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Galactus (Character)
from "Fantastic Four" (1967)

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"Silver Surfer: The Origin of the Silver Surfer: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1998)
Norrin Radd: Galactus, I am Norrin Radd of the planet Zenn-La. I am not here to beg nor ask you for your mercy. Instead I've come to make you an offer. I can help you. I can give you the one thing that even the great Galactus needs.
[Galactus laughs]
Norrin Radd: Galactus, are you listening to me?
Galactus: Your presumptuousness amuses me, Norrin Radd of Zenn-La. You have set yourself a lofty goal. How can one such as you help one such as I? I, who needs nothing, who desires nothing!

Norrin Radd: Great Galactus, do you not desire to survive?
Galactus: [laughs] The tiny mite grows even bolder! Tell me, what is it Galactus needs to survive?
Norrin Radd: Planets! An endless supply of planets to consume! Your constant search depletes you. And that date is coming when you will not find your next meal in time. It need not be so. Spare Zenn-La and I will serve you as a net serves a fisherman. Cast me out into the sea of space, and I will find the worlds you need!

Galactus: I am Galactus. My powers are limitless. In all the universe there is nothing I cannot do. Ah, yet I grow so weary of the endless search...

The Silver Surfer: Master, I am ready to serve.
Galactus: Then go, my Silver Surfer. The space waves beckon. And the great hunger is upon me once more.
The Silver Surfer: To me, my board!

The Silver Surfer: [regards Zenn-La] What of this planet, Master?
Galactus: I gave a promise once to an honorable man. That planet is not for such as we.

Galactus: To perform your task as my herald, Norrin Radd, you must become far more than merely a man. I bestow upon you a part of my own Power Cosmic. You shall absorb boundless strength from the cosmos itself. Needing no food to eat. Nor water to drink. Nor air to breathe. You shall be able to transmute the elements. And to heal others as well as yourself. Cosmic bolts of awesome power shall be yours to hurl. And neither the frigid cold of the deepest space or the blazing heat of the brightest star shall harm your shielded body. Most importantly, I shall give you the means to travel faster than the fastest starship. So you may soar to the ends of the universe and beyond. Norrin Radd exists no more. You are newborn my herald. Even your mind is a new page on which I shall write. ARISE!

Galactus: I am waiting.
Norrin Radd: Just another moment. Please...
Galactus: It is time.

"Silver Surfer: The Origin of the Silver Surfer: Part 3 (#1.3)" (1998)
Galactus: This planet dies so that I may live. A course of events that has occurred a billion times before.
The Silver Surfer: But it has been wrong a billion times before. This place reminds me of Zenn-La, and given the time it too might become such a refuge. But even if it did not, still would its life be sacrosanct. I MUST MAKE MY STAND!
Galactus: Your stand will destroy you.
The Silver Surfer: Better to perish for what I believe in, than endure forever as a traitor to life!
Galactus: Then so be it!

The Silver Surfer: Galactus, the time has come for us to talk.
Galactus: There is no need, my herald. I have found a planet with more life energy that I ever dared imagine. And for that reason I forgive your failure to perform your duties. For now.
The Silver Surfer: But I do not forgive you!
Galactus: Those are audacious words, Silver Surfer.
The Silver Surfer: I want my life back! I demand my soul! I pledged that I would serve you, not give up my past!
Galactus: We would discuss this another time, my Silver Surfer. For now it is your duty - no, your obligation to seek out my next source of energy!
The Silver Surfer: It is YOUR obligation to return my memories. For now and ever more!
Galactus: I said GO!

Galactus: Audacity is one thing, my Silver Surfer. But rebellion is quite another. You have accomplished something that no force in the universe ever has before.
The Silver Surfer: What is that?
Galactus: You have forced me to interrupt my repast. I do not know whether to congratulate you for this unique deed, or vaporize you.
The Silver Surfer: Do what you will, my former master. But I cannot allow you to kill any more!'
Galactus: [laughs] Former master? FORMER, you say? Can it be that I have been wrong about you, Silver Surfer? You are neither audacious nor rebellious, but simply mad!
The Silver Surfer: Perhaps I was to believe that I could make any agreement with you! But now I know the truth!
Galactus: And because of that you would attempt to destroy your creator - permit no mistake about it, your creator I am! I took away your memories because it was necessary. I knew that with them you would never be able to serve me.
The Silver Surfer: Galactus, can you not understand? I no longer care about what you've done to me. It's what you are doing to this world!

Frankie Raye: Ah man, talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire...
Galactus: You are from the planet below. How did you come to be here?
Frankie Raye: Guess it must just be my lucky day!
Galactus: You have a rare gene, triggered by the Power Cosmic itself; it enables you to unerringly find whatever you seek. I do not know what a frying pan is. However, I can extend to you the gift of fire...

The Silver Surfer: What has happened? Where is Zenn-La?
Galactus: Norrin Radd, I said that you could leave me. And I have kept my word. But never did I say you could return to Zenn-La.

The Silver Surfer: I live. And... and so does the planet. You have abandoned it. Why?
Galactus: Since the dawn of time the purpose of my life has been my continued survival. To that end have I devoted all my great power. But you, Silver Surfer, in your willingness to pay the ultimate price for the well-being of others you do not even know and demonstrated a strength and courage that even the great Galactus shall never possess. Norrin Radd, we can trust each other no more. Consider this world a parting gift.
The Silver Surfer: You will release me? I can go?
Galactus: You must go. And with you take the Power Cosmic. Not as my blessing, but as my curse. The power shall be like a brand, marking its bearer for all time. Let us see those for whom the Silver Surfer has been so willing to sacrifice... can never overcome their fear and hatred of you!
The Silver Surfer: Mighty Galactus, I shall prove you wrong about the people of the universe...
Galactus: GO! You are condemned!

"Silver Surfer: The Origin of the Silver Surfer: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1998)
The Silver Surfer: Master.
Galactus: My herald. Never have I fed as well as I have since you joined me.
The Silver Surfer: Master? Often have I wondered, when did I join you? And why?
Galactus: [chuckles] Always are you questioning. Always restless. And to think, once I foolishly thought that unlike myself lesser beings could be content.
The Silver Surfer: Do I amuse you, mighty Galactus?
Galactus: It is of no consequence. All that must concern you is that I obtain the energy I need. Now go my Silver Surfer. Soon, this planet will be drained, and the great hunger will be upon me once more!

Galactus: My herald. This world is no more. Its energies absorbed. Never before have you failed to summon me to a new planet by the time I was finished with the old. Now you are strangely silent. Is it possible that you have gone back on your word?
Galactus: The Silver Surfer, I hunger.

[last lines]
The Silver Surfer: GALACTUS!
Galactus: You have failed me, my herald. But I will let it go, this time. For now I am well pleased. I have found a world with more life energy than any I have encountered before.

"Fantastic Four: When Calls Galactus (#2.8)" (1994)
Invisible Woman: Galactus, I beg you! Stop in the name of humanity!
Galactus: What knows Galactus of humanity? I do what I must!

Ghost Rider: They call me Ghost Rider. I am summoned when innocent blood is shed... and you have shed much innocent blood. Do you dare face the agony of those you have slain?
Galactus: Mortal or demon, whichever you be, begone! Galactus has no time for games!
Ghost Rider: This is no game.
[uses his Penance Stare]
Ghost Rider: Feel the torment of a billion billion extinguished souls. Experience the pain of eternal guilt!
Galactus: [in pain] NOOO!
Ghost Rider: My task is complete. I leave you now, Galactus, in mortal hands.

Galactus: Reed Richards, you saved my life when it would have been far easier to do otherwise. For this act, Galactus willingly renews his pledge to spare your planet. Perhaps here, as nowhere else in the limitless cosmos, Galactus has found those he might dare name... friends.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes (2013) (VG)
Galactus: I'm still hungry! I need something to eat!

Loki: Can't we talk about this?
Galactus: No! I bet you taste minty and cool. I need a palate cleanser!

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006) (VG)
Galactus: Such... insignificant creatures. They dare to steal from Galactus? For that, I shall destroy their planet!

Galactus: Your loss is inevitable!

"The Super Hero Squad Show: Last Exit Before Doomsday! (#1.25)" (2010)
Galactus: Galactus must eat. Who cares what happens to the puny creatures that live on my food?

Galactus: Finish prepairing the Earth. I'd like an early dinner. There is a game on at six.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: This Al Dente Earth! (#1.26)" (2010)
Galactus: Infinity reflux. It happens when I eat between planets. A few burnt continents will clear that up.

"Fantastic Four: To Battle the Living Planet (#2.6)" (1995)
Ego the Living Planet: You are but a simple being! I am an entire world!
Galactus: Good. Your words are true. But in all of space, I stand alone! I am Galactus, the be-all and end-all of the universe!

"Silver Surfer: The Planet of Dr. Moreau (#1.4)" (1998)
Galactus: My Herald, the great hunger is upon me. Where is the next world upon which I can feed?

"The Super Hero Squad Show: Alienating with the Surfer! (#2.8)" (2011)
Galactus: I'm so famished. I need a nice, planetary snack. Something Skrully, with just a hint of oregano.