Chang Lee
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Chang Lee (Character)
from Doctor Who (1996) (TV)

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Doctor Who (1996) (TV)
The Master: What are you waiting for?
Chang Lee: The road's still blocked.
The Master: This is an ambulance!
Chang Lee: Oh, right.

Chang Lee: Hey, man, when I get all that gold, you know what I'm gonna do?
Master/Bruce: I don't want to know.
Chang Lee: [laughs] You kill me.
Master/Bruce: [puzzled] You want me to kill you?
Chang Lee: No!

Chang Lee: When he gets his body back from you, I'm gonna be rich.
Chang Lee: [incredulously] And you believe him?
Chang Lee: Why shouldn't I?
The Doctor: I suppose he neglected to mention there won't be any place left to *spend* your money!

Chang Lee: So, uh, where's the Master?
[the TARDIS gurgles strangely]
The Doctor: Indigestion.