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Edison Carter (Character)
from "Max Headroom" (1987)

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Max Headroom (1985) (TV)
Edison Carter: This is Edison Carter, coming to you Live and Direct, on Network 23.

Theora Jones: How's your head?
Edison Carter: Fine. How's yours?

"Max Headroom: Rakers (#1.2)" (1987)
[Edison moves to talk to Rik Shaw, but Grace flips out a switchblade]
Grace: He's taking a nap.
Edison Carter: I'd... like to talk to him.
Grace: I said, he's taking a nap. Now, do you want to move along?
Edison Carter: Well... I feel certain he'd talk to me if he *wasn't* taking a nap, but if he *is* taking a nap, then I wouldn't want to wake him!

Winnie: Theora, you should get a baby. Shouldn't she, Shawn? Shouldn't she, Edison?
Edison Carter: Practice could make something perfect.

"Max Headroom: Security Systems (#1.4)" (1987)
[Bryce and Edison are about to be frozen to death]
Bryce Lynch: This is highly unusual. I find myself regretting all the things I'll now never experience. I'll never complete my collection of the original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe accessories... never have a clear complexion. I suppose this is the price I pay for that remark about challenging God.
Edison Carter: Don't worry, Bryce, it's a perfectly normal reaction. It's called "fear".
Bryce Lynch: I've never felt this before. It's rather exhilarating.
Edison Carter: Heh... that's not quite the word I would choose, but then again, you're pretty unique.

Edison Carter: Security Systems has its tendrils into every element of our society - the government, our homes, the police, the courts - I'm not gonna spike this story just because it deals with dollar amounts beyond your comprehension! It's too important!
Murray: ...cerebral...
Theora Jones: Murray, we're trying to play this takeover as a threat to our average viewer. Nobody knows who's doing it. I mean, we all deal with SS every day - what if some really dangerous people got control of it?
Murray: Who do you think controls it now?

"Max Headroom: The Blanks (#1.6)" (1987)
[angry crowd noise]
Edison Carter: It's starting to happen. Their world's gone away. Without their TVs, what is there for them?

"Max Headroom: Body Banks (#1.3)" (1987)
Edison Carter: [getting out of Rik's rickshaw] Uh, what do I owe you, Rik?
Rik: Be nice to animals.
[He rides off]
Edison Carter: Weird.

"Max Headroom: War (#1.5)" (1987)
Edison Carter: Since when has news been entertainment?
Murray: Since it was invented?