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Victoria Winters (Character)
from "Dark Shadows" (1966)

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Dark Shadows (2012)
Victoria Winters: I don't know why, but in some ways I feel I can tell you anything. It's like I've known you forever.
Barnabas Collins: Yes.
Victoria Winters: It's as if I am hypnotized...
Barnabas Collins: Yes... Wait, no! I have used no such trickery upon you, I assure you!
Victoria Winters: I don't know what it is, I just know that there's always been something pulling me here, pulling me to Collinsport and you...

Barnabas Collins: [he tries to kiss Victoria and she recoils] Oh dear, hath my scent offended thee?
Victoria Winters: No, no! It's just... people I love haven't always loved me back.

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: What do you think of the President?
Victoria Winters: Never met him.
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: What do you think of the war?
Victoria Winters: I don't watch television.
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: Do you think the sexes should be equal?
Victoria Winters: Heavens, no. Men would become quite unmanageable.
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: I think we're going to get along fine.

Victoria Winters: Hello. My name is Victoria Winters.
Willie Loomis: Congratulations.

Barnabas Collins: I've spoken of my feelings to not a soul.
Victoria Winters: Yeah, you spoke only of my birthing hips.
Barnabas Collins: [awkward] Yes...

Victoria Winters: Hello, my name is Maggie Ev... Hello, my name is Victoria Winters. Please, call me Vicky.

Barnabas Collins: Victoria... my sweet Victoria...
[Victoria opens her eyes and is turned into a vampire, reborn as Josette]
Victoria Winters: No... Josette.

Barnabas Collins: Josette...
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. Please, call me Vicky.
Barnabas Collins: Enchanted. But I shall call you Victoria, a name so wonderful to me that I could not stand to lose a single syllable of it.

Victoria Winters: [about David] He claims to talk to his dead mother. Part of me thinks it's a fantasy, to gain attention. Another part believes it's real, that things such as magic and ghosts do exist. Still, whichever it is to make him happy. I mean as long as one gains happiness, who am I to argue with how they find it?
Barnabas Collins: Eloquently put.

[Barnabas catches Victoria at Widow's Hill]
Barnabas Collins: [embraces her] I thought I'd lost you!
Victoria Winters: You already have. We can never be together, Barnabas: I belong in the light and you belong in the shadows, I'll age and die while you live on.
Barnabas Collins: We can still find a way...
Victoria Winters: There's only one way.
Barnabas Collins: [immediately understands] No! I will not make you suffer as I have!
[Victoria smiles at him, and falls]
Barnabas Collins: NO!

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.92" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. For the first time since I have come to live at Collinwood, I am away from the gloomy mansion I now call home. Waiting to see a man who may be able to help me in my search for my identity.

Victoria Winters: Can I trust you?
Burke Devlin: Why not? I trust me and I'm a pretty tough guy to convince.

Burke Devlin: Well, when eventually you do find out who you are, and I'm convinced that you will, I'm sure you'll find out you belong to people a lot more and finer than the Collins family could ever hope to be.
Victoria Winters: Now why do you say that?
Burke Devlin: Because you're a finer person than anyone in that family.
Victoria Winters: I suppose I should thank you for that.
Burke Devlin: No. No, you shouldn't. Because it's true.

Victoria Winters: Well, sometimes I get the feeling that Mrs. Stoddard knows more about me than she admits to.
Richard Garner: You mean that she's keeping something from you?
Victoria Winters: It's just a feeling.
Richard Garner: Well, why should she do anything like that?
Victoria Winters: I don't know. I'm probably making the whole thing up. But... Well, suppose that my father turned out to be a convicted murderer or insane...
Richard Garner: Oh, you're borrowing trouble that doesn't exist.
Victoria Winters: Well, you asked for a motive and there's a perfectly good one. You said yourself she was fond of me.
Richard Garner: Well, it's true that I know that she wouldn't willingly see you hurt, Miss Winters, but on the other hand, I don't she'd willingly keep information from you. You're entitled to all and any information that you want.

Victoria Winters: [about the list she found] Well, what is that list of names with the amounts of money opposite?
Richard Garner: Well, it seems to be an old monthly wage list of the employees at Collinwood.
Victoria Winters: But were there that many?
Richard Garner: Oh, there was a large staff.
Victoria Winters: But still...
Richard Garner: Well, 2 chauffeurs, 3 cooks, upstairs maid, butler, housekeeper, gardeners, handyman. And on special occasions, they would bring in a dozen extra to help. This must've been one of those times.
Victoria Winters: It's hard to believe that there was ever any real gaiety at Collinwood.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.97" (1966)
Sam Evans: I didn't mingle very much with the natives.
Victoria Winters: The natives?
Sam Evans: Yes, that's, uh, anyone whose family has lived here for at least two, uh, two hundred or a couple hundred years.
Victoria Winters: Like the Collins family.
Sam Evans: Yeah. You see, they were among the first group to, uh, settle in the area. And it's the descendants of those people that are the real natives.
Victoria Winters: And where are you from?
Sam Evans: Connecticut. Well, that's, uh, pretty far south from here, but, of course, to a real southerner, I'm a Yankee.
Victoria Winters: Well, to me, you're just a man I'm very glad I know.

Sam Evans: My dear Miss Winters, I am not of that school of painters where you have to have a wild imagination to understand the work. I paint what I see.
Victoria Winters: I know, and I like it.

Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. Last night I learned that a man I considered my friend might be implicated in an unexplained death. I have shared this secret with only one other man. Now I dread having to face the rest of the family at Collinwood not knowing what to expect.

Victoria Winters: I think Burke is a dangerous man to have for a friend. He's unpredictable.
Carolyn Stoddard: If he's so unpredictable, then why did you take that trip and spend the night in the same hotel with him?
Roger Collins: Here, here. Because it's the best hotel in town, that's why. What's so unusual about that?
Carolyn Stoddard: How do I know what happened?
Roger Collins: Well, what difference does it make?
Victoria Winters: That's what I'd like to know. Why is it so important to you?
Carolyn Stoddard: I think that as long as you live here at Collinwood, everything you do reflects on us.
Victoria Winters: And does nothing you do reflect on anyone?

Victoria Winters: And there's one more thing, Carolyn Stoddard, my best friend. Burke told me on the drive up that it wasn't an accident he came into the coffee shop. You called him and told him to come downstairs. So he came down to see you and not me.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.95" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. For a few short days, I have left the nameless terrors of Collinwood behind me. Now I am about to return to them without accomplishing the purpose of my mission. Without discovering the secret of my identity.

Victoria Winters: Oh, we can sit here and be very logical because we're miles away from Collinwood but when you're back there, it's different. You find yourself believing things that you scoffed at before.
Frank Garner: You're frightened of that house, aren't you?
Victoria Winters: I'm terrified of it. There's something sinister about it. I can't explain it, but it's in the air.

Victoria Winters: I don't know Burke very well, but he's a strange man.
Frank Garner: Well, 5 years in prison is apt to make any man a little bit strange.
Victoria Winters: Sometimes he seems so gentle and kind, and other times he seems capable of cruelty and violence and he frightens me.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.212" (1967)
[opening narration]
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. Night is drawing nearer and nearer to Collinwood. And the man who disappeared into another night has not been found. But out of the falling dusk another man has come. A stranger who is not a stranger. A man with a face long familiar to those who live at Collinwood. A man who has come a great distance, but who still bears deep within him a soul shaped by the far country from which he came.

David Collins: You know what? He doesn't look anything like the portrait.
Victoria Winters: Well, that's ridiculous. He looks exactly like it.
David Collins: No, he doesn't. The man in this portrait seems as though he's angry at someone. But Barnabas, my cousin that I met at the Old House, he seems more sad than angry. Seems as though he's remembering something that he's lost a long time ago. Maybe that's when I thought he was a ghost. He seemed as though he was haunting the rooms instead of just walking through them.

Barnabas Collins: Do you let them call you Vicki when your name is Victoria?
Victoria Winters: Why, yes. We're not very formal with each other.
Barnabas Collins: But the name Victoria is so beautiful to me, I couldn't possibly surrender a syllable of it.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.72" (1966)
Victoria Winters: Mrs. Stoddard, ever since I've been in this house, I've been badgered and bullied and most of the time I've taken it. But there comes a limit even for me, and when I walked in here and heard you on the phone, that was the last straw! I don't lie, Mrs. Stoddard! I don't snoop and I don't pry and I, I don't steal other people's boyfriends!
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: And I don't like being shouted at.
Victoria Winters: I was a fool. I should have packed up my first night here. But I'm going to stay and I'm not going to sit by and take all this nonsense.
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: I think you're forgetting you're still in my employ.
Victoria Winters: Then fire me if you want to. Either that or begin trusting me. One or the other, Mrs. Stoddard.

Carolyn Stoddard: You are really something, you know that? Walking around here with that innocent smile and sweet stare. Poor little Vicki Winters who only wants to do the right thing. Well, I've just about had it with you.
Victoria Winters: Listen, I think you just better tell me what you're talking about.
Carolyn Stoddard: Why don't you go home, Vicki? Why don't you pack your bags and go back to that precious foundling home?

Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. Collinwood is a cauldron of tension. Desperately as I have tried, I am unable to avoid involvement in the mystery of a man's death. A mystery that reveals hidden emotions and brings unexpected hatreds to the surface.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.162" (1967)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. Collinwood even by day is shrouded in mysteries. Mysteries that seem to touch on the unseen and the unknown. A stranger has come to Collinwood, a man who may be able to solve these mysteries and the life of one member of the Collins family depends on what he is able to find out.

Laura Collins: Vicki, I'm sure that by now that you I'm a very straightforward person.
Victoria Winters: So am I.
Laura Collins: Then be straightforward now. You're interested in more than David's studies. You want to keep him away from me. Isn't that the truth?

Victoria Winters: Do you really think that Mrs. Collins is responsible in some way for what's happened to Mrs. Stoddard?
Dr. Peter Guthrie: It's a possibility.
Victoria Winters: I'm asking this because I'm in a very awkward position. Mrs. Stoddard told me to keep David away from his mother. Now, I don't know if I can do that. I don't even know if it's right. She is David's mother.
Dr. Peter Guthrie: You want my opinion?
Victoria Winters: Yes.
Dr. Peter Guthrie: If I were you, Miss Winters, I would do everything in my power to keep that boy away from Laura Collins.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.214" (1967)
[opening narration]
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. There are two great houses at Collinwood. One alive with the present and the other slowly decaying, filled with the dead memories of the past.

[first lines]
Victoria Winters: David! David! David, answer me if you're in here. Come on, David, it's getting dark outside. David, is that you? David, I know it's you. Sometimes you're the most exasperating boy in the world. David, open the door! David!

Victoria Winters: Well, you've made your point in comparing this house to the pyramids. But there is one difference between them. The pyramids were designed to be tombs.
Barnabas Collins: You're right. This house was not designed to be a tomb.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.1" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. My journey is beginning, a journey that I hope will open the doors of life to me, and link my past with my future. A journey that will bring me to a strange and dark place, to the edge of the sea, high atop Widow's Hill, a house called Collinwood. A world I've never known, with people I've never met. People who tonight are still only shadows in my mind, but who will soon fill the days and nights of my tomorrows.

Burke Devlin: Welcome to the beginning and the end of the world, Miss Winters.
Victoria Winters: I'm afraid I'm not going that far. Only to a house called Collinwood. Do you know it?
Burke Devlin: Yes, I do. Very well.

Maggie Evans: It's like this. A chauffeur tells a desk clerk, who tells a housekeeper, who tells me that you're going to work up in Collinwood. That makes you a jerk.
Victoria Winters: But why?
Maggie Evans: Listen, honey. The Collins family is the biggest thing in this town. They own the biggest cannery, the biggest fishing fleet and the biggest, darkest, gloomiest old house. And they're kooks, every one of 'em.
Victoria Winters: I don't believe that.
Maggie Evans: Okay. Move in there. But take a good look in that mirror right now. Because in two months, that pretty hair of yours is going to be one glorious shade of grey.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.3" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. Collinwood, a strange dark mansion, brooding on the crest of a lonely hill. It's my home now, and the outside world seems a million miles away. Yet I know there are homes in warmth in Collinsport. I know there are people with hopes and dreams and unexpressed fears.

Carolyn Stoddard: Saw the light under the door and thought I might borrow a cup of sugar.
Victoria Winters: You're Carolyn.
Carolyn Stoddard: Uh-huh. And you're Victoria. Or is it Vicki?
Victoria Winters: Either one. Doesn't make any difference. Whichever you like.
Carolyn Stoddard: Well, Vicki, on behalf of myself and my kooky family, I bid you welcome to the house of Usher.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.267" (1967)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. There is a cliff near Collinwood that by legend was created for those who have lost all hope, because their existence has become intolerable. It is the place of the dividing line between life and death. There is one who has come to this place, seeking an escape from problems that have become insurmountable.

Barnabas Collins: You work very hard at your job.
Victoria Winters: I enjoy what I'm doing. Most people don't always have that opportunity.
Barnabas Collins: You're quite young to have arrived at that conclusion. It shows great maturity and a sense of wisdom.
Victoria Winters: Oh, thank you. I only wish it were true.
Barnabas Collins: It most certainly is. The Collins family are very fortunate to have you around. I would go even further and say that anyone who comes into close contact with you is extremely fortunate.
Victoria Winters: If you continue, Mr. Collins, you're gonna make me the most conceited person in Collinsport.
Barnabas Collins: I doubt that very much. I doubt that anything could change you.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.91" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. Up until last night, I had thought of this great house of Collinwood as a home. Then one night, it became a prison. Yet that one night of imprisonment might have given me a clue to my identity. The real reason why I was at Collinwood.

Carolyn Stoddard: Wouldn't it be great if you found out you were from a very wealthy Bangor family?
Victoria Winters: Oh, stop it. I went through all that in the foundling home. We used to dream about that the way, the way other people dream about a fairy godmother.
Carolyn Stoddard: That's exactly what it would be like. One wave of a magic wand and presto change-o, you're rich and happy.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.10" (1991)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. A terrifying curse has cast its shadow over Collinwood. While an innocent girl huddles in a prison cell awaiting judgement, death roams free, stalking the night and a tormented family struggles to comprehend its fate. But that fate is already written and the evil that controls it is relentless.

Victoria Winters: Peter told me about Barnabas. I don't think I've quite taken it in yet. There's a man where I come from. He's so like Barnabas. His descendant, his namesake, in fact. I thought perhaps I was falling in love with him. But I guess that was just a fantasy really. But I feel as if I can look in your heart and understand.
Josette du Pres: I believe you are the only who can, Victoria. Come and sit down. I told you once before how I seemed to know you as I know myself. Well, now though my head spins to imagine it, I wonder if you are myself. Myself in 200 years.
Victoria Winters: I wondered the same thing. Is it possible?
Josette du Pres: I no longer know what that means anymore. But I know this. Victoria, I must do everything in my power to release you from this horrible place.
Victoria Winters: But Josette, the book. You must get out of here as Natalie says.
Josette du Pres: I do not care about the book. The book said I would perish on Widows' Hill and I did not. And I will not go near that place again.
Victoria Winters: [whispers] But...
Josette du Pres: Victoria, by saving you, I am saving myself. Don't you see? I will not leave Collinwood until you are free. That is the way it must be.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.263" (1967)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. A moment ago, a gull circled the sky over Collinwood, scanning the sea below for food on which its survival depends. Its eye briefly caught a flash of silver in the morning sunlight. It swooped to the sea, only to be caught up by a tidal wave and carried to a watery grave. There is a moment before disaster strikes, a quiet moment. But there is terror in the silence. For the rush of destruction is to follow in its wake. For one girl, this is such a moment. And her heart is numb with fear.

Victoria Winters: Your mother asked me to be her witness at the marriage, and I said yes.
Carolyn Stoddard: Her witness? So, you're going to be a part of Mother's wedding party? How nice. How nice of mother to include you. But then you seem to have become her second daughter. Her only daughter, I should say.
Victoria Winters: Please don't be this way.
Carolyn Stoddard: I'm happy for you, Vicki. I really am. You've always wanted a family, and now you've got one.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.102" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. The one person at Collinwood I have reason to fear is Roger Collins. He has discovered that I know his guilty secret and now Roger has discovered me alone in the house.

Roger Collins: You think I killed Bill Malloy, don't you?
Victoria Winters: I don't think anything.
Roger Collins: If you really think that, you must be petrified with fear right now. Because if I killed him, then I would surely have to kill you too, wouldn't I?

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.8" (1991)
Victoria Winters: Why don't you children run along and take Jeremiah's guitar back to his room?
Daniel Collins: Okay.
Josette Du Pres: "Okay"?
Sarah Collins: That's how they say all right in Boston. Isn't it, Miss Winters?
Victoria Winters: Yes. Some people do.

Victoria Winters: [writing] I feel the walls shrink around me. Have I revealed too much? But how could I not, if only the family history were wrong, if Josette and Jeremiah could be stopped? Perhaps that is what I am meant to do. But if one moment of history is changed, how much else changes with it? And will I then be permanently trapped in this time?

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.75" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. I am no longer a stranger at Collinwood. Whether I want it or not, the people who live in this great mansion on Widows' Hill have become part of my life. And now I can only hope for the day when the tension around me will no longer exist.

Victoria Winters: I haven't taken a long walk since I've been here. I thought I might go down along the beach.
Carolyn Stoddard: I wish you'd stick around, Vicki. We have so few happy days around this dungeon. It's kind of a shame to miss even five minutes of one of them.
Victoria Winters: Well, maybe this is just the first of a long string of happy days.
Carolyn Stoddard: You're right. From now on, it's champagne every night and caviar for breakfast. Songs and dances by Stoddard and Winters.
[Victoria clears her throat loudly]
Carolyn Stoddard: Oh. Winters and Stoddard.
Victoria Winters: While Matthew Morgan accompanies us on the harp.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.160" (1967)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. The mistress of Collinwood lies stiffly in her bed, hovering in the narrow world between life and death. Unable to move, unable to communicate, a slow heartbeat and staring eyes the only indication that life still exists within her.

Victoria Winters: So many things have happened here that it's very hard to know what's real and what's not.
Dr. Peter Guthrie: Well, if I can do my job, that's exactly what I'll tell you.
Victoria Winters: Dr. Guthrie, have you ever seen a...
Dr. Peter Guthrie: A ghost? No, I've never had the pleasure.
Victoria Winters: Do you believe in them?
Dr. Peter Guthrie: Well, I've been very close to finding that out. For the past few years, I've assembled enough evidence to support the theory that they do indeed exist, but never, unfortunately, the concrete proof to prove it to me personally.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.222" (1967)
[opening narration]
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. The past and the present have intermingled at Collinwood, and the ancestral home has become a source of strange occurrences and strong curiosities. A foreboding structure can attract the least suspecting.

[first lines]
Victoria Winters: [looking around the old house] Mr. Collins! Mr. Collins! Oh!
Willie Loomis: Don't be frightened.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.2" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. Collinwood, the great house on top of Widows' Hill, is a dark and frightening place to end a journey. The ghosts of yesterday seem to tell me to run. But I'm here now and there's no turning back.

Victoria Winters: Are you expecting someone else?
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: I asked my brother Roger to come down to meet you. You're to care for his son and tutor him.
Victoria Winters: What kind of a boy is he?
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: You'll meet him in the morning.
Victoria Winters: I know, but I mean... Is he friendly? Is he inquisitive? Does he like to play games? Oh, I know when I was 9...
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: Miss Winters, David is likely to be different from any boy you've ever met.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.278" (1967)
Victoria Winters: An invitation has come to Collinwood. An invitation to enter the past. A party at which the clothes worn by the guests will belong to another time, as well as to another identity. Where for a few candlelit hours, an evening long dead will live again. But the past, like the future, can hold its uncertainties and no one can prophesy where this journey out of time will lead. One can only follow the strange and melancholy man who will be its guide.

Victoria Winters: You're the most gallant man I ever met. Sometimes... Sometimes I think you belong to a completely different time than ours.
Barnabas Collins: Oh?
Victoria Winters: [looking at Josette's portrait] More to her time. Perhaps that's why this house suits you so perfectly.
Barnabas Collins: Given the choice, which time would you prefer? Hers or ours?
Victoria Winters: I don't know. But I think if I could wear dresses like this all the time, I'd be very happy. And very vain.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.176" (1967)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. Once again, unseen forces hover over Collinwood, gripping those within in a vice of terror. And a beautiful woman sits, staring into the hypnotic fire, her eyes seeing something in the hearts of the flames. While a short distance away, a man feels himself overwhelmed by something so terrifying it bares no name.

Victoria Winters: Well, Roger or no Roger, I'm keeping David away from her.
Dr. Peter Guthrie: Yes, that's an excellent idea. As a matter of fact, until it's all cleared up, I, I think that you should keep away from her, too.
Victoria Winters: Well, if what you say is true, she's not very healthy for you either.
Dr. Peter Guthrie: Well, now that I know about it, I can, uh, I can protect myself. The most important aspect of this whole thing is that whatever power Laura Collins possesses, that power must be destroyed.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.80" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. The death of a friend of the Collins family has been written off as accidental. But in this great and gloomy house, there is still one man searching for something. Something he fears might connect him with the death that is thought to have been accidental.

Joe Haskell: [about Carolyn] You know, she might not understand about me dancing with Maggie there.
Victoria Winters: Well, I haven't said anything to her and I promise you I won't.
Joe Haskell: Vicki, you know, if I didn't happen to be in love with Carolyn, I think I'd be in love with you.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.90" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. As an orphan in a foundling home, I became accustomed to making decisions without guidance. I have now been forced to decide whether or not I should leave Collinwood. And part of the answer lies in the mind of a small boy.

Victoria Winters: David, are you actually beginning to like me?
David Collins: Miss Winters, I love you.
[David runs out of the room]
Victoria Winters: Has David ever said that about anything or anyone before?
Carolyn Stoddard: Yes. Once when he lived in Augusta, he had a little kitten he told me loved.
Victoria Winters: Oh? What happened to it?
Carolyn Stoddard: David drowned it.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.210" (1967)
[opening narration]
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. There are no limits to the things some men will do. They sink to the bottomless depths of corruption. They will desecrate sacred ground and violate that which should remain sealed forever.

[last lines]
Jason McGuire: [referring to Willie] He couldn't be gone.
Victoria Winters: Why not?
Jason McGuire: Because I have this... Well, he'd want to say goodbye. Ah, no matter. One way or the other he'll be out of here. Tonight.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.76" (1966)
Burke Devlin: Vicki, where do you stand in all this?
Victoria Winters: Right where I've always stood. On my own two feet.
Burke Devlin: I see. Well, I, I hope those pretty feet don't get smeared with mud.

Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. The Collins family has owned Collinwood for more than 130 years, and the family still wants to keep it in spite of the terror they've known there.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.161" (1967)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. The removal to a hospital of a woman with a mysterious ailment has caused a great deal of consternation to many people at Collinwood. Especially one young woman, who feels the heavy weight of new responsibilities.

Dr. Peter Guthrie: Well, the physical part of your mother's examination has been completed. And now I'll examine the psychic part. The part that relates only to her mind. You see, in, uh, in parapsychology, we deal with extrasensory perception, the psychic contact between parties known and unknown. By testing, we found that extrasensory perception is actually a part of the human experience. The uncharted areas of the mind.
Carolyn Stoddard: Well, what does all this have to do with my mother?
Dr. Peter Guthrie: Well, I believe that your mother has had a psychic contact of some sort.
Victoria Winters: There's no doubt in your mind about this?
Dr. Peter Guthrie: Well, she's in a psychic trance. Why, I don't know yet. But it seems to me that there's something in the atmosphere of this house that threatens to harm her. What it is, I don't know. But that's why it was necessary, for her own safety, to have her moved away from here.
Carolyn Stoddard: What could it be? What could want to harm my mother?
Dr. Peter Guthrie: That's just what I hope to find out.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.96" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. Collinwood seems a thousand miles away tonight. Yet my only hope is that someone is driving from there to pick me up in Bangor and rescue me.

Victoria Winters: Roger, I know so little about you. You know everything about me, not that there's so very much to know. Tell me, what do you want out of life?
Roger Collins: Well, right now, there are only two things I want very much.
Victoria Winters: What are they?
Roger Collins: I want someone to come through that door and rescue us from this dank and ill-smelling shack.
Victoria Winters: [laughs] There I agree with you. And what's the other one?
Roger Collins: I want you to leave Collinwood.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.12" (1966)
Roger Collins: You made a remark Burke Devlin seems pleasant enough. Well, that attitude can be dangerous to me. You meant what you said. Miss Winters, you work for us. For my sister, for me. You're a member of a household that is moving closer and closer to a struggle with this pleasant Mr. Devlin. Oh, we'll have difficulties enough without becoming vulnerable through you.
Victoria Winters: All I did was have coffee with the man.
Roger Collins: And talk. He's a clever man, Miss Winters, and you've know way of knowing when things you repeat in innocence can be of help to him.
Victoria Winters: Well, what do you want me to do? Cross the street when I see him?
Roger Collins: I want you to go back to New York. Go back home.
Victoria Winters: Just because I spoke with Burke Dev...
Roger Collins: There's going to be a brutal struggle, I know it, and no one who lives at Collinwood will be untouched.
Victoria Winters: He's not gonna murder all of us, is he?
Roger Collins: It won't be the first violent death on this hill.

Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. The night wind batters the house on Widows' Hill with the force of a thousand demons. There's no world beyond, it seems. Only the waves and the wind. And the terrible loneliness of fear. I've decided to stay and continue my search, and yet there've been no answers.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.223" (1967)
[opening narration]
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. There is a fog that clings to the cliffs that mark the edge of Collinwood, a fog the sun cannot disburse. There is a man more frightening than the fog, more threatening; a man who was thought to be gone but who still remains; a man who clings to Collinwood with more tenacity than the mists from the sea; a man whose presence inspires more unrest than fear, more mystery than anger.

[first lines]
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: I don't understand. Why didn't you tell me immediately?
Victoria Winters: Well, I knew you that weren't feeling well last night. I didn't want to disturb you.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.213" (1967)
[opening narration]
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. These are uneasy days at Collinwood. Two mysterious strangers have invaded the privacy of the great house, creating doubts and fears in the minds of every member of the Collins family. One of them has disappeared. And that in itself has created an even greater mystery.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.220" (1967)
[opening narration]
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. There is a strange illness at Collinwood, an illness that has caused a collapse and loss of strength, an illness that appears with the daylight and disappears as the sun sets and the darkness grows.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.255" (1967)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. A warm night wind wails around the walls of Collinwood, and for all the world sounds like a cry of anguish and despair. Imprisoned in the depths of a house on the great estate, there is one who knows despair and yet still clings to a single, frail hope. A hope that she will somehow be freed from the prison in which she is held captive. Freed from the one who would destroy her.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.114" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. It is morning at Collinwood and I've begun to believe I'm out of danger. Not knowing that danger still lurks in the shadows of an old, abandoned house. At the moment, my biggest concern is making my peace with a member of the Collins family. A man I once suspected of trying to murder me.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.164" (1967)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. A new hope has come to Collinwood. A man, skilled in the mysteries that sometimes intrude on this world. He knows these forces are sometimes dark and often elusive. Their disguises are many and their skills often exceed those of mortal men.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.145" (1967)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. A strange force has caused me, against my will, to bring a painting to Collinwood. A painting so weird and mysterious that no one, not even the man who painted it, can explain it. For one, it holds an unusual fascination.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.260" (1967)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. A brilliant afternoon sun brightens the walls of Collinwood, and all is silent except for the cries of the gulls that circle overhead, and the buzz of the bees in meadows. But not far from the great house, there is one that cannot know the sunlight. Only the darkness of a prison cell in which she is to die. There is one who would save her, but he is haunted by fear. Fear that her salvation would mean his own death.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.7" (1991)
Victoria Winters: [writing] I, Victoria Winters, begin this journal in the hope that no matter what happens to me there will at least be a written record of these extraordinary events. Somehow, I have been thrust backward in time.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.5" (1991)
Victoria Winters: [to Josette's painting] I'm in your room, I'm in your nightgown and now I'm going to sleep in your bed. I almost feel like I'm you.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.10" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. I know I shouldn't be afraid. And yet the great house on Widows' Hill carries the dusty smell of fear. It moves through the paneled rooms and dark corridors. It seeps down from the walls and touches the heart of everyone who enters.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.221" (1967)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. The residents of Collinwood are aware of a stranger in their midst. A man whose presence is felt by all. Others far away from the great house are soon to be aware of his presence, are soon to be aware of the mystery that surrounds him.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.336" (1967)
Victoria Winters: All of us at Collinwood remain concerned about the state of mind of young David Collins. We are unaware that at this moment at the Eagle Hill cemetery, two people are about to meet for the first time. They will recognize each other and they will know that together they may travel a long, dark and dangerous path to help the troubled little boy who means so much to both of them.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.279" (1967)
Victoria Winters: You could do with some fun, Willie. You never smile. Do you know that?
Willie Loomis: I haven't got much to smile about, that's all.
Victoria Winters: Oh yes, you do. Willie, you've done a fantastic job on this house. You should be very happy and very proud of it. You deserve to be.
Barnabas Collins: Thank you, Vicki. Thank you very much for saying that. There's a lot of things we deserve we never get, and there's a lot of things we get and don't deserve.
Barnabas Collins: That's an interesting philosophy, Willie, but I'm dedicated to seeing that people get what I think they deserve.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.366" (1967)
Victoria Winters: Are you really Sarah Collins?
Sarah Collins: What a funny question. Of course I'm Sarah. Who else could I be?
Victoria Winters: I don't know. But then I, I don't know much of anything right now.
Sarah Collins: You sound as though you're talking in riddles.
Victoria Winters: Well, I feel as though I'm living in a riddle. Suddenly, everything around me has changed but I stayed the same. I don't know why it happened or what made it happened and that's why I'm so frightened.
Sarah Collins: Don't be frightened. You're going to like it here. And we're going to be good friends.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.105" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. Ever since I arrived at Collinwood, this gloomy old mansion on the crest of Widows' Hill, has held nameless fears for me. Most of it stemming from the time I saw a dead man washed up at the foot of the cliff. A case that has been declared an accident but still has not been marked "closed" by the sheriff.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.364" (1967)
Victoria Winters: There has been a homecoming in the Great House of Collinwood, and those who have returned have found that very little has changed. We still live within a ring of fear. A fear that is generated by the one who lives in the Old House. Where, on this night, a kind of madness prevails. A madness that will lead to the threat of murder.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.78" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. In Collinwood, this great and gloomy house perched on Widows' Hill, life goes on as usual. And so does death, with the doubts and fears that accompany it, especially when it is a death that has not been fully explained.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.1" (1991)
[first lines]
Victoria Winters: [voice-over] My name is Victoria Winters. My journey is just the beginning. A journey that I am hoping will somehow begin to reveal the mysteries of my past. It is a journey that will bring me to a strange and dark place... to a house high atop a stormy cliff at the edge of the sea... to a house called Collinwood. To a world I've never known, with people I've never met... people who tonight are only vague shadows in my mind, but who will soon fill all the days and nights of my tomorrows.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.79" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. Even though the coroner has given an official opinion in the unexplained death of a man, the mystery of that death still creates dissension in our town. And not everyone agrees with the verdict.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.46" (1966)
Roger Collins: What do you want?
Victoria Winters: I think I left a drawing in here.
Roger Collins: It's on the table.
Victoria Winters: Oh, thank you. I think David would kill me if I lost this.
Roger Collins: My son might kill you even if you didn't.
Victoria Winters: It's very good. Have you seen it?
Roger Collins: Yes, I saw it.
Victoria Winters: He's got a real potential in drawing.
Roger Collins: Miss Winters, I am in no mood to discuss David's talents, great or small.
Victoria Winters: I think this is important. We all know how destructive he's been.
Roger Collins: Yes, we know.
Victoria Winters: But this is creative, and something he likes to do.
Roger Collins: I see. And you intend to nurture this sudden urge of creativity?
Victoria Winters: I think it's a way of reaching him, and showing him the world isn't completely hostile.
Roger Collins: What makes you think it isn't? Have you ever thought that David's view might be the correct one?
Victoria Winters: You don't think that.
Roger Collins: Oh, don't I, though? I was once nine years old, as David is. But unlike him, Miss Winters, I was filled with joy and the spirit of living, with love and the promise of a good, full life ahead. Well, maybe it's far better to be nine years old and know how ugly life can be.
Victoria Winters: Oh, that isn't so.
Roger Collins: Maybe it's better to know that you live in world where hands are reaching out, waiting to tear you to shreds... and they do... they do... eagerly, anxiously.
Victoria Winters: Everyone doesn't have to think that way.
Roger Collins: Pollyanna! Miss Pollyanna in a world of pain! Well, enjoy it while you can. But take my advice. Don't spend much time trying to destroy David's instinctive grasp of the truth. Let me see the drawing.
Victoria Winters: [handing David's drawing to Roger] I took it from David's room without his permission, so you can see how frantic I was when I found it missing.
Roger Collins: [looking at David's drawing] Collinwood, with all its dark shadows. He's captured it, all right.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.33" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. It seems like years since I came here to Collinwood. Where the tensions holds the flow of time. But the days have passed, and I'm no closer to the answers I'd hoped to find. Answers which I feel are rooted within the paneled walls of this great mansion, and in the heart of the woman who never leaves its grounds.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.367" (1967)
Jeremiah Collins: Don't be afraid of Abigail. She won't do anything to you. I'll see to that.
Victoria Winters: How do you know that what she said about me isn't true?
Jeremiah Collins: Well, I trust Sarah's instincts more than I do Abigail's. And besides, I know you can't be a witch. Witches don't cry over men they love.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.183" (1967)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. The residents of Collinwood have learned to live with fear. The fear centers around a small boy who's life may be in danger. And an alarmingly mysterious woman who would take him away with her.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.89" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. For more than 130 years, the foreboding mansion of Collinwood has stood on the top of Widows' Hill like a giant headstone, marking the watery graves of fishermen who have perished in the sea below. It is a monument to one man, Jeremiah Collins, and his dreams. But when men dream, spoilers always seem to lurk nearby, ready to destroy their dreams, turning them into nightmares. Even in a small family town like Collinsport.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.211" (1967)
[opening narration]
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. The dawn will soon come to Collinwood and bring with it the unresolved troubles of another day. A man, a frightening and violent man, has disappeared. But the fears that he created have not disappeared with him. Wherever he is, some violence surely is taking place.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.163" (1967)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. These are strange days at Collinwood, days in which wonder and terror lend in equal amounts to create something that does not seem to be of this world. And for a young boy, the barrier between what is real and what is not rapidly disappears.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.4" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. The dark night presses in on the crest of Widows' Hill as though it were alive. I can almost feel it crushing against the windows, whispering to me, telling me to run while I can. But I've come too far and waited too long, and the fear of darkness is only for children.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.217" (1967)
[opening narration]
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. It is late afternoon at Collinwood. And lengthening afternoon shadows are beginning to creep across the walls of the great house. For one man--a man who has been struck down by a mysterious illness--there is terror in the coming nightfall, danger in the lengthening shadows. And his heart is numbed by fear.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.232" (1967)
Maggie Evans: I've never realized how much I liked it. I guess I've really thought about it one way or the other. How sad.
Victoria Winters: Why is it sad?
Maggie Evans: Sad that I love the darkness so much and I never knew it.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.60" (1966)
Victoria Winters: My name is Victoria Winters. Collinwood at night. Its towers a dark mass against a threatening sky. A symbol of a mystery I cannot solve. A mystery that brings me to a cottage not far from the waterfront. A cottage that might hold the answers I've been waiting so long to hear.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.368" (1967)
Victoria Winters: Your fiancée will arrive here safely.
Barnabas Collins: You say that with such assurance I believe you. Are you psychic?
Victoria Winters: No.
Barnabas Collins: Well, I've always wanted to meet someone who is. Are you sure you can't tell the future?
Victoria Winters: No, of course not.
Barnabas Collins: Miss Winters, I don't believe you.
Victoria Winters: I wouldn't tell the future even if I could. Not to you. Not to anyone. Never.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.372" (1967)
Victoria Winters: I want to apologize. I'm sorry that I got you into trouble this morning. I didn't mean it.
Ben Stokes: Forget it.
Victoria Winters: No, I can't. It was my fault, and you were punished. I'm sure that you were looking forward to that holiday very much.
Ben Stokes: Mr. Collins would've found another excuse to take it away from me. That's the way he is.
Victoria Winters: Mr. Collins may seem stern, but I'm sure...
Ben Stokes: Stern? Stern's not the word for him. Mean's the word for him!

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.365" (1967)
Victoria Winters: A sudden storm over the Great House of Collinwood. The heavens are as full of unrest as the house itself. Perhaps the spirits which disturb the house will finally make themselves known. Or perhaps they will only bring new horror, new grief.