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Lucas McCain (Character)
from "The Rifleman" (1958)

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"The Rifleman: The Indian (#1.21)" (1959)
[last lines]
[Lucas and Mark are examining presents given to them by U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart, an American Indian]
Mark McCain: You know, with a peace pipe, they never smoked more than a few puffs.
Mark McCain: Oh. Yessir, that marshal was sure nice to give this to me. What's that book about he gave you?
Lusas McCain: Well, that tells about that Harvard College he went to. Would you like to go there some day?
Mark McCain: If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me.

Lusas McCain: Well, whatever that one apache did, looks like the other plans to settle it real Indian Fashion.
Mark McCain: You mean like scalpin'? Gosh, can I watch?
Lusas McCain: Well, Mark, our government is trying to teach these people to be civilized. Maybe it should include you.

[first lines]
Lusas McCain: Hey, whoa.
Mark McCain: Injuns!

Lusas McCain: Harvard or no Harvard, I hope he knows enough not to parade his authority in North Fork.

Lusas McCain: Buckhart, look at me. It stands to reason you were appointed out here to work with your own people. Something like this couldn't have been figured in advance. Why don't you just send back for... some other federal marshal?
U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart: My assignment is to bring in the man who started the fire.

U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart: Practical? There was a Roman philosopher who once said no harm could come to a man who is doing his duty.
Lusas McCain: And you and I have seen many men die doing their duty.
U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart: Which takes away most from a man, Lucas? Death or cowardice?

Lusas McCain: Now look, I'm not just thinking of you. North Fork's my boy's home. I don't want it turning into a lynch town.
U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart: Maybe you're giving me too much credit and the town not enough.

Lusas McCain: You're just too blame proud.
U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart: Just like you, huh, Lucas?

"The Rifleman: Home Ranch (#1.2)" (1958)
[comparing their troubles to those of Job in the Old Testament]
Lucas McCain: Mark, Job was as miserable as a man could be... but he knew he'd been good and righteous... and he'd not lost faith with the Lord... The Lord was so proud of Job that he restored all the old man's children, and his house and his camels and sheep and gave him over twice as many cattle as before and Job lived over one hundred and forty years as happy as a birddog.

Lucas McCain: Well tell him to shoot! If you've got guts enough! You better do it Jackford or I'll be waitin' out in the brush every time you step out the door! I'll kill your stock and I'll burn your barn! I'm gonna pay you back Mr. Jackford! Now what's it gonna be?

Lucas McCain: Your BOYS burnt down my house!

Lucas McCain: You can't by it for money, marbles or chalk Mr. Jackford! You're gonna keep your stock, your men, and your dogs off my property until I tell you different.
Oat Jackford: And if I don't?
Lucas McCain: I'll bury 'em there!

Lucas McCain: Old man if you wasn't so slow you'd be wearin' a brokin' wrist.

[last lines]
Lucas McCain: They're going to help us rebuild, son.
Mark McCain: Good. Like some coffee?
Lucas McCain: Say, I think maybe I would.
Mark McCain: I got a fresh pot going for when you got back.
Lucas McCain: Well, hop aboard.

"The Rifleman: The Sharpshooter (#1.1)" (1958)
Lucas McCain: Well, it's new and mighty fine country.
[Mark turns around and stares behind him]
Lucas McCain: There's no lookin' back. We've come too far.
Mark McCain: I wasn't really lookin' back, I was just remembering back.
Lucas McCain: What do you say we start from here?

[last lines]
Judge Hanavan: Mr. McCain, I take it you're leaving town.
Mark McCain: That's right, Judge.
Judge Hanavan: North Fork is beginning to grow up, Lucas. We're going to need people like you to help it. I hope you'll stay.
Lucas McCain: Well, what do you say, son? You still want that ranch?
Mark McCain: Yahoo!

Lucas McCain: Why you wet nosed, two bit little punk, you couldn't whip me in ten years. So don't go spouting off about going into that saloon! Now, you shut up and listen! I want you to stay here. If I don't come back, that boy of mine is your responsibility. You get on our horses and get out of here. Do you understand? I'm not askin' you Vernon... I'm tellin' ya'.

Mark McCain: You hit him pretty hard, pa.
Lucas McCain: Well, he was pretty big, son.

Jim Lewis: McCain, just how good are you?
Lucas McCain: I'm good enough.
Jim Lewis: I hope you're not too good.
Lucas McCain: That might be a bit costly for you, wouldn't it?

Lucas McCain: Why don't you take off that badge?
Sheriff Fred Tomlinson: I'll tell you why, Mr. McCain. Because as long as I wear it, I can do a little good. Not much, but a little, and that's better than not at all.

"The Rifleman: Eight Hours to Die (#1.6)" (1958)
Lucas McCain: Yes, Micah, it would be a real welcome to know what the man looks like that wants to kill me.

Hattie Denton: Beans and flour... meat and potatoes... Is that all you and that boy of youn is gonna eat?
Lucas McCain: It's good solid food.
Hattie Denton: Where's the greens?
Lucas McCain: Greens?
Hattie Denton: String beans, collards, turnip and beet greens. Now don't you be telling me that your ma didn't feed them to ya when you was a sprout.
Lucas McCain: She sure did. And I sure hated 'em!
Hattie Denton: Of course you hated them! But you ate them. Else you wouldn't have growed up the big lump that you are!
Lucas McCain: Put 'em in the sack, Hattie. I'll take 'em. Now add up what I owe ya.

Mark McCain: If you haven't got those coals hot enough by the time I get back from school Pa, I'll show you how to do it.
Lucas McCain: Well, you just show yourself the multiplication tables, huh?
Mark McCain: Well, okay. But if you wouldn't pack the coals so tight you'd get a better draft.
Lucas McCain: [Giving him an annoyed look] You just better get yourself to school boy!

Judge Zephaniah Burton: For I'm not here to pass judgment on a calf, nor on a man. Since it has been revealed to me that you too have a son.
[Lucas turns and stares hard at him]
Judge Zephaniah Burton: That is right. For I am the judge and this is my judgment. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a son for a son. It is simple, poetic justice.
Lucas McCain: Yeah. Simple, poetic justice.
Judge Zephaniah Burton: My son could have been guilty of no evil. All my life, I've been a judge of evil. I raised him in a stern and righteous mold, punishing him harshly. But he strayed from the path of righteousness. My son did no evil, those who have persecuted him did. So you must suffer as I have suffered. Waiting endless hour upon hour for my son to hang. For this is the judgment I pronounce upon you. You shall wait for the death of your son. You shall count the minutes and hours as the sun passes across the heavens knowing the moment approaches when I the judge - I the jury will act as executioner as hangman for your son.

Lucas McCain: You stinkin' bad devil, I'll kill you with my bare hands! I'll see you in fire and brimstone for the evil scum you are!

Lucas McCain: I don't know rather to kill you or thank you. Why did you save him?
Judge Zephaniah Burton: I saved him for the merciful Lord God Jehovah, who has permitted me some atonement for the evil I have wronged. For He is the true judge of all things and I am but His...

"The Rifleman: The Woman (#1.32)" (1959)
Adele Adams: Those are my suffrage pamphlets.
Lucas McCain: Suffrage? You mean women voting?
Adele Adams: Yes. I'm starting a class in town tonight for the women on government.
Lucas McCain: Government, huh?
Adele Adams: Why not? It's a very serious matter, Mr. McCain.
Lucas McCain: Well, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, Miss Adams, but a woman voting is like raising a cow with a stallion.

[first lines]
Lucas McCain: Good morning, Ms. Adams.
Adele Adams: Good morning, Mr. McCain. I brought Mark some books. How is he?
Lucas McCain: Well, we seems to be better. The doctor says he'll be back in school next week.
Adele Adams: Well, me we've missed. I remember when I had the measels. It took a lot of spoiling to get me well.

Hattie Denton: Mankind is a benevolent tyrant. Well, he's got to learn. Women are not cattle, not anymore.
Lucas McCain: Well, that's too bad. I was thinking of getting me a few head.

Lucas McCain: The Healeys... Busted apart by their own meanness. It was bound to happen.

Mark McCain: [reading from Suffrage Pamplet] And so, gentlewomen of the gentler sex, we ask you to evaluate the meaning of the word freedom. We ask you to stand together, now, holding hands against the common tyrant that enslaves us... man?
Lucas McCain: Mark, do you suppose we could go back to Moby Dick?

"The Rifleman: A Matter of Faith (#1.34)" (1959)
[last lines]
Lucas McCain: So long, old timer!
Mark McCain: Bye, Mr. Jonas! He'll sure have a lot of believers now.
Lucas McCain: All he needed was one.

Lucas McCain: Nobody says the life is easy. The land gives up hard and takes back hard... One thing we'll always have is the land.

Lucas McCain: Jeff, the way you are right now you'd go looking in a dark closet for a black cat you knew wasn't there.

Lucas McCain: Save your breath for cooling your soup!

"The Rifleman: The Martinet (#3.7)" (1960)
Lucas McCain: You don't really want to punish me.
Capt. Josiah Perry: Oh yes I do, there's no one else.

Lucas McCain: He has discipline all mixed up with retribution.

Capt. Josiah Perry: Your boy disobeyed you.
Lucas McCain: Yes he did, Captain. He did it out of love.

[last lines]
Lucas McCain: You know something, son? I think we ought to get you a haircut tomorrow morning.
Mark McCain: Oh, Pa.
Lucas McCain: But right now - good night.
Mark McCain: G'nite...

"The Rifleman: Lou Mallory (#5.3)" (1962)
Marshal Micah Torrance: You know, she makes out like she's a smart businesswoman and then winds up letting everyone get the best of her.
Lucas McCain: Ah, well, maybe that's her way of trying to build goodwill for the hotel.

Lucas McCain: Well, if what we figure is true, how am I going to explain to Milly? How am I going to tell her I've been taken by a...
Marshal Micah Torrance: Smart businesswoman?
Lucas McCain: Smart. Smart, or crooked.
Marshal Micah Torrance: Now, there's no law that says she had to tell anyone about the railroad. Is there, Mark?
Mark McCain: That's right, Micah. And, uh, like Pa always says, never let on if you've got a winnin' hand.

[last lines]
Lou Mallory: Well...
Lucas McCain: Well, what?
Lou Mallory: Excuse me. I gotta get back to work. I suppose I should thank you?
Lucas McCain: Not if it's too much trouble.
Lou Mallory: It's not that it's too much trouble. It's just... a hard thing for me to say. I've never had to say it before. Thank you.

Lou Mallory: As I understand it, you have the authority to speak for its owner, Miss Scott.
Lucas McCain: Mmhmm. She asked me to act for her before she left North Fork.
Lou Mallory: And, are you in a position to make a deal? I mean right now?
Lucas McCain: If I think it's fair to Milly.
Lou Mallory: Milly? She must have been a good friend.
Lucas McCain: And I intend to see that she remains a good friend.

"The Rifleman: The Brother-in-Law (#1.5)" (1958)
[last lines]
Lucas McCain: If Johnny sends you all the championship belts he promised, you'll have quite a collection, Mark.
Mark McCain: Where's he going to send them from - jail?
Lucas McCain: You knew all along?
Mark McCain: He told me.
Lucas McCain: Oh.
Mark McCain: It wasn't because he was drinkin', either. Deep down, he wanted to tell me.
Lucas McCain: And you stuck by him anyway?
Mark McCain: Didn't you?
Lucas McCain: Seems I been sightin' you short, son. I thought I had to keep my boy from gettin' hurt - all the time he was a man. I'll try to remember that.

Lucas McCain: He said he'd rather be like you than anyone else in the world!
Lucas McCain: Mark.
Johnny Gibbs: Oh, well you know kids."
Lucas McCain: [punched Johnny] Yeah! I know kids, Johnny!
Johnny Gibbs: You owe it to Margaret to stick by me. She would have. You know she would have, Luke!

Lucas McCain: I've already talked to Micah. And now I'm gonna talk to you about yourself. And these people you never learned to live with. You know, the way you think, the way you do things, it hasn't won you the respect you've been fightin' for. If folks knew the kind of hand you were playing today, they'd start looking down on you even more. Or worse, they might even take to laughin' at ya. Turnin' away when you talk to 'em. So, if I was sittin' where you are, Jeff, I'd try to look at things differently. It's not too late. You might even learn to like it.

"The Rifleman: The Marshal (#1.4)" (1958)
Marshal Micah Torrance: You're making a mistake.
Lucas McCain: No, this is my town and Fred was my friend. I didn't ask for it, but it came. I'll handle it.
Marshal Micah Torrance: You're way too quick with that rifle, Lucas Boy. Forget their guns. Start thinking about men. You're riding in on nothing but the word of a stranger with an easy way and a hole in his hat.
Lucas McCain: I'll keep my eye on him.
Marshal Micah Torrance: You better. You don't know who he is or where he came from.
Lucas McCain: Well, maybe you want to come along.
Marshal Micah Torrance: Somebody should.
Lucas McCain: Stay here with Mark.

Sheriff Fred Tomlinson: Who is he?
Lucas McCain: I don't know, Fred. Just another old bum with with a spoonful, I guess.
Sheriff Fred Tomlinson: No. No, that's not just another old bum, Lucas. That's Micah Torrance. Not much left, but when I knew him, he was the finest peace officer on the border.

Marshal Micah Torrance: I was a good peace officer once. Fast... Too fast. Quit thinkin'. Started letting my gun hand do my work for me. Don't ever let that happen to you, friend. Cost me this.
[holds injured arm]
Marshal Micah Torrance: My nerve.
Lucas McCain: You're lucky, Mr. Torrance. Not many men with your reputation live long enough to take off their badges.
Marshal Micah Torrance: Don't call me lucky, son.

"The Rifleman: The Apprentice Sheriff (#1.11)" (1958)
Lucas McCain: And Mark, you keep out of trouble.
Mark McCain: I'll try, but sometimes I just can't help it.
Lucas McCain: I know, but let me give you some advice. Yesterday, you butted into an argument between Jeff and Skinny. Now, if you want to keep out of that kind of trouble, you just mind your own business.

Keely Thompson: You could have killed me, McCain. Why didn't you?
Lucas McCain: You could have killed the boy. Why didn't you?

[last lines]
Lucas McCain: You see, Mark, sometimes it's easier to give advice than to take it.
Mark McCain: That's what I was tellin' Skinny when he tried to stop me from takin' a poke at Jeff.
Lucas McCain: Well, that's just what I said; Skinny should have minded his own business. Let's go home.

The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (1991) (TV)
Brady Hawkes: Lucas McCain. You haven't slowed down a bit, have you?
Lucas McCain: I'm doing the best I can.

Lucas McCain: Brady, why were they chasing you?
Burgundy Jones: Card game.
Brady Hawkes: Actually, it was a difference in opinion in a card game.

Lucas McCain: Moving pictures. What the Hell's this world coming to, huh?

"The Rifleman: Old Tony (#5.26)" (1963)
Marshal Torrance: What's eatin' you, Joe? You look like you ran into a herd of wild Commanches.
Joe Stanic: It's that Tony. I told you five hundred times he ought to be put away!
Lucas McCain: You lock horns again? Is that it, Joe?
Joe Stanic: Ever since we came over on the boat together I have endured his insults.
Marshal Torrance: Now now, calm down. Everybody knows you and Tony are feudin' again but nobody knows about what. I doubt if you do.

[last lines]
Old Tony: I guess I been alone too long. I forgot how to get along with people.
Lucas McCain: You made a good start towards remembering today, Tony.
Old Tony: Kids gettin' in trouble... trackin' mud all over the house. Didn't even remember to bring the flints they promised me.
Lorrie: I lost all the good ones in the swamp, but we'll come back again - won't we, Mark?
Old Tony: Ha! So you'll be going to come back to see me, huh? I didn't even ask ya! Next thing ya know, they'll be wantin' me to take them to the fancy hotel and buy them supper.
Lucas McCain: When that time comes, Tony, the supper's going to be on me - and I hope it will be soon.
[to Mark]
Old Tony: Hey, what are you sittin' there for? You said the guitar needed tuning. Well, go ahead - tune it up!

Mark McCain: [finding Lorrie and Mark, Lucas rescues them both from the bog.] ...Pa, I'm right glad you showed up.
Lucas McCain: Me too, son. Me too.

"The Rifleman: The Photographer (#1.18)" (1959)
Mark McCain: What I saw and heard doesn't seem to be the same thing that you saw and heard. I'll be gettin' up in front of everybody and talkin' against you, Pa.
Lucas McCain: You're entitled to your opinion the same as I am, son. Our disagreein' has nothing' to do with telling tellin' the truth the way you saw it. Justice depends on that, son.

Abel Goss: I guess I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you did for me.
Lucas McCain: Don't thank me, thank the boy.
Abel Goss: Well, I always knew how he felt about me.
Lucas McCain: So did I. That's why, when he came up with this foolish notion about the picture, I went along with him. I also figured if Mark wouldn't give up after the way they laughed at him in court, I owed it to him to stick out my neck in court, too.

"The Rifleman: The Sheridan Story (#1.16)" (1959)
[last lines]
Mark McCain: Bye, Mr. Blandon! Be sure to come back when you're arm's all well.
Frank Blandon: I sure will.
Lucas McCain: Mark, I want you to tell me somethin' honest. Did you mean what you just said to Blandon?
Mark McCain: Pa, he got me thinkin'... well, you was in the war, too. It could have been you got his arm all shot up.

Lucas McCain: Sorry son, but sooner or later you had to find out.
Mark McCain: Why did I? I didn't want to. Pa, his shoulder wasn't healed!
Lucas McCain: Not only poor Blanden's shoulder, but I mean all the ugly, useless suffering in the world. In time you'll learn to accept it and bring it into balance with the good things.
Mark McCain: I'll never be able to, Pa!
Lucas McCain: You will son because you have to. It's the price you pay on staying alive and in your right senses, it's manhood. And I can promise that when you come to the far end of it, you'll raise your old hands to bless this wonderful life you've been given, taken all together with the roast beef, and the moon rises, and a boy and his father riding out in the morning, after you're grown up to be a father yourself.

"The Rifleman: Which Way'd They Go? (#5.25)" (1963)
[first lines]
Deputy: Thanks for the hammer, Neb.
Nebeneezer Jackman: You're mighty welcome, Deputy.
Lucas McCain: We sure are sorry to see you leave, Neb.
Nebeneezer Jackman: You ain't no sorrier than I am, Lucas.
Lucas McCain: We all have to pay taxes. You know that.
Moss Jackman: [reading aloud] According to section 7, paragraph 6 of the territorial tax laws, payment on land taxes is required on or before...
Nebeneezer Jackman: Who's side are you on, Moss?

[last lines]
Lucas McCain: Well, uh, here's to the future of Paradise. Safe future.
Goldie Drain: Champagne for everybody!
[Goldie's win cork hits Haslam between the eyes]
Haslam Jackman: I been shot.
Nebeneezer Jackman: Uhh...
Marcello Ciabini: My bank!
Bo Jackman: Which way'd they go?

"The Rifleman: The Sidewinder (#5.16)" (1963)
Lucas McCain: Gridley Maule junior? You pulled a gun on my son. I don't like that, boy.
Gridley Maule: Well now... you must be Lucas McCain. I come to even up the score for my pa. So let's get outside and get it over with.
Lucas McCain: You got a big advantage in bein' young, son. Don't press it.
Gridley Maule: I ain't pressin' it Mister McCain and don't you consider it neither. You comin' out?
Lucas McCain: You're just a little itchy aren't you?
Gridley Maule: Don't stall me. I come a long way for this.

Gridley Maule: I can shoot now, I can even shoot in the dark. And I mean to pay you back for what you did.
Lucas McCain: Did you know your pa was in the act of robbing a bank?
Gridley Maule: Yeah, I knew he was robbin' a bank.
Lucas McCain: He was running with the money. I just happened by between him and his horse. He took a shot at me. And he would have shot again - there was nothing I could do.
Gridley Maule: It makes no difference. When he was alive he was good to me. Maybe you don't understand McCain but he was my pa!
Lucas McCain: I understand... If I don't swear out the charges, will you promise to go back home and forget about this revenge?
Gridley Maule: [thinks a second] No.
Lucas McCain: All right Micah, I'll swear out the complaint now.
Marshal Micah Torrance: You heard the man, boy. Come on, get up.
Gridley Maule: You keep me in jail, McCain! You go on and send me to Washington! But I'll come back and I'll kill you.

"The Rifleman: Duel of Honor (#1.7)" (1958)
[last lines]
Mark McCain: Pa, if we ever went to Europe, do you think we'd look as funny to them as he does to us?
Lucas McCain: What do you think, Mark?
Mark McCain: I guess we would.
Lucas McCain: Maybe even funnier.

Lucas McCain: Sometimes when people don't understand something, they think it's to be feared or hated. That's wrong, but it takes a long time to learn differently.

"The Rifleman: The Money Gun (#1.33)" (1959)
Micah Torrance: You rode with Tom King?
Lucas McCain: Once, as a deputy.
Tom King: But he didn't seem to take to it. I tried to teach him. Old Luke just didn't understand that "dead or alive" meant dead to the law. Saves time and money.

Tom King: If you're trying to tell me I've turned killer, you've said it before - and louder.
Lucas McCain: I'm trying to tell you you're a grave-robbin' child killer. You'd cut your own mother's throat!
Tom King: Don't forget I'm ugly and I smell bad.

"The Rifleman: The Young Englishman (#1.13)" (1958)
Lucas McCain: Ashford, did you ever hear of the Homestead Act? Six hundred forty acres - yours for usin' it and workin' it. It could be the beginning of a ranch you could call your own.
Jeremy Ashford: I'm not an American citizen.
Lucas McCain: It's a great land - everybody's welcome.

[Mark holds up a mace]
Mark McCain: This to kill their cattle?
Lucas McCain: No, son. Long ago in England, soldiers used that to break through their enemies' armor.
Mark McCain: Armor?
Lucas McCain: Mm-hmm
[raps on a suit of armor]
Lucas McCain: Soldiers used it for protection.
Mark McCain: Could never stop a Winchester.

"The Rifleman: The Angry Gun (#1.12)" (1958)
Johnny Cotton: That's a fine lookin' rifle your pa's got there! I don't think I've ever seen a lever action quite like that one.
Mark McCain: My Pa made it himself.
Johnny Cotton: What's it used for?
Mark McCain: That's alright what it's for! My Pa's the best shot in the world!
Lucas McCain: Mark, I told you not to brag so much on that.

Johnny Cotton: I was just admiring that rifle of yours. I don't believe I've ever seen a finer one!
Lucas McCain: I like it.
Johnny Cotton: So much so, you don't carry a handgun?
Lucas McCain: Each man to his own.
Johnny Cotton: What do you got against pistols, McCain?
Lucas McCain: Nothing. They may come in handy for some men. I'm a rancher. I use my gun for hunting animals, not men!

"The Rifleman: Eddie's Daughter (#2.6)" (1959)
[last lines]
Mark McCain: Hey, Pa...
Lucas McCain: Hmm?
Mark McCain: What did you say the name was of that perfume was that she was using?
Lucas McCain: Well, I think it's called "Lily of the Valley," Mark. Why?
Mark McCain: Golly, that's nice. We could sure use some of that around the barn.

Lucas McCain: Name callin's a handy thing for some Mark. They smack a label on somebody or something and that's it as far as they're concerned. It's kind of a special way of hating because they don't take the trouble to understand.
Mark McCain: Well you have to put a label on some things, like say a pickle jar!
Lucas McCain: That's right! But you be mighty sure there are pickles in that jar first! You see most times snap judgment can be cruel son.

"The Rifleman: The Challenge (#1.28)" (1959)
Lucas McCain: Mr. Weltz, one wrong move and Hattie and Micah will be dead for a long, long time.

"The Rifleman: The Deadly Wait (#1.26)" (1959)
[first lines]
[Lucas rides down an ominously deserted street]
Lucas McCain: What's going on, Micah?
Marshal Micah Torrance: Dan Maury's in there.
Lucas McCain: I thought you sent him to Yuma prison five years ago.
Marshal Micah Torrance: I did, but they let him out. Cripplin' my arm five years ago wasn't bad enough - now he's here to kill me.

"The Rifleman: The Sister (#1.9)" (1958)
[Although McCain beat the two Snipe brothers in a fight only hours before, the two men rescue Lucas from a would-be murderer]
Joshua Snipe: Appears like you needed a friend, neighbor.
Lucas McCain: You can say that again! That's Roy Thursday's bunch.
Joshua Snipe: No hard feelings?
Lucas McCain: No hard feelings. Thank you very much!

"The Rifleman: Long Gun from Tucson (#4.11)" (1961)
[last lines]
[reading a new sign over Waller's gunshop]
Henry Waller: Nice sound: "Waller & Son"
Jeffrey Waller: It makes me feel proud, Pa.
Henry Waller: No more proud than me, son.
Mark McCain: "Waller & Son." Gee, Pa, that makes them partners.
Lucas McCain: That's right.
Mark McCain: And that gives me an idea! Why don't we put a sign like that over our barn?
Lucas McCain: Do you think we need a sign... partner?

"The Rifleman: Tension (#2.5)" (1959)
[last lines]
Mark McCain: Pa, do you think he loved his son, even at the end?
Lucas McCain: I think a father never stops loving his son, Mark.

"The Rifleman: Closer Than a Brother (#3.22)" (1961)
Lucas McCain: I still want to be your friend.
Marshal Micah Torrance: Friend? Who wants friends? I don't need any friends.
[picks up a bottle of whiskey]
Marshal Micah Torrance: This-this is the best friend I got - rides the nightmares right off the range.

"The Rifleman: Outlaw's Inheritance (#1.38)" (1959)
Lucas McCain: Mark, money is nothing but paper and green ink. The thing that gives it value is how its earned. Now an outlaw's money is never earned. Not the kind we want.

"The Rifleman: Seven (#3.3)" (1960)
Lucas McCain: ...a time a town or even a country is really lost is when the people who live in it get careless and stop paying attention to how it's being run...

"The Rifleman: Obituary (#2.4)" (1959)
Mark McCain: Did you like Miss Claremont?
Lucas McCain: I liked her better than her husband.
Mark McCain: I don't mean that. I mean, did you like her!
Lucas McCain: I said I liked her. Look, Mark. A man, especially out here, comes to expect very little that's pretty. And when he does stumble across it, he can stop to admire it for what it is - beauty. It's like, well it's like, looking at a sunset or a pretty picture painting. You can admire them and appreciate them without wanting to own them.

"The Rifleman: Baranca (#3.6)" (1960)
Lucas McCain: Everything must be done according to the law.

"The Rifleman: Hero (#2.19)" (1960)
[last lines]
Mark McCain: I sure was wrong not believin' Colly's story.
Lucas McCain: That may be, son, but you weren't as wrong as some of the older people in town who should have known better.
Mark McCain: Well, maybe in some ways they could use a little growin' up, too.
Marshal Micah Torrance: In one way or another, Mark, we could all stand a little growin' up.
Mark McCain: Well, that don't include you and Pa.
Lucas McCain: Yes, son - us too.

"The Rifleman: The Grasshopper (#2.23)" (1960)
Lucas McCain: You can kill me straight up if you want, I'm not beggin' for my life.

"The Rifleman: The Legacy (#2.11)" (1959)
Philip Simmons: So many things were left unsaid...
Lucas McCain: They usually are.

"The Rifleman: The Second Witness (#1.23)" (1959)
Mark McCain: How can a man be so good with animals and so mean to people?
Lucas McCain: That's a sign you're growing up.
Mark McCain: What do you mean, Pa?
Lucas McCain: The older you get, the more questions there are without answers.

"The Rifleman: The Anvil Chorus (#5.12)" (1962)
[last lines]
Mark McCain: Why you know, I - I think that some day this street right here is gonna have buildings that stick up right to the sky. And we'll have machines that take the place of horses... like the train took the place of the covered wagon.
Lucas McCain: Machines to take the place of horses?
Mark McCain: Well?
[Lucas nods in disapproval]
Mark McCain: I guess not.

"The Rifleman: I Take This Woman (#5.6)" (1962)
Mark McCain: Pa, Lou is our friend. How come we're not doin' anything about it? I mean doin' not talkin'.
Lucas McCain: Well, because I was told it was none of my business.
Lucas McCain, Mark McCain: Everyone knows he's just bleedin' her dry - buying things and payin' for 'em with her money.
Lucas McCain: That all you kids do - listen to some old women's gossip?
Mark McCain: Well, if it was me and I was a doin' friend instead of a talkin' friend, I'd saddle up and do somethin' about it!
[Lucas grabs his hat and heads for the door]
Lucas McCain: Thanks for some good fatherly advice.

"The Rifleman: End of a Young Gun (#1.3)" (1958)
Lucas McCain: You know what's wrong with you? You want to quit that bunch but your afraid to admit it to yourself. You know why? Because you've had a taste of real life and you like it. You met a girl you may be in love with, and you probably even have a notion about settling down.

"The Rifleman: Trail of Hate (#3.1)" (1960)
[last lines]
Lucas McCain: Mark - I'll try.

"The Rifleman: Surveyors (#2.14)" (1959)
Mark McCain: Did you miss me?
Lucas McCain: Did I miss you? Well, let me put it this way. I love you more than anything else in the world.

"The Rifleman: Short Rope for a Tall Man (#3.27)" (1961)
Lucas McCain: It's over and done with now Mark. Why so glum?
Mark McCain: If they'd have hung you pa, it would have been all my fault.
Lucas McCain: Now wait a minute son. Don't you ever think that way. If they'd have hung me it would have been Charlie Crown's fault. Nobody else's.
Mark McCain: Charlie Crown. Stealing his own pa's horses and then selling them to poor Mr. Schneider. Just to get money. Guess I didn't make such a good trade after all. Guess I better leave the business to you.
Lucas McCain: No siree! We're partners. Every lesson you learn makes you a better partner. Only one thing...
Mark McCain: What's that?
Lucas McCain: Just remember the lessons... Both laugh.

"The Rifleman: The Deserter (#2.25)" (1960)
[last lines]
Mark McCain: He sure is something - just the kind of officer I want to be.
Lucas McCain: Who, son?
Mark McCain: The lieutenant.
[as Mark points to Lt Rolfe, who smiles and waves back]

"The Rifleman: Strange Town (#3.5)" (1960)
Marshal Micah Torrance: I'm about the most useless lawman in the whole territory right now. I can't even pour my own coffee.
Lucas McCain: Well, Micah, if a town's got a jail that's empty and its street's are quiet at night, the law is well done.

"The Rifleman: The Wyoming Story: Part 1 (#3.20)" (1961)
[Lucas rebuffs Micah's offer to serve as an undercover detective]
Marshal Micah Torrance: Lucas, you never liked being called "sodbuster" did you?
Lucas McCain: I still don't.
Marshal Micah Torrance: You better get used to it, 'cause that's what you're gonna be.
Lucas McCain: What do you mean, Micah?
Marshal Micah Torrance: A cattleman without cattle is just a plain sodbuster. If I was you, I'd give this job a little thought.

"The Rifleman: The Schoolmaster (#3.10)" (1960)
Lucas McCain: Hate? Isn't that a strong word to use just because you don't agree with someone?

"The Rifleman: The Deadeye Kid (#1.20)" (1959)
[last lines]
Mark McCain: Why don't you stay?
Lucas McCain: Unh-unh-unh. Don't try to force him. He wants to go back to the Bowery.
Donnel O'Mahoney: Ah, Mr. McCain, will you please tell Mr. Jackford, that gink, tell him that I'll be happy to work for 'im. If you want to know the truth about it - the Bowery stinks.

"The Rifleman: Death Never Rides Alone (#5.5)" (1962)
[the gunslingers resolve leaves them when they are confronted by Lucas, Micah and Johnny]
Lucas McCain: He's thinkin', Johnny.
Johnny Drako: He's done with thinkin', Lucas. Now he's measuring the odds.