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She-Hulk (Character)
from "The Incredible Hulk" (1996)

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"The Incredible Hulk: Mind Over Anti-Matter (#2.3)" (1997)
She-Hulk: Hey, hey, hey, Doctor Weird, what do you think you're...
[they are transported to Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum]
She-Hulk: ... doing?
Doctor Strange: Not 'weird', Strange. I am Strange.
She-Hulk: Yeah, yeah. tomato's tomato's.

She-Hulk: If that outta town brain squatter wants a rift, then lets give him a rift!

She-Hulk: [Doctor Strange and She-Hulk have entered Bruce Banner's mind] Are you sure we're in his mind and not, you know, up his nose or something?

She-Hulk: These legs aren't just for decoration, you know.

Doctor Strange: I must admit I've often fantasized about trying this thrilling endeavor, but it just never seemed appropriate.
She-Hulk: Well, doc, time to spit in the eye of what's appropriate.

"Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.: The Venom Within (#1.14)" (2013)
Skaar: Time to smash! Skaar destroy everything best!
She-Hulk: Fifty tacos says I bring down this whole building faster than any of you. Hah.
Red Hulk: Ha! You think you can out smash old Red? Hail to the smashing king!
She-Hulk: Maybe, if you can smash stuff with your mouth.
A-Bomb: Pay up, smashers. Those 50 tacos are all mine. A-Bomb's away!

Red Hulk: So what exactly is a Venom, anyway?
A-Bomb: Definitely some kind of blobby alien. Probably hitched a ride on a meteor.
Spider-Man: If only. Picture a blob of murderous goo that can possess anyone it touches. No fun.
She-Hulk: How do you know so much about this thing?
Spider-Man: Heh. Funny story. Or long awful story. It was kind of created from my blood.

She-Hulk: Okay, we need a new plan!
Red Hulk: If we could just slow it down.
A-Bomb: That's it. In the movies they always freeze the hideous man-eating slime.
Spider-Man: Wait a second. You're actually thinking without using your fists?
A-Bomb: Yeah, well, today hasn't been the best for knuckle sandwiches.

Red Hulk: I'll power wash that big booger right off of green jeans.
She-Hulk: Careful with those missiles. It's my cousin in there.
She-Hulk: Don't worry, Shulkie. Just gonna take a little off the top.

"The Incredible Hulk: Fantastic Fortitude (#1.8)" (1996)
She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters): Six years, I dragged myself, kicking and screaming, into health clubs, and zilch! Now, one little green blood transfusion from you and... va voom!
[throws off her hat]
She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters): Oh yea, not even Jane Fonda can crack concrete like this girl.

She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters): Ain't it clear?
She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters): Gamma is a girl's best friend.

Dock Worker: Hey babe, you got a phone number?
She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters): I'm way out of your area code, "babe". Now pardon me, 'cause I'm feeling my super oats!

"The Incredible Hulk: They Call Me Mr. Fixit (#2.4)" (1997)
Ms. Allure: Lady Green... So nice to finally set eyes on you. My eyes of power. And the power of Allure!
She-Hulk: [not affected by Allure's hypnotising eyes] Ooh, you got me shaking like green jello.

Gray Hulk: They call me Mr. Fixit. I work for...
She-Hulk: ...Lady Green. And where here to take over this highjacked booty.

'Crusher' Creel: To me, powers or not, I'm here for you.
[kisses Allure passionately]
Ms. Allure: Turn that kiss into gold and we just might have something.
She-Hulk: [tearful] I am such a sucker for romance.

"The Incredible Hulk: Down Memory Lane (#2.2)" (1997)
She-Hulk: Well, my green heels are dragging and my green eyes are baling. I'd say I've had better days.

She-Hulk: [She-Hulk's car has been stolen] No perp's gonna bag my ride without donating some teeth!
Bruce Banner: I'll cut 'em off at Pass Avenue.

Ogress: [holding She-Hulk in a bear hug] What's the matter, Hulkstress? Not taking your vitamins?
She-Hulk: Don't try to be witty, you don't have the brain cels for it.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: So Pretty When They Explode! (#2.11)" (2011)
She-Hulk: So, Iron Man, how come you never called?
Thor: [whistles] Awkward!
[Herbie coos at the messanger droid]
Iron Man: Oh, yeah, I, I washed my armor and your number was in the pocket.

Iron Man: Thor, Hercules and Thor will directly after Thanos and the Power Stone.
Hercules: Aye, butts shall be kicked today!
Thor: Hah! The son of Odin shall not fail thee.
Iron Man: She-Hulk, you and I will focus on flirting and rescuing Nova.
She-Hulk: Hm, could be fun.

She-Hulk: Should we be worried?
Hercules: I think not, asparagus-colored one.
She-Hulk: Then we should be worried.

"Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.: The Tale of Hercules (#2.16)" (2015)
Hercules: You fight well, jade vixen! Perhaps you were an Amazon princess in a past life!
She-Hulk: No Amazon's got nothing on me!

She-Hulk: [eats a cheeseburger] After fighting all those minotaurs, I kinda lost the appetite for beef.
Skaar: Skaar not care, Skaar eat anything!
Hercules: I like your attitude, Skaar!

"The Incredible Hulk: Hulk of a Different Color (#2.1)" (1997)
She-Hulk: When this is over, I expect some major league grovelling from you, Hulkster.
Grey Hulk: You got it. Soon as a wad that popcorn-head into a hacky sack.

She-Hulk: Seatbelts on? Let's blow!

"The Incredible Hulk: Hollywood Rocks (#2.6)" (1997)
She-Hulk: I am Greena, Warrior Princess!

She-Hulk: [gasps] Doom...
Dr. Doom: Oh yes, I have returned. You see, today is my sequel. As for you, well lets just say you'll end up on the cutting room floor.

"The Incredible Hulk: Fashion Warriors (#2.5)" (1997)
She-Hulk: [holding up her fashion show outfit] Ooh! Just my style: shiny and tiny.

Jae: A laundry Chute.
She-Hulk: Then lets make like yesterday's wash.

"The Incredible Hulk: Mission: Incredible (#2.8)" (1997)
She-Hulk: Oh great, Grey Hulk's here. No doubt with the grace of a hippo on ice...

She-Hulk: It's like we stepped right into a Roger Corman flick.

"The Incredible Hulk: Enter: She-Hulk (#1.11)" (1983)
She-Hulk: Hulk, do you know me? I'm the She-Hulk.
The Hulk: No! Only one Hulk!
Supreme Hydra: That's right, Hulk. The She-Hulk is your enemy.
She-Hulk: No, don't listen to him!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (2011) (VG)
Hulk: Hulk no like fighting girls.
She-Hulk: You know what they say. The female is the deadlier of the species.

"The Incredible Hulk: The Lost Village (#2.7)" (1997)
She-Hulk: [buying clothes in Tibet] You got something shorter and tighter?
[sniffs the garment]
She-Hulk: Preferably not woven out of yak hair?

"The Incredible Hulk: Doomed (#1.7)" (1996)
She-Hulk: [speaking into walkie talkie] Hulk, don't listen to Doom's claptrap. You gotta turn back, baby. Doctor Doom's been a naughty, naughty boy. He doesn't care what happens to you. Come back to cousin Hulkster. You remember, don't you? You and me all the way, green sheeps of the family. I love you.