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Uatu the Watcher (Character)
from "Fantastic Four" (1967)

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"Silver Surfer: The Origin of the Silver Surfer: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1998)
[first lines]
Watcher Prime: Behold, the universe. Incredibly complex, yet wonderfully simple. It encompasses all of creation, while racing towards its ultimate end. Within this maelstrom of growth and destruction lies millions of galaxies, billions of stars and planets.

Watcher Prime: I am the Watcher. It is my task to note all events of significance in this part of the cosmos. Only to note them, never to interfere. This task brings me great joy, and great sorrow.

Watcher Prime: Galactus comes with a single purpose: to feed on your world. He himself is neither good nor evil. Whether or not your survive is of no significance to him. You on Zenn-La have the power to reach into the hearts and minds of others. Your ways have changed the destinies of whole galaxies. Now, you must change your own.

Norrin Radd: Watcher! If this world means so much to you, show yourself! I know you are there!
Watcher Prime: I feel great pity and sorrow for you all.
Norrin Radd: Pity? Sorrow? You dare! What kind of monster are you to... to claim sorrow but refuse to help those in need? You have already broken your vow. Now you, who have witnessed the depredations of Galactus for eons, must tell us more! You WILL tell us more!
Watcher Prime: For what purpose? Galactus cannot be swayed.
Norrin Radd: You must know something that can save our world. Tell me his secret. NOW!

Watcher Prime: Behold the universe: incredibly complex, yet wonderfully simple. Tragedy becomes triumph. And triumph turns tragic once more.

[last lines]
Watcher Prime: Once, on a planet of wisdom known as Zenn-La, there lived a man of nobility and courage. Now a new being lives in his stead. Behold, the Silver Surfer!

Watcher Prime: Master of Zenn-La, I am breaking my most sacred vow. For millennia, the teachings of Zenn-La have been a beacon of light and sanity in a universe darkened by chaos and strife. Now, in the hope that this light not be extinguished I bring you the most dire of warnings. Know, all of you, that the being called Galactus is approaching!

Watcher Prime: This sector alone holds countless civilizations. Sentient life, so varied that no one race would have been able to imagine the others. Throughout the ages these civilizations have encountered each other time and time again, and demeaned their cultures and beliefs. Two societies, however - the Kree, a race so old that is is the basic stock which evolved all others, and the Skrull, avaricious upstart that live only to serve their hive mother - have dedicated themselves to the subjugation of all others. For countless eons they have battled each other for supremacy, with neither side able to gain a discernible advantage. Now a new power has entered the sector. A power so great it makes everything else pale... Galactus, an immutable force as old as time. Galactus possesses an incalculable knowledge and strength like a shark gliding through an intergalactic sea. Galactus uses his knowledge for only one thing: to find planets whose cores contain the nutrients that will enable him to survive. So great are his needs that he cares not for any consequence save his own nourishment. And after he is fed, the shark that he is, all Galactus can do is move on.

"Silver Surfer: The Origin of the Silver Surfer: Part 3 (#1.3)" (1998)
The Silver Surfer: Watcher! Watcher, where is my world? Where is my home? Tell me, please.
Watcher Prime: I cannot tell you. So mighty is Galactus that he has moved Zenn-La to a place where it is hidden, even from me. Truly I am sorry.

[last lines]
Watcher Prime: I am the Watcher. It is my task to note all events of significance in this part of the cosmos. This task brings me great joy, and great sorrow.

[first lines]
Watcher Prime: For millennia, the peaceful teachings of the world of Zenn-La have brought the universe wisdom and hope. Attempting to ease his eternal hunger for energy, the unvanquishable being known as Galactus struck at Zenn-La. The destruction of the planet appeared immanent. Then Norrin Radd, a brilliant young student, made a fateful covenant with the despoiler. In return for the sparing of Zenn-La Norrin Radd gave up his home and his love to become Galactus' herald and scout as the Silver Surfer. He soared to the ends of the universe finding planets for his master to devour. With his memories hidden from him the Silver Surfer never understood why he was so moved by the plight of Galactus' victims until he was forced into mental battle with the tyrant Thanos, an entity dedicated to universal annihilation. During the conflict the mental barrier erected by Galactus was breached and the Silver Surfer's awareness of his past returned only to be lost once more leaving an even greater sense of loneliness and betrayal. As the Silver Surfer confronts his master about his treachery, it is my duty to observe all that occurs here. For I am the Watcher. And this is the sight of Galactus' latest depredation, a small blue and green world its inhabitants call Earth.

"Fantastic Four: The Silver Surfer & the Coming of Galactus: Part 1 (#1.5)" (1994)
Mr. Fantastic: Galactus must have seen us! Why doesn't he say anything?
The Watcher: Do you greet the cockroaches on your kitchen floor?
Invisible Woman: We don't have cockroaches!

"The Super Hero Squad Show: This Al Dente Earth! (#1.26)" (2010)
Uatu: Galactus prefers to drain life energy from a planet's creamy magma filling first and save the crunchy outer shell for last.
Reptil: Hey, you're the Watcher, right? Another cosmic entity guy? Why don't you do something?
Uatu: I did. I made popcorn.