Dr. Julia Hoffman
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Dr. Julia Hoffman (Character)
from "Dark Shadows" (1966)

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Dark Shadows (2012)
[Barnabas stares at a lava lamp]
Barnabas Collins: What is that thing?
Dr. Julia Hoffman: It's a lamp.
Barnabas Collins: It looks like a pulsating blood urn!

Barnabas Collins: [holds a fork] I see you have been driven to even sell the prized family silverware.
Roger Collins: How can you tell? Those are exact replicas.
Barnabas Collins: Had this been silver, I would have burst into flame at the slightest touch.
Dr. Julia Hoffman: Is he for real?

Dr. Julia Hoffman: Every year I get half as pretty and twice as drunk.

Dr. Julia Hoffman: Barnabas, may I hypnotize you?
Barnabas Collins: Madam, I do not believe that remotely possi...
[falls asleep]

Dr. Julia Hoffman: How would you describe Liverpool?
Barnabas Collins: Filthy!

Dr. Julia Hoffman: David believes his mother is a celestial immortality. Fascinating.

Barnabas Collins: I do not feel as though I am becoming more human.
Dr. Julia Hoffman: Give it some time.
Barnabas Collins: Time, Doctor, I have an unfortunate excess of.

Barnabas Collins: [enters Dr Hoffman's laboratory] We must intensify our efforts! I have an urgent need to be human again!
[stops short as he sees Julia injecting herself with blood]
Dr. Julia Hoffman: I can explain...
Barnabas Collins: My God! You're not using your blood to make me human. You're using my blood to make yourself immortal!
Dr. Julia Hoffman: Barnabas, you have a gift. You better get a hold over yourself...
Barnabas Collins: The Collins family took you in and bestowed their sacred trust upon you, and you brazenly betray that trust?
Dr. Julia Hoffman: I'm sorry. I just didn't want to grow old. I want to be beautiful, and I want to live forever like you.
Barnabas Collins: I am afraid that is out of the question!

Dr. Julia Hoffman: Please forgive me! You're a good man! You're a gentleman! Please, please...
Barnabas Collins: Madam, I am neither good nor gentle! And I do not forgive!
[bites her]

House of Dark Shadows (1970)
Professor T. Eliot Stokes: What about the others - and the death of Carolyn Stoddard? Are we simply to forgive and forget those merely because you're attempting to cure the monster responsible?
Dr. Julia Hoffman: He is not a monster!

Dr. Julia Hoffman: I can cure you. I can make you a normal human being.

Dr. Julia Hoffman: Barnabas, your face!

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.351" (1967)
Dr. Julia Hoffman: I'm perfectly willing to protect you, Barnabas. I'm not applying for a job as your maid.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.336" (1967)
Dr. Dave Woodard: Now that I that know she exists, I'm gonna find out why.
Dr. Julia Hoffman: Why?
Dr. Dave Woodard: Yes. It must have been a very extraordinary reason that brought her back after all these years and I think once we've uncovered that reason, Julia, we'll finally have arrived at the truth in this twisted situation.
Dr. Julia Hoffman: You really believe that, Dave?
Dr. Dave Woodard: Yes.
Dr. Julia Hoffman: And what are you going to do about it?
Dr. Dave Woodard: I don't know exactly, but I do know I'm not going to rest until I find out why Sarah Collins has come back to Earth.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.638" (1968)
Dr. Julia Hoffman: Morning at Collinwood; a morning that should be a happy one. For on the previous night, Victoria Winters was married to the man she loves. A man whose love has lasted through time. However, unknown to the residence of the great house, a mysterious and terrifying event has just occurred. An event which will plunge Victoria Winters and those around her into new terrors.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.500" (1968)
Dr. Julia Hoffman: [to Barnabas as they're about to enter the Old House] I won't let you alone. You're much too depressed.
Barnabas Collins: Well, shouldn't I be? When I think of everything for which I'm to blame.
[they enter and hear Adam grunting at Willie... Barnabas sees Adam choking Willie on the floor]
Barnabas Collins: Adam! Let him go! You cannot do this!
Dr. Julia Hoffman: Barnabas! Barnabas be careful!
Barnabas Collins: You cannot! Stop it!
[raises his cane]
Barnabas Collins: LET HIM GO! LET WILLIE GO!
[he strikes Adam with the cane... Adam stops]
Barnabas Collins: Now stop it! I won't allow it! Do you understand?
[Adam resumes choking Willie... Barnabas strikes him four more times... Adam finally stops]
Barnabas Collins: Now Adam... let Willie go.
Adam: [releasing Willie... weakly] Barnabas...
[gets up... snatches cane from Barnabas and attacks him]
Dr. Julia Hoffman: BARNABAS! NOOO!

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.639" (1968)
Dr. Julia Hoffman: The great house at Collinwood stands in majestic isolation under the brightness of a full moon, but none who live at Collinwood know that on this night, the fullness of the moon means something it has never meant before. It is the sign of a new and terrifying evil that prowls the woods of the Collins estate in search of a victim.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.2" (1991)
Dr. Julia Hoffman: [voice-over] It will be a long time, perhaps never, for those of us who have experienced the events of the past few days will ever be able to forget. But as horrible as those events were they pale into the glare of what could be a new and important discovery. Today I shall attempt to find the truth of what my intellect refuses to accept. At sunset, I shall confront the monster in his lair.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.304" (1967)
Dr. Julia Hoffman: Devlin's suspicions could ruin everything. EVERYTHING!