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Moltar (Character)
from "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" (1994)

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"Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Idlewild South (#8.5)" (2003)
Space Ghost: Moltar, are you aware of the health risks caused by tall boys?
Moltar: Uh, yeah, but... it makes ya FEEL LIKE A COWBOY!
Space Ghost: It does?

Moltar: Maybe you should drink some water.
Space Ghost: You drink some water with your ass!

"Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Yorke and Björk in: Knifin' Around (#7.3)" (2001)
Moltar: Your wife's on the phone again.
Space Ghost: Uh, tell her I exploded and tell her it was very sad and that the last thing I said was "make sure my wife moves out of my condo."
Moltar: She says it's an emergency.
Space Ghost: Emergency? Patch her through.
[Björk is patched through]
Björk: I have to go to the toilet.
Space Ghost: You remember the difference between the toilet and the sofa, right?
Björk: I think so.
Space Ghost: And remember how angry I got.
Björk: It smells like bad eggs.
Space Ghost: Because that's what happens when you boil the cushions of the couch you've been urinating on.
Björk: Yeah?
Space Ghost: Oh-oh, and as long as I've got you here: tell that French DJ, Tricky, to move out!
Björk: What's his name again?
Space Ghost: I don't know, he's your damned friend.
Björk: And I would love to introduce you to him.
Space Ghost: I've met him. He's living on our couch with the urine. And tell him to stop letting in strangers to listen to his new beats.
Björk: It makes all the children happy.
Space Ghost: Honey, those aren't children... they're packets of cream cheese.
Björk: Sometimes I can't separate between the two, do you know that?
Space Ghost: Yeah. I wish I had known that when we were just dating.
Björk: You have a mask, has anybody told - ?
Space Ghost: Uh, honey? I buried a present for you out in the yard.
Björk: Yeah?
Space Ghost: Yeah... why don't you go dig it up?

Moltar: [Auto-Tuned] Oh, yeah! Welcome to the Moltar Show!
Thom Yorke: Thank you very much, Moltar.
Moltar: Thank *you* very much, Thom Yorke, for sitting next to the Man... of the Century! Oh, yeah!
Thom Yorke: You're very self-assured. You're very much a nineties man.

"Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Curling Flower Space (#6.5)" (1999)
Moltar: The trueness of one's truth, Zorak, is clearly based on their vernacular inaccuracies.

"Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Sequel (#6.4)" (1999)
Zorak: Hey, where's David?
Moltar: Eh, he blew up in the airlock.
Birdman: Oh. I thought those were beets... mashed beets.

"Space Ghost Coast to Coast: King Dead (#6.8)" (1999)
Zorak: [prank calling Space Ghost] Please! Help me! I am being attacked!
Moltar: And you're a woman.
Zorak: And, uh, I'm a woman.
Moltar: Hang up. He'll be here any minute.
Space Ghost: [on the other end] She'd be dead by the time I got there.

"Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Gallagher (#4.2)" (1997)
Space Ghost: Wanna see my tattoo?
[a zipper unzips and David Cross and Bob Odenkirk groan]
Space Ghost: It's a cute, little panda swinging from a branch.
Moltar: *That* is a hairy panda!