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Falcon (Character)
from Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

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"The Super Hero Squad Show: Days, Nights, and Weekends of Future Past! (Six Against Infinity, Part 2) (#2.16)" (2011)
Sentinel: Alert. One unidentified hero and one assistant. Or possibly a talking parking meter. This unit will apprehend the obviously weaker unit.
Falcon: Hey!

Falcon: No way, it can't be. You? Reptil?
The Man: You were expecting maybe Squirrel Girl?

Falcon: What is wrong with the future? I thought the future was going to be flying cars. Not vacuum cleaners with spinning blades of death.
Old Magneto: That's nothing. You should see the flying cars with the spinning blades of death.

Falcon: Wanda, you don't know me, but forty years ago, in another dimension, we were friends.
Scarlet Empress: Yeah, that's what they all say.

Falcon: Magneto?
Old Magneto: You were expecting maybe Squirrel Girl?

Captain America: Civil War (2016)
Falcon: What do we do?
Captain America: We fight.

Spider-Man: [after taking down the Falcon and webbing him up] Are those carbon fiber wings?
Falcon: Is this stuff coming out of you?

Falcon: [after being trapped by Spider-Man] I don't know if you've been in a fight before, but there's usually not this much talking.
Spider-Man: All right, sorry. My bad.

Winter Soldier: [webbed down after the Falcon got rid of Spider-Man] You couldn't have done that earlier?
Falcon: [also webbed down] I hate you.

Bucky Barnes: [referring to Zemo] We gotta go. That guy's probably in Siberia by now.
Captain America: We need to draw out the flyers... I'll take Vision. You get to the jet.
Falcon: [being chased by War Machine] No, you get to the jet! Both of you! The rest of us aren't getting out of here!
Hawkeye: As much as I hate to admit it, if we're gonna win this one, some of us might have to lose it.
Captain America: Alright, Sam. What's the plan?
Falcon: We need a diversion. Something big!
Ant-Man: I got something kinda big, but I can't hold it very long. On my signal, run like hell, and if I tear myself in half, don't come back for me.
Bucky Barnes: [uncertainly] He's gonna tear himself in half?
Captain America: You sure about this, Scott?
Ant-Man: I do it all the time. I mean, once... In a lab. And I passed out.
[breathes deeply]
Ant-Man: I'm the boss, I'm the boss, I'm the boss...

"Avengers: United They Stand: To Rule Atlantis (#1.7)" (2000)
Falcon: [to Hawkeye in quiet amusement after Namor tosses a boulder in frustration] Whoa. *That* was a 6.4 on the Richter scale.

Tigra: [shaking with fear] I-I-I don't matter!
Falcon: No. You *do* matter to the team, and to me.

Dr. Henry 'Hank' Pym: Vision - how's the recharge coming?
Falcon: If he's not strong enough to fight yet,
Falcon: at least he's gonna have a great tan.
Vision: [Ant-Man laughs] Is something funny?
[Vision lowers his sunglasses onto his nose to glance back from where he lays on the jet's nose beneath an aluminum-foil sheet]
Vision: [everyone else laughs]

Falcon: [about Namor] I thought old pointy-ears was one of the good guys.
Janet Van Dyne: When it suits him.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: And Lo... A Pilot Shall Come! (#1.1)" (2009)
Falcon: Look down there, Hulk.
Hulk: Whoa, monster's not puny. Now only bird puny!
Falcon: Hey, hey, I'm 5'11", okay?

Falcon: Seems to me like Lava Lab 2 is no improvement over Lava Lab 1.
Iron Man: Uhh, a little bit. Lava Lab 1 melted.

Ms. Marvel: You are not cleared to move the Hellicarrier!
Falcon: Hold on, Ms. M. The Squad doesn't work for you. You're not my boss. Just my landlady.
Ms. Marvel: [furious] Oh, really? Well!

Falcon: Guys, I'm gonna make this right. Mole-A-free-hole-A shouldn't have gotten that fractal from us.

"Avengers: United They Stand: Egg-Streme Vengeance (#1.10)" (2000)
Vision: I do not understand this ritual.
Falcon: [chuckles] Well, Vision, parades are a kind of celebration; they're - fun.
Vision: So, it is "fun" to stand exposed to a wind-chill factor of minus-ten, and view oddly-decorated vehicles and large bags of helium?

Falcon: Where are all the security guards?
[a statue spins around and shoots its gun, they dodge fire]
Falcon: Sorry I asked.

Wasp: Henry! Henry?
[looks around]
Wasp: He's-he's... gone! No!
Tigra: Where'd he go?
Vision: Perhaps he did not go anywhere.
Falcon: You mean, he kept on shrinking?... Everyone stop! Don't make a move!
Hawkeye: [looks on his shoe-soles] Oh, boy! I hope that's a piece of gum!
Tigra: Not funny, Hawkeye!

"The Super Hero Squad Show: Hulk Talk Smack! (#1.4)" (2009)
Falcon: Stay back, Wasp, I don't want you to get hurt.
Wasp: Me, get hurt? Please! I saved you six times just this last month. Seven if you count the time you got stuck in the bathroom.

Iron Man: Eh, did I just lose an argument... with the Hulk?
Falcon: Told ya.

"Avengers: United They Stand: Shooting Stars (#1.8)" (2000)
Falcon: There's the Nuclear Weapons Platform - Tony Stark's space-station!
Hawkeye: [Whistles] Wonder if the room-service is any good!

Falcon: Hey, do you think Ultron's behind all this?
Ant-Man: Ultron would've let us know by now. He likes to brag too much.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: This Forest Green! (#1.10)" (2009)
Silver Surfer: You seem sad. Is it that clown?
Falcon: [sighs] I'm the weakest guy here, Surfer. Wolvie craters the pavement, then he walks it off. I get my feathers ruffled, and I almost don't make it.
Silver Surfer: Almost only counts in horseshoes and supernovas. Your speed factor is unparalled.
Falcon: Quicksilver's faster.
Silver Surfer: After Quicksilver though.
Falcon: Whizzer, Maccari, Northstar...

Falcon: How can I get six guys out of a nose without picking it?

"Avengers: United They Stand: Comes a Swordsman (#1.4)" (1999)
Hawkeye: Not bad... for a beginner.
Falcon: You always work out with this room set on low?

Hawkeye: Heads up, rookie!
Falcon: I'm on it, old-timer!

"The Super Hero Squad Show: If This Be My Thanos! (#1.12)" (2009)
Human Torch: Whoohoo! You're pretty fast, Falcon, but the Human Torch is too hot to handle!
Falcon: So tell me, Torch, are all of your catchphrases just different ways of saying how hot you are?
Human Torch: Yeah, you'd think I'd get tired of it, but no. Whoohoo, yeah!

Falcon: I found this in the lab. Now eat Alien laser cannon!
[fires the device, but the Lethal Legion remain standing]
H.E.R.B.I.E.: Not an alien laser. That's an alien flashlight.
Falcon: [nervous laughter] Oh boy.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: Tremble at the Might of M.O.D.O.K.! (#1.14)" (2009)
Iron Man: These readings show M.O.D.O.K. is now more powerful than Doom.
Falcon: That fractal stone has really gone to his head. Get it? You see, it's lodged in his forehead. It's right in the middle there, between the eyebrow and his...
Wolverine: He's nothing but a head. Where else would it get stuck?
Thor: Oh, M.O.D.O.K., lord of the villains? Odin's doughnuts, it can not be.
Iron Man: Yeah, it can. Fortunately, I'm working on the S.A.P.S.S. S.A.P.S.S., the Stark Anti-Power Sucking System. That'll give us some protection.
Falcon: Uh, well, even so, that hyper head is already in the Hulk's class.
Hulk: Ugh, Hulk not in Hulk's class.
Hulk: [pokes his chest] Ow. Hulk got strong.

[Loki changes Thor's helmet into a dodo bird, Redwing has love in his eyes]
Thor: They steal-eth my powers and change-eth mine cool helmet.
Falcon: Hey, nobody plays matchmaker to my bird.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: World War Witch! (#2.3)" (2010)
Iron Man: We got time issues. She's somewhere in the past.
Falcon: You mean Wanda is... history?

Falcon: We have to go back in time and get Wanda. Anyone got a spare time travel machine?
Iron Man: I wish I could help, but my last time travel experiment caused a...
Hulk: [interrupting] Ooh! Paradox.
Iron Man: Hulk, how did you...
Hulk: [points towards a pair of ducks] Hulk like duckies.

"Avengers: United They Stand: What a Vision Has to Do (#1.9)" (2000)
Dr. Henry 'Hank' Pym: Falcon, are you in position up there?
Falcon: Yeah, got your signal, Chief. Had to leave just when the game was gettin' good. Remind me to ask Ultron for a refund.
Hawkeye: [on speaker] Fine. But if I see him first, there won't be a whole lot left to ask.

Hawkeye: Hey, Falcon - you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
Falcon: Let's find out.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: Night in the Sanctorum! (#1.9)" (2009)
Reptil: As you can see, I live, breathe, and dream Super Heroes.
Wolverine: Okay, now I'm scared.
Falcon: You got Ant-Man on your wall and not me? The Texas Twister? Now I'm just hurt.

Falcon: Let's just do this. I'm so tired I could rest in Hulk's armpit if I had too.
Hulk: [sniffs armpit] Ew. Hulk not lemony fresh.

"Avengers: United They Stand: Remnants (#1.5)" (1999)
Falcon: [whips his flashlight around upon hearing a bird-cry] Who's there? Show yourself!
Tigra: [touches his shoulder] Easy does it, big guy. I've seen you take on tanks. I don't think Polly-wants-a-cracker is gonna be a problem.

[as the Quinjet is attacked]
Hawkeye: Come on, Falcon. I don't know about you, but I hate to crash.
Falcon: Count me in!

"The Super Hero Squad Show: When Strikes the Surfer! (#2.25)" (2011)
Iron Man: Ready, Squaddies. Time to Hero Up!
Falcon: Wait! Too early in the show.

Dark Surfer: My old friends. I don't know whether to destroy you separately or all at once. So I'm going to do both.
[replicates himself into separate Soul Stone versions]
Dark Surfer: This is going to make the Big Bang look like a burp!
Iron Man: Come on, Squaddies. You know what to do. Uh, can I say it now?
Hulk, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Thor: Say it!
Iron Man: All right, Super Hero Squad, to save the entire universe, it's time to Hero Up!

"The Super Hero Squad Show: Blind Rage Knows No Color! (#2.9)" (2011)
Falcon: Check it out, Hulk is smashing the city like all the other times, he wasn't really trying.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: Enter Dormammu! (#1.5)" (2009)
Dormammu: [being pulled back into the Dark Dimension] You cannot defeat the dread Dormammu! I shall return.
Falcon: [holds a marshmallow on a stick up to Dormammu's head] Well, if you do, we'll be sure to bring more marshmallows. Because seriously, your head is on fire. Fire!
Human Torch: Like that's weird.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: Soul Stone Picnic! (#2.24)" (2011)
Falcon: Then we don't have much time to find the Dark Surfer.
Ms. Marvel: [appearing on viewscreen] I found the Dark Surfer.
Iron Man: That didn't take much time.
Ms. Marvel: The Watcher gave me a tip.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: Oh, Brother! (#1.7)" (2010)
Reptil: Is being bird-brained part of your power?
Falcon: No, but now I know why dinosaurs are extinct.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: From the Atom... It Rises! (#1.8)" (2009)
Falcon: I think Mole Man ate something dead for breakfast.

"Avengers: United They Stand: Avengers Assemble Part-Two (#1.2)" (1999)
Falcon: [chuckles when Redwing lands on Jarvis' shoulder] Hey, he likes you.
Edwin Jarvis: [dryly] Oh, joy, sir.

"Avengers Assemble: The New Guy (#2.19)" (2015)
Falcon: I thought you were bringing your whole lab?
Scott Lang: I did. Pym Particles really help when it comes to packing light.

"Avengers: United They Stand: Earth and Fire: Part One (#1.12)" (2000)
Tigra: [teasing] See if we you can get it out of first gear this time.
Falcon: Just watch me.

"Avengers Assemble: Head to Head (#2.8)" (2015)
Falcon: [in Hulk's body] Falcon SMASH!

"The Super Hero Squad Show: The Final Battle! ('Nuff Said!) (#2.26)" (2011)
Falcon: [to Surfer] You may be purple, but you're about to turn black and blue.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: Deadly Is the Black Widow's Bite! (#1.13)" (2009)
Wolverine: Let me tell you a secret, kid.
Falcon: [actually Mystique in disguise] Secret? Yes, tell me, what's the secret?
Wolverine: Never fall for the pretty super hero.
[snikts one claw]
Wolverine: Super heroes...
[snikts the second]
Wolverine: super villains...
[snikts the third]
Wolverine: and back up dancers. In that order.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: Revenge of the Baby Sat! (#2.23)" (2011)
Iron Man: Squaddies, feast your eyes on my latest invention.
Falcon: Squaddies, feast your eyes on my latest invention.
Iron Man: Ah, but inside the box: datadada! A mousetrap.
[the Squaddies are flabbergasted]
Scarlet Witch: That is supposed to be a mousetrap?
Iron Man: Not just any mousetrap, it's a Stark 1000 time-traveling mousetrap. It can go back in time and catch the mouse before it eats the cheese.

"Avengers: United They Stand: Command Decision (#1.6)" (1999)
Falcon: [grabbing an exhausted Ant-Man after he used his giant form to held up the bridge for the train] Easy, fearless leader. You've done your part.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: A Brat Walks Among Us! (#1.6)" (2009)
Luke Cage: [Captain America has just saved the mayor's life] Way to go! Major props. Major props.
Falcon: No,
Falcon: Captain America.
Misty Knight: I didn't come here to make cracks. Except in those super villains skulls.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: Alienating with the Surfer! (#2.8)" (2011)
Falcon: [to Hulk] You've gone from smelly to stinky to the world's mightiest stank.
Scarlet Witch: Yeah, you make Abomination smell fresh as a daisy.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: Stranger from a Savage Land! (#1.18)" (2009)
Falcon: Come on, Reptil, help me gather up these crooks.
Reptil: Alright. Then, let's go watch Wolverine heal.

"The Super Hero Squad Show: To Err Is Superhuman! (#1.2)" (2009)
Wrecker: The Super Hero Squad?
Falcon: And we weren't even wearing 'Hello, my name is' stickers.
Thor: [rips a sticker from his chest] And, once again, I did not get the memo.