Jane Foster
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Biography for
Jane Foster (Character)
from Thor (2011)

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In the Marvel Comics Universe, not much is known about Jane Foster's history other than that she was a nurse who worked for a crippled physician named Donald Blake, and was torn by love between Blake and The Mighty Thor, the Norse God Of Thunder. At this time Jane was completely unaware that Blake & Thor were both one and the same. This situation continued for years until Thor could no longer bare to deceive Jane anymore. Defying his father Odin's strict orders, Thor broke down and revealed his secret identity to Ms. Foster and proceeded to transport her to Asgard. There, Jane was briefly granted immortality and the power of the Gods. She was unable to cope with her new powers and asked to be put back on Earth as she once was. Odin, upset at her unworthiness to be a goddess, agreed and whisked her back to Midgard. Back on Earth, with amnesia forced onto her by Odin, she met her husband, Keith Kincaid, another doctor, and had a son with him. Years passed and one day Jane became extremely ill on the verge of death. Sif, an Asgardian warrior and Thor's first love, came to her rescue by infusing her own life force with Jane's as she lay on her deathbed. By doing so Jane recovered her lost memories and her love for Thor was revived.

In the 2011 film Thor, Jane Foster is a scientist who discovers Thor, just stripped of his powers and exiled to Earth by Odin, in the New Mexico desert at night after he is struck with her jeep while she, along with her friends Dr. Eric Selvig, and Darcy Lewis, are there investigating a mysterious wormhole and strange circular symbol in the ground where they discover Thor.

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