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The Mandarin (Character)
from "Iron Man" (1994)

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"Iron Man: The Mandarin's Revenge/The Mandarin's Death Ray/No One Escapes the Mandarin (#1.4)" (1966)
[Tony Stark is captured]
The Mandarin: Now, like all who enter my castle, he will be captured and put to death!

The Mandarin: YOU! You dare attack me single-handed? This time I shall show no mercy!
Iron Man: You weren't exactly a friendly pussycat last time either, Mandarin!

The Mandarin: All I need do is use the exclusive power of but ONE ring to bury you beneath a wall of rock!
[brings debris down on Iron Man]
Iron Man: [breaks free] I don't wear this armor just for show! These overgrown pebbles don't bother me!

Iron Man: Stay where you are! You've got some questions to answer!
The Mandarin: [immobilizes Iron Man] On the contrary, YOU'll stay where you are! And once my ring touches this control panel, you will stay there FOR EVER!

The Mandarin: Before I destroy you completely, Iron Man, I'll make you this offer: agree to become my ally, serve me, and together we can rule the world!
Iron Man: I'd rather team up with a rattlesnake!
The Mandarin: Ah, so! All right then, you die!
Narrator: What terrible fate awaits the great Golden Avenger?

The Mandarin: WHAT? You still move? You still live?
Iron Man: I've been trying to tell you, Big Mouth, I thrive on electricity!
The Mandarin: But you have no protection against a lethal karate blow!

The Mandarin: Fool! You could have shared the world's greatest empire with me! But instead, you have chosen annihilation!

The Mandarin: In respect to your valor, I shall let you be slain by a warrior's sword!
Iron Man: [sarcastic] That's real kind of you! I'm all choked up!
The Mandarin: No swordsman is my equal!

The Mandarin: Even if you could snap those cables, it would be too late! Your time has come, Iron Man! If you have any prayers, say them now!... Are you mad? You smile in the face of death!
Iron Man: [thinking] I have one slim chance. If I can bluff my way through...
Iron Man: [out loud] Why shouldn't I smile? With Tony Stark running loose, he's probably found your anti-missile missiles, and is destroying them this very minute!
The Mandarin: You were a fool to remind me! I will stop him now! As for you, I'll set my cable to hold you steady!
Iron Man: [chuckles] It worked! Now if you stay away long enough... Ah, my transistors are recharging fast, I'm reaching maximum power!
[breaks free]

The Mandarin: I compliment you, Iron Man, on the battle you are putting up - a pity my black light ring must put an end to it so quickly!
[uses the ring on Iron Man]
Iron Man: I'm surrounded by darkness! I can't see!
The Mandarin: Now, my magnetic steel bands shall bind your iron armor, and you will be hopelessly trapped!
Iron Man: [bound] He's right... they're getting tighter!
The Mandarin: And so the battle ends, with total victory for the Mandarin!

Iron Man: [tries to sabotage the tractor beam] I'll make sure this gadget never damages another missile!
The Mandarin: You fool! Once I've started the ray, nothing can stop it - But YOU can be stopped! I've proved that before!
Iron Man: I've got to protect that missile!
[flies off]

The Mandarin: You wrecked my power ray, Iron Man!
Iron Man: I've got news for you: that's the idea!

[Iron Man meets a multitude of Mandarins]
Iron Man: Where are you?
The Mandarin: Guess!
Iron Man: All right, I will!
[knocks them all down, and flees]
The Mandarin: I'll get him, even it takes the rest of my life!

The Mandarin: The captured missiles... he managed to send them back on their way! But he forgot my interceptor ray. I can still stop them!
The Mandarin: I must reach the control panel to bring them back!
Iron Man: [note in wreckage] "Better luck next time, Mandy! Iron M."
The Mandarin: No! I'm too late! I'm too late! He smashed the controls!

The Mandarin: Nothing can stop my miniature rockets!
Iron Man: My magnetic repulsors can!

"Iron Man: The Death of Tony Stark/The Hands of the Mandarin/The Origin of the Mandarin (#1.2)" (1966)
The Mandarin: Iron Man, the time has come for you to feel the great power of the Mandarin! You will not escape, for I have vowed to destroy you!

Iron Man: Look, you weak apology for Genghis Khan, I can take anything you can dish out!
The Mandarin: Those are brave words, especially from one whose life is nearing its final moments.
Iron Man: [charges] Talk is cheap, Mister!
[gets knocked down]
The Mandarin: Did you think brute force could down the Mandarin!
Iron Man: Whatever it takes, fella, you can be sure I'll find a way to do it!

Iron Man: I'll catch you with a blast of high-frequency waves! Nothing can escape them!
[fires a blast]
The Mandarin: Nothing, perhaps, save the hands of the Mandarin!
[fires a blast from his rings]

Iron Man: I'm frozen in my tracks!
The Mandarin: [laughs] A simple matter for one with a paralyzer ray!

The Mandarin: What? Never has anyone shaken off the effects of my paralyzer ray in so short a time!
Iron Man: Skip the compliments, let's get on with it.
The Mandarin: You fool! With one gesture, I electrify this whole wall!

The Mandarin: And so, you learn what I have been saving for you. It is my favourite pastime. HYAH!
[chops a metal bar in half]
Iron Man: He splintered that iron bar like a toothpick!
The Mandarin: Prepare to meet your finish, Iron Man, at the hands of the world's greatest karate master!

"Iron Man: Armored Adventures: The Makluan Invasion Part 1: Annihilate! (#2.25)" (2012)
Iron Man: [in a fight] This is just how I wanted to spend my eighteenth birthday.
Mandarin: Don't say I never got you anything.
Iron Man: Can I return it?

The Invincible Iron Man (2007) (V)
The Mandarin: She has served her purpose, Iron Knight. As for you, your blood must now be shed, and the prophecy must be fulfilled.

"Iron Man: The Wedding of Iron Man (#1.13)" (1994)
The Mandarin: Iron Man?
Justin Hammer: But he's supposed to be Stark.
M.O.D.O.K.: Evidently, nobody thought to tell him.