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Ed Brown (Character)
from "Chico and the Man" (1974)

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"Chico and the Man: Garage Sale (#1.13)" (1975)
Ed Brown: Uh, oh! The Loonies are back!
Althea Nelson: We are NOT the Loonies! The Loonies moved to West Virginia!

Althea Nelson: It's my sister's birthday, and I want to surprise her.
Ed Brown: You want to surprise her? Don't invite her to the party!

"Chico and the Man: The Hypnotist (#2.15)" (1976)
Ed Brown: [a hypnotized Chico, in a fit of pre-suggested lust, has carried Flora into his van] Flora! Forgive him! He doesn't know what he's doing!
Flora: OH, YES, HE DOES!

Ed Brown: [Ed embraces Chico] Chico, you're a good boy, and you're my friend. And there's something you should know.
Chico Rodriguez: What's that, Ed?
Ed Brown: You're drooling on my shoulder.

"Chico and the Man: Mister Butterfly (#2.8)" (1975)
Ed Brown: Well, the important thing is that she didn't lose face. You know, face is important in Japan.
Chico Rodriguez: Face is important everywhere - without your face, your cheeks would slam in on your nose!