The Queen
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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask (1972)
The Queen: Kiss me quick!
The Fool: Yes!... where is your quick?

The Queen: Ah, 'tis the chastity belt that the jealous King hath fastened upon me that no one but he shalst have the goods of the body.
The Fool: Yeah, it's a pretty bad break for all of us at the Palace.

The Queen: Didst I feel aright or didst I feel that thy two hands did upon my royal body cop a feel?

The Queen: Hark unto me! If my husband the King and my son the Doctor walketh near upon these paved paths and heareth what thou saist about copping a feel, thy life would not be worth a plugged nickel!
The Fool: But Madam, so beautiful do they lay there, one on either side!
The Queen: 'One on either side'?
The Fool: A matched set!
The Queen: That's the way they were made, Fool! Away with thee!
[She storms away knocking the Fool over]
The Fool: I fell on my bells!