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Adam Cartwright (Character)
from "Bonanza" (1959)

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"Bonanza: Desert Justice (#1.23)" (1960)
Adam Cartwright: Think I ought to go along, Pa?
Ben Cartwright: Adam, this isn't really our affair.
Adam Cartwright: Isn't it? Then why did you wire a thousand dollars to the lawyer in Los Angeles.

Adam Cartwright: [to Hoss] ... Yeah, Little Joe warned me if I went on a trip with you I'd be eating cow fodder.

Adam Cartwright: [to Hoss] Oh I don't think so. It's sort of like bees and honey. You and cow food just seem to go together.

[last lines]
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: What does she mean by that?
Micah Bailey: She means if you'd be any smarter, you'd still be the second dumbest man in creation, and you're looking at the first.
Adam Cartwright: It's a toss up.
Micah Bailey: Charlie, get them out of my station before anything else happens.

"Bonanza: A Rose for Lotta (#1.1)" (1959)
Ben Cartwright: Look at it, Adam. Feast thine eyes on a sight that approacheth Heaven itself.
Adam Cartwright: You been to a lotta places and you've seen a lotta things, Pa, but you never seen or been to heaven.
Ben Cartwright: Well, maybe I never been to heaven... but heaven is gonna have to go some to beat the thousand square miles of the Ponderosa.
Adam Cartwright: As long as it's ours, as long as we keep it in Cartwright hands...
Ben Cartwright: Know anyone that could take it away from us, son?

Adam Cartwright: [to Joe] Your French Quarter mother.

Adam Cartwright: Next time, Miss Crabtree, pick on a man, not a boy.

Adam Cartwright: And how do you expect to do it with that, uh, New Orleans monkey pick you got handed down to ya from your French quarter mother?
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: If you weren't my brother Adam, I'd kill you for that.
Adam Cartwright: Anytime you're ready, Little Joe, you can just forget all about us being kin.
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: Well you know, that'll be easy 'cause I've never been able to see myself being kin to anything welped out of a thin-nosed, blue blooded Boston Yankee!
[Adam Punches Joe]

"Bonanza: The Saga of Annie O'Toole (#1.7)" (1959)
Annie O'Toole: [On her father dying] In fact, I'm proud of him.
Adam Cartwright: Proud of him?
Annie O'Toole: Why not? It's the first time in his life he did what he said he'll do.

Adam Cartwright: Keeping the news of the big strike quiet is about as easy as hiding an elephant under a walnut shell. Everyone wanted in on it. From the looks of it, Annie was getting her share of the Bonanza too.

Annie O'Toole: That 'Trap Door' makes me mad, strutting around like a peacock. Just because he's moved onto Nob Hill he thinks he's a big typhoon!
Adam Cartwright: Tycoon. A typhoon is a big wind.
Annie O'Toole: That's him!

"Bonanza: The Bride (#2.18)" (1961)
Adam Cartwright: You mean to tell me that Pa would get married and send the bride all the way back here by herself? Now, there's something wrong, and what did you have to put her up here for?

Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: You uh... found any new breeding stock this trip, Pa?
Ben Cartwright: Breeding stock?
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: Mm-hmm.
Ben Cartwright: I went to Carson to see the railway people about selling some timber for that new line they're planning up north. You know that.
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Uh, Pa, you didn't meet nobody new or nothing?
Adam Cartwright: Well, let's stop beating around the bush. Did you get married?
Ben Cartwright: Did I what?

Adam Cartwright: Pa, in the future if you ever do decide to get married and sent the bride home by herself, just do us one favor, will ya?
Ben Cartwright: What?
Adam Cartwright: Don't.

"Bonanza: The Spanish Grant (#1.21)" (1960)
Adam Cartwright: I found you in a cantina. And believe me, no Spanish lady ever behaved the way you did.

Isabella Maria Ynez Y Castra De La Cuesta: They cannot have what is mine.
Adam Cartwright: Well, you know you'll never enjoy this land. There'll be too much blood on it.

Adam Cartwright: Senorita De La Cuesta?
Isabella Maria Ynez Y Castra De La Cuesta: Now begins the inquisition.
Adam Cartwright: Call it that if you like.
Isabella Maria Ynez Y Castra De La Cuesta: No, I don't like. I think it's a very ugly word.
Adam Cartwright: Ugly? Then what do you call throwing people off their land?
Isabella Maria Ynez Y Castra De La Cuesta: Is it their land or mine?
Adam Cartwright: It's theirs. By the work and sweat they put into it.
Isabella Maria Ynez Y Castra De La Cuesta: And do you hold your land by sweat or by a deed of trust?
Adam Cartwright: By both.

"Bonanza: Mr. Henry Comstock (#1.9)" (1959)
Adam Cartwright: How would you like to be able to
[travel to Salt Lake City]
Adam Cartwright: in under three days?
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: Oh, come on now! From here to Salt Lake City in three days? How are you gonna do that? I think he's gonna fly up in the air, Hoss.
Adam Cartwright: Maybe two days.
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: Oh-ho! Well, maybe one day!
Ben Cartwright: You talking about a railroad, son?
Adam Cartwright: I am, Pa.
Adam Cartwright: Dreams are mighty good things to have, son.

Adam Cartwright: You know, the thing I like about you, younger brother, is that you don't care how big a mess you get yourself into, as long as someone else gets you out of it.
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: Yeah, well you know something, Older Brother? I just knew you'd be here in time.

"Bonanza: The Paiute War (#1.4)" (1959)
Major Ormsby: Treacherous devils.
Adam Cartwright: Well, what did you expect? A welcome mat?

Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: You got yourself into some real trouble this time, big brother.
Adam Cartwright: Yeah. This time it's me and not you.

"Bonanza: Blood on the Land (#1.22)" (1960)
Adam Cartwright: [to Ben] Well Pa, the way I look at it, if a man expects to get ahead in this world, he's got to use his brains instead of his back.

[last lines]
Ben Cartwright: Billy, if I catch you standing out of line just once, I'll...
Adam Cartwright: He'll go get the Sheriff.

"Bonanza: A Dime's Worth of Glory (#6.7)" (1964)
Adam Cartwright: Well, I think you should invest your money in a good stomach doctor because the next time you use my father or myself in another one of your distorted publicity pieces, you may end up eating the entire newspaper, including the classifieds.

Adam Cartwright: Well, I think you should invest your money in a good stomach doctor because the next time you use my father or myself in another one of your distorted publicity pieces, you may end up eating the entire newspaper, including the classifieds

"Bonanza: The Phillip Diedesheimer Story (#1.8)" (1959)
Adam Cartwright: What are you thinking about?
Philip Diedesheimer: I was thinking about... perhaps after today, we will not let a mine fall on our heads again.
Adam Cartwright: I hope not.
Philip Diedesheimer: Well, there is a simple way. All we have to do is... never again go into a mine. So many people make that decision in life.

"Bonanza: The Magnificent Adah (#1.10)" (1959)
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Was she or wasn't she?
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: Was she or wasn't she what?
Adam Cartwright: You know...
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: No, I don't know. Ask Adam.
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Adam, was she or wasn't she?
Adam Cartwright: Was she or wasn't she what?
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Naked.
Adam Cartwright: Well now, you got eyes. You saw her.
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Yeah but, exactly what did we see really?
Adam Cartwright: She was wearing tights.

"Bonanza: The Hanging Posse (#1.12)" (1959)
[last lines]
Adam Cartwright: Two men dead. Friendships broken. A man parted from his own son. I hope you boys remember that.
Charles 'Blue' Buford: Look, don't blame us, mister. We just come along to see the fun.
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: Well, you've seen it.

"Bonanza: The Abduction (#2.8)" (1960)
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: Don't worry, Pa. I'll lkeep an eye on her.
Adam Cartwright: Sure, but who's gonna keep an eye on him?
Ben Cartwright: That's easy, um... Hoss will. Isn't that right, hoss?
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Huh? I mean... Sir?

"Bonanza: The Outcast (#1.17)" (1960)
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Listen Adam, Little Joe had a real good idea. Here's what we're gonna do. He's gonna put on a beard, see. Then we're gonna get in the covered wagon and come out here like we're lookin' for land.
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: Yeah, see, then we put him in a real nice bonnet and a print dress.
Adam Cartwright: Mm-hm. How did I ever get tangled up with you two?

"Bonanza: A House Divided (#1.18)" (1960)
Ben Cartwright: What about all this trouble that seems to be brewing between the states?
Frederick Kyle: Not trouble. Mr. Cartwright. It's a prelude to war. Civil War.
Adam Cartwright: Now do you really think it will come to that, Mr. Kyle?
Frederick Kyle: There's already talk that some of the states are seceding from the union.
Ben Cartwright: I hope we'll be spared all that grief out here.
Adam Cartwright: Where did you say you were from, Mr. Kyle?
Frederick Kyle: I don't believe I did say, but I'm from Kansas. And it's right in the middle... of everything.

"Bonanza: The Courtship (#2.16)" (1961)
[last lines]
Adam Cartwright: Pa, you think Joe and I enjoyed doin' it? There was no other way.
Ben Cartwright: Oh, I know you meant well. Maybe there was no other way. Hoss is the only one that can decide that.
[Hoss comes down the steps of the ranch house]
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Well, you fellas gonna sit here and mope all day or you gonna go out and go to work with me?

"Bonanza: The Julia Bulette Story (#1.6)" (1959)
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: You know, that kid's got lots of grit. One of these days, he's gonna be able to whup that Frenchman.
Adam Cartwright: Yeah... but this wasn't the day.

"Bonanza: The Hopefuls (#2.5)" (1960)
Jacob Darien: We have no guns, Adam. And we cannot do harm on our fellow man.
Adam Cartwright: Well, your fellow man can do harm on you! And they will.

"Bonanza: Death on Sun Mountain (#1.2)" (1959)
Adam Cartwright: He came here to strike it rich, find a bonanza, and now he's dead.
Glory: He found it. He found his bonanza. He found it just as he died. And that's better than never finding it at all, isn't it?
Adam Cartwright: Yes Glory, it's better. It's better.

"Bonanza: The Rescue (#2.23)" (1961)
Adam Cartwright: Horse throw ya?
Ben Cartwright: No.
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Did ya bump into a limb or something, Pa?
Ben Cartwright: No.
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: Forget to duck?
Adam Cartwright: They what was it?
Ben Cartwright: I got into a little scuffle.
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: A little scuffle? With who?
Ben Cartwright: Forget it.
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Forget it? Why?
Ben Cartwright: Because if I told you who it was, you'd all run out of here hot-headed and itchy and looking for trouble; and you'd find trouble and there would be some gun play and somebody would get hurt.

"Bonanza: Breed of Violence (#2.9)" (1960)
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: ...Ran into Kincaid.
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Oh? Was that... uh... on purpose or... accident?
Adam Cartwright: Mmm... It was a little bit of both. You know, I really feel sorry for Dolly Kincaid.
Adam Cartwright: Sorry? She never had any trouble... Uh... trying to find somebody to chase after her.
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: No, I think it's the other way around. I think she never had any trouble finding somebody to chase.
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Well, what are you worried about, little brother? You ain't never had any trouble outrunning her.

"Bonanza: Escape to Ponderosa (#1.25)" (1960)
[first lines]
Adam Cartwright: You take this bunch on in. I'll look over that hill over there to see if I can find anymore.
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: You'll be along after that?

"Bonanza: The Ape (#2.14)" (1960)
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: He don't mean any harm? I just won't be able to use my jaw for a week.
Adam Cartwright: Well, that'll be a relief. All you do is jaw with it anyway.

"Bonanza: The Stranger (#1.24)" (1960)
Adam Cartwright: [to Ben] Oh why not? You're a rich man. You have sons. You've loved women and been loved by them.

"Bonanza: The Savage (#2.12)" (1960)
Ben Cartwright: Now, you can't leave us shorthanded just to go to talk to a man who's probably a crackpot!
Adam Cartwright: Crackpot?
Ben Cartwright: Yes, crackpot!
Adam Cartwright: A long time ago a man fooled around with a thing he called a cotton gin. His name was Whitney,a nd they called him a crackpot, too. And they said the same thing about a man called Watt, until his steam engine made history! And before that, there was a man who thought the world was round.
Ben Cartwright: You missed one.
Adam Cartwright: Who?
Ben Cartwright: In between those last two gentlemen you mentioned, there was another man who rode around looking for windmills, and his name was Don Quixote, and he WAS a crackpot!

"Bonanza: El Toro Grande (#1.16)" (1960)
Ben Cartwright: Well, Adam, you thought these boys would have a lot of trouble bringing that bull up here, huh?
Adam Cartwright: I guess I was wrong, Pa.
[Turns to his brothers]
Adam Cartwright: You sure you didn't have any trouble?
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Not a bit.
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: Well, a little bit. Like... uh... wh-when Big Red almost got cut up into steaks by those Indians.
Adam Cartwright: Indians?
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Yeah, but that never would've happened except Little Joe was busy fighting a duel.
Adam Cartwright: Duel?
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: Otherwise, I would have had to get married.
Adam Cartwright: Married?
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: Yeah, but th-that was right after Hoss fought the bear.
Adam Cartwright: Bear?
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Ah, that wasn't nothing. You ought to have seen how Little Joe gunned down them two bushwhackers that tried to steal our $15,000.00.
Adam Cartwright: Now, just a minute. Who you trying to kid?
Ben Cartwright: [Looking at the bull] It's certainly a lot of bull.
Adam Cartwright: [Looks at his father, then walks away from his brothers] Yes sir, it sure is.

"Bonanza: Twilight Town (#5.4)" (1963)
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Sounds sort of weird.
Adam Cartwright: All legends sound weird or a little funny - depends how you look at them.

"Bonanza: The Ride (#3.18)" (1962)
Adam Cartwright: Hey Toby, my cup's empty. Seems to me like you oughta be springing to your feet and fetching me another, huh?
Toby Barker: Can't spring a lick until the sun's up for a full hour. Ya have about forty minutes to go yet. Why don't you spring for yourself?
Adam Cartwright: Oh, that wouldn't be seemly. You're the station manager. The station manager's supposed to wait on folks.
Toby Barker: I wait on the horses.
Adam Cartwright: Heck of a way to run a stage line.
Toby Barker: Heck of a stage line.
Adam Cartwright: Hm... I won't argue that. There'll be no stage, I missed it's connections... I had to stay here all night... Straw to sleep on... bugs to bite me... and you snoring. And to top it all off, I had to get up first this morning and make the coffee.
Toby Barker: Well, the right kind of a customer would have gone out and fed the stock.

"Bonanza: The Burma Rarity (#3.5)" (1961)
Ben Cartwright: [to Hoss] Now, just one long minute! And you look at me when I talk to you! I know that half the people of Virginia City are trying to get me married off to Widow Hawkins. Now, maybe I have to take their smirks and innuendos, but I don't have to take it from my own family, you hear?
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: Yes sir.
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: Yes sir.
Ben Cartwright: Yes sir! You coming along, Adam?
Adam Cartwright: I'm with you every step of the way, Pa... right down the aisle.
[Hoss and Joe crack up laughing, but stop when Ben turns and glares at them]

"Bonanza: The Sisters (#1.14)" (1959)
Adam Cartwright: Look, Pa, after all, I am a grown man!
Ben Cartwright: Now, Adam, there are some women who can bring a lot of trouble into...
Adam Cartwright: [Interrupting] Oh, boy, you must be getting old, Pa! Some women are worth a lot of trouble.