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Gargoyle (Character)
from "The Incredible Hulk" (1996)

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"The Incredible Hulk: Hulk of a Different Color (#2.1)" (1997)
The Gargoyle: A grey Hulk? Now there's a shade I can relate to!

Gargoyle: But there's a new chain of command now, Sterns. I postulate the brilliant plans.
[tosses him a shovel]
Gargoyle: Here! You clean up the lab. So says the Gargoyle! Ech. That sounds as stupid coming from me as it did from the Leader...

Gargoyle: [chuckles] So it is said, so it is written and so says the Gar- The Gar... Oh, forget it. Why are good signature lines so hard to come by?

"The Incredible Hulk: Fashion Warriors (#2.5)" (1997)
Gargoyle: [chuckles] Finally, my Leader, we can end our financial woes. Oh, I hate being broke!
Leader: We're not broke, Gargoyle, merely a little bent. But being crooked is required if one is to take Miamy's rich and ramous... hostage.

Gargoyle: What? Oh, be still, my twisted heart. I had no idea She-Hulk would be here.
Leader: Nor did I. That green gammazon could gum up this entire operation

"The Incredible Hulk: Mortal Bounds (#1.9)" (1996)
Gargoyle: Even a pathetic troll of a man is capable of a noble deed.

"The Incredible Hulk: Down Memory Lane (#2.2)" (1997)
Leader: [on viewscreen] I demand success. So says...
Gargoyle: [interrupting] Ho ho! Please! I'd rather listen to "Hulk smash, Hulk bash" than to hear that moldy mantra one more time.

"The Incredible Hulk: Darkness and Light: Part 1 (#1.11)" (1996)
Gargoyle: And to think I left a disease ridden deathbed, for this?

"The Incredible Hulk: Darkness and Light: Part 2 (#1.12)" (1996)
Gargoyle: So soon, very soon, your chest size will be as big as your mouth si- eh... hat-size.
Leader: Then push your clutsy fingers to their pathetic limit!