales was right about him! Morales was right!
[Arnie storms out of the office and slams the door shut. A stunned Douglas looks over at the very skeptic Leland]