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Quotes for
Dan Aykroyd (Character)
from Wired (1989)

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"Family Guy: Spies Reminiscent of Us (#8.3)" (2009)
Dan Aykroyd: My gosh, that Italian family at the next table is really quiet.

Brian Griffin: What are you guys doing in Quahog?
Dan Aykroyd: We are doing research for our next movie.

Peter Griffin: Let me show you something that's funny. Okay here's an impression of John Wayne on the first Thanksgiving.
[as John Wayne]
Peter Griffin: I'm John Wayne on the first Thanksgiving pilgrims! Happy Thanksgiving pilgrims!
Stewie Griffin: Hahaha, Where's this guy been?
Dan Aykroyd: Well, Mr.Griffin, this has been a lot of fun.
Chevy Chase: Lot of fun.
Dan Aykroyd: But we've gotta get back over to our place and kind uh- do what... What do we have to do?
Chevy Chase: Roll some joints and get high.
Dan Aykroyd: Yeah, we gotta do those things.
Peter Griffin: That's not funny. Drugs aren't funny. They ruin lives.
Stewie Griffin: Amen.
Dan Aykroyd: No Peter, *you're* not funny.
Chevy Chase: I'm afraid Dan's right. You're not funny at all.
Peter Griffin: I don't get it.
Chevy Chase: You're painfully unfunny.
Peter Griffin: Get the fuck out of my house!