Madeline Bassett
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Madeline Bassett (Character)
from By Jeeves (2001) (TV)

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"Jeeves and Wooster: The Bassetts' Fancy Dress Ball (or, A Plan for Gussie) (#2.2)" (1991)
[Madeline knocks on her father's study door, planning to announce her engagement]
Sir Watkyn Bassett: Come in!
[she opens it]
Sir Watkyn Bassett: Madeline, my dear, what can I do for you.
Madeline Bassett: Daddy, there's something I have to tell you...
[She goes in, closing the door. Nothing can be heard for a few moments, until... ]
Sir Watkyn Bassett: [from within] Bertie Wooster? NOOOOO! Oh, dear God, Madeline, not that!

Madeline Bassett: [to a party guest] Augustus is such a strong man. Strong - and silent.
Augustus 'Gussie' Fink-Nottle: [runs into the room, trying to escape from Roderick Spode] Ahhhhhhh!

"Jeeves and Wooster: The Ex's Are Nearly Married Off (or, the Ties That Bind) (#4.6)" (1993)
Madeline Bassett: I think he's having a brain storm.
Aunt Agatha Gregson: What with?