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Rick Jones (Character)
from "The Incredible Hulk" (1996)

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"Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.: The Venom Within (#1.14)" (2013)
Skaar: Time to smash! Skaar destroy everything best!
She-Hulk: Fifty tacos says I bring down this whole building faster than any of you. Hah.
Red Hulk: Ha! You think you can out smash old Red? Hail to the smashing king!
She-Hulk: Maybe, if you can smash stuff with your mouth.
A-Bomb: Pay up, smashers. Those 50 tacos are all mine. A-Bomb's away!

Spider-Man: Oh. Well, I can bust up stuff, too. Check this out.
[punches a bell]
Spider-Man: Ow, ow, ow.
A-Bomb: If you want to smash, you got to learn from the pros as a guest smasher on my web show!
Spider-Man: Heh. No thanks. I'm a camera shy kind of guy. And I know smashing plus spiders equals bad.

Red Hulk: So what exactly is a Venom, anyway?
A-Bomb: Definitely some kind of blobby alien. Probably hitched a ride on a meteor.
Spider-Man: If only. Picture a blob of murderous goo that can possess anyone it touches. No fun.
She-Hulk: How do you know so much about this thing?
Spider-Man: Heh. Funny story. Or long awful story. It was kind of created from my blood.

She-Hulk: Okay, we need a new plan!
Red Hulk: If we could just slow it down.
A-Bomb: That's it. In the movies they always freeze the hideous man-eating slime.
Spider-Man: Wait a second. You're actually thinking without using your fists?
A-Bomb: Yeah, well, today hasn't been the best for knuckle sandwiches.

A-Bomb: Spidey, what if this stuff ices Hulk, too?
Spider-Man: Probably can't freeze him solid.
A-Bomb: Probably? It'll be fine, trust me.
Spider-Man: I'm a science nerd. I'm usually right.
A-Bomb: Usually?
Spider-Man: Will you just drive!

"The Incredible Hulk: The Hulk Destroys Bruce Banner (#1.13)" (1983)
Rick Jones: I'll bet that's the first time a target ever shot back.

Rick Jones: [about Noodlehead Ned] There he goes, off on another wild Hulk chase.
Betty Ross: Why did the Hulk do it, Bruce? Why did he stop you from beaming through?
Dr. Bruce Banner: It was an accident, Betty. The Hulk just showed up at the wrong time.
Betty Ross: Then it wasn't the Hulk's fault. Oh, poor monster. I hope he never comes back.
Narrator: No one hopes it more than Bruce Banner. For as long as the monster lives, he can never tell the girl in his arms how much he loves her.

Rick Jones: [lying on the edge of a cliff] Which way now, doc?
Dr. Bruce Banner: Straight down, Rick. That's the only way to avoid them.
Rick Jones: Doc, in case you forgot: you're the Hulk, not Spider-Man.

"The Incredible Hulk: Bruce Banner Unmasked (#1.6)" (1982)
Rick Jones: Come on, we got to destroy those puppets.

Rick Jones: [sitting down at the Puppet Master's console] I hope I can remember all that stuff Doc Banner told me about computer programming...

Dr. Bruce Banner: Alright, Rick, out with it. Why doesn't anybody remember that I'm the Hulk?
Rick Jones: Simple. Before I blew up all the puppets, I programmed the computer to erase that knowledge from their minds. Except mine of course. I even had it make a puppet of the Puppet Master in order for him to forget it too.

"The Incredible Hulk: The Cyclops Project (#1.5)" (1982)
The Hulk: Hulk not like machines!
Rick Jones: I can tell. We've gotta get out of here before something else goes wrong.
Narrator: But Rick is too late. Something is going wrong. Something indescribably dangerous.

Rick Jones: [facing a holographic image of a puma] Nice kitty. I wish I had a hologram of some milk.

Cyclops computer: Join me, Dr. Banner, and I will cure you.
Dr. Bruce Banner: Yes. I agree.
Rick Jones: Doc, you can't mean it! I never thought you'd sell out the human race.

"The Incredible Hulk: The Incredible Shrinking Hulk (#1.9)" (1982)
Betty Ross: Ned, Lets not stay too long. I'm really worried about Dr. Banner.
Maj. Talbot: Oh? Aren't you concerned at all with my problems? I mean, I have responsibilities too, you know.
Betty Ross: You were telling us about the new tank that's going to be tested tomorrow?
Maj. Talbot: That's right, and I'm in charge of the entire operation!
Rita: What kind of tank is it?
Maj. Talbot: What kind? Oh, well, it's big. Huge for that matter, all computerized, and, and...
Rick Jones: And what?
Maj. Talbot: It's Top Secret, that's all I can say.
Betty Ross: Well then, why did you bring it up, Ned?

Rick Jones: Oh no! It's heading this way!
Betty Ross: It might destroy the lab! Oh, where's Bruce? Oh, never mind, there's nothing he could do anyway.
Rick Jones: That's what you think.

The Hulk: [Rick is carrying the tiny Hulk in one hand] Rick help Hulk. Rick big now.
Rick Jones: Yeah. So you gotta do what I say for a change, right?
The Hulk: No. but Hulk do.

"Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.: The Tale of Hercules (#2.16)" (2015)
[the Hulks were turned into statues, and had pigeons roost on them]
A-Bomb: [revived] ... What's an egg doing in my ear?

A-Bomb: To Hercules!
Hercules: No, no. You're kind, but I do not deserve such a toast. Today we raise our cups to Hulk, the hero of the day!

"The Incredible Hulk: Origin of the Hulk (#1.3)" (1982)
Rio: You mean you're working now? Isn't that funny. To me, a totally impartial observer, it looks like you're just hanging around, making goo-goo eyes at my daughter, whose name is Rita, not Sugar Plum.
Rick Jones: Right, pops.
Rio: And my name is Rio, not Pops, Daddy-o, or The Big Mustachio.

Dr. Bruce Banner: Do yourself a favor, Rick. Stay as far away from me as you can, for your own safety.
Rick Jones: Can't do that, Doc. It's my fault that this happened.

"The Incredible Hulk: Prisoner of the Monster (#1.2)" (1982)
Dr. Bruce Banner: Say, little friend, are you up to being a best man?
Rick Jones: Hey, you mean you're gonna ask Miss Ross to...
Dr. Bruce Banner: I'm free now, Rick. I can live my own life. And Betty's gonna be a big part of it.

Computer: Information computed shows that only one thing can defeat the solar chrystalizer: The Hulk. The Hulk. The Hulk. The Hulk.
Dr. Bruce Banner: No! No, it's impossible! I'm cured! I can't become the Hulk again.
Rick Jones: The Hulk is dead! You're cured!
Dr. Bruce Banner: Rick, there's no other choice. The weapon will destroy cities, innocent people. It will let Spy Master control the world.
Computer: The Hulk. The Hulk. The Hulk. The Hulk.

"The Incredible Hulk: The Return of the Beast: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1996)
Rick Jones: [to Bruce] Say, where'd you pick up the bug-eyed fanclub, Trekker convention?

"The Incredible Hulk: Innocent Blood (#1.5)" (1996)
Rick Jones: [after encountering Ghost Rider] Holy Ichabod Crane! There's a face to launch a thousand ghost ships.

"The Incredible Hulk: Fantastic Fortitude (#1.8)" (1996)
Rick Jones: Uh-oh Mr. Jones...

"The Incredible Hulk: Tomb of the Unknown Hulk (#1.1)" (1982)
The Hulk: Hulk like cave. Like quiet.
Rick Jones: Glad to hear it.

"The Incredible Hulk: It Lives! It Grows! It Destroys! (#1.8)" (1982)
Narrator: It's finally happened. For the first time in his life, the Hulk faces danger that can't be defeated by brute strength alone. If he can't even help himself? What can he do to safe Rick and Betty?
Betty Ross: Rick, I'm all out of ideas...
Rick Jones: And I'm running out of hope.

"The Incredible Hulk: The Return of the Beast: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1996)
Rick Jones: Welll... sorry, Ed, don't mean to sleaze out on ya like this, but I got a friend in a jam, so I'm rockin' 'n rollin'. Thanks for everything!
[rides off on his motorcycle]

"The Incredible Hulk: Darkness and Light: Part 3 (#1.13)" (1996)
Rick Jones: Uh-oh... trouble in Gamma city.