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Cedric Sneer (Character)
from "The Raccoons" (1985)

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"The Raccoons: Surprise Attack (#1.1)" (1985)
Cyril: It's time to call out my secret service.
Cedric: What secret service?
Cyril: It's so secret, I haven't told *anyone*!

Cyril: What's this?
Cedric: My homework!
Cyril: You've been out of school for three years!
Cedric: It's... late?

Cyril: [Reading Cedric's note and misinterpreting] My own son, plotting to overthrow me? Very commendable! I didn't know you had it in you! But no matter, Cedric, my boy... It didn't work! Guards!
Cedric: Pop, you got it all wrong...
Cyril: Take him to the Dungeon!
Cedric: Not again!
Cyril: And No Color TV!

Cedric: [When Bert and Sophia arrive to spring him from the Dungeon] I'm not supposed to have visitors!
Bert: We're not visitors. We're *liberators*!

"The Raccoons: Buried Treasure! (#1.6)" (1986)
Bert: Adventure is my middle name!
Cedric: Mine's Sidney!

Cedric: Pop! It's just a harmless adventure!
Cyril: Adventure? There's no adventure in a treasure that isn't collecting 12 and a quarter percent per annum!

Cedric: Oh no! Removing the treasure's setting off the traps! I thought you said they wouldn't work!
Bert: I guess I can't be right all the time...

"The Raccoons: A Night to Remember (#1.3)" (1985)
Cedric: [When the guys get to the fort] That's it? That's the fort you guys have been bragging about?
Ralph: Well... I guess it does need a little work here and there.
Cedric: A *little* work? It needs an architectural firm!

Ralph: Well Cedric, those beans ought to hold you till morning.
Cedric: They'll hold me for a month!

"The Raccoons: Stop the Clock! (#2.5)" (1987)
Cedric: Pop, can I borrow your old track shoes and Varsity sweater? It's for the track meet.
Cyril: These shoes and I have seen a lot of good years together. And this sweater, it went great with my old raccoon-skin coat!
Cedric: [appalled] Pop!
Cyril: [chuckles] Just a joke, son...

"The Raccoons: Double Play! (#2.1)" (1987)
Bert: Only one person's gonna get that contract and that's me!
Cedric: Says who, big shot?
Bert: Says *me*, hose nose!

"The Raccoons: The Runaways! (#1.5)" (1985)
Schaeffer: Hi, Cedric! What's in the bag?
Cedric: Oh, nothing... just a few of my personal belongings...
Melissa: Cedric, is everything all right?
Cedric: No, I've left home. Pop doesn't appreciate me. He thinks I'm just a living, breathing adding machine.
Melissa: Oh, Cedric, Cyril loves you... in his own mercenary way.