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Grey Hulk (Character)
from "The Incredible Hulk" (1996)

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Hulk (2003) (VG)
Grey Hulk: [while holding a soldier] What are you going to tell your friends?

Grey Hulk: I can crack the ground... and your head!

Grey Hulk: Oh, now this is embarrassing.

"The Incredible Hulk: Hulk of a Different Color (#2.1)" (1997)
She-Hulk: When this is over, I expect some major league grovelling from you, Hulkster.
Grey Hulk: You got it. Soon as a wad that popcorn-head into a hacky sack.

Grey Hulk: You backstabbin' bulb-brain. I'm gonna waste this place. I'm gonna trash... gonna bash... gonna smash!

"The Incredible Hulk: They Call Me Mr. Fixit (#2.4)" (1997)
Gray Hulk: They call me Mr. Fixit. I work for...
She-Hulk: ...Lady Green. And where here to take over this highjacked booty.

'Crusher' Creel: Whoa, whoa, whah, hold it, Cement Head, let's deal. Allure wants Bruce Banner. You want your health. Give him back, and youz can leave unharmed.
Grey Hulk: I always leave unharmed. You on the other hand...

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (2005) (VG)
Grey Hulk: Hey, look! I got me a heavy object!

"The Incredible Hulk: Mission: Incredible (#2.8)" (1997)
Grey Hulk: [to She-Hulk] I dunno what's worse, listening to your lame jokes or being strung up here like a mutant Pinocchio.