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Biography for
The Mandarin (Character)
from "Iron Man" (1994)

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The Mandarin is a notable Super-Villain who first appeared in the 1964 comic "Tales of Suspense #50" (Written by Stan Lee)

Biography- The Mandarin's parents, a Mongolian nobleman decended from Genghis Khan and a British aristocrat, died shortly after he was born. The Mandarin spent all of his inheritance training at science and martial arts. Doing so caused him to go broke at roughly the same time he reached adulthood. The Chinese government evicted him because he was too broke to pay his taxes. The bitter, broke, homeless, but extremely well trained Mandarin began to wander the earth. He found an alien space-ship during his wandering. He studied the ship to gain knowledge of advanced science, and stole rings he found within it. The Mandarin uses a combination of superhuman martial arts abilities, alien science, and the ten energy-blasting rings he found to wage a never-ending war on civilization.

Powers and abilities- The Mandarin possesses superhuman martial arts skills, such as channeling Chi into superhuman strength, performing superhumanly destructive karate-chops, and going for long periods of time without food or water by living on stored Chi.

The Mandarin is extremely educated in multiple scientific fields.

The Mandarin is a genius tactician and gifted strategist.

Weaponry- The Mandarin wields ten energy-blasting rings. Among the uses for these rings are creating illusions that allow him to attack while his enemy doesn't know what is real, trapping an enemy in ice allowing him to attack while the enemy can not move, and creating a tornado allowing him to attack while the enemy is dizzy. In conjunction with his superhuman martial arts abilities, these make him an extremely lethal warrior.

In Iron Man 3, the Mandarin is only an actor named Trevor Slattery, hired by Aldrich Killian to confuse everyone making people think he is the real super villain. He does not possess any superhuman martial arts skills or something similar to the comics. It is later revealed that Killian himself is the Mandarin.

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