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Earl of Salisbury (Character)
from King John (1899)

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King John (1899)
Philip Faulconbridge: Oh I am scalded with my violent motion/ And spleen of speed, to see your Majesty.
King John: Oh Cousin, thou art come to set mine eye:/ The tackle of my heart, is crack'd and burnt,/ And all the shrouds wherewith my life should sail,/ Are turned to one thread, one little hair:/ My heart hath one poor string to stay it by,/ Which holds but till thy news be uttered,/ And then all this thou sees, is but a clod,/ And module of confounded royalty.
Philip Faulconbridge: The Dolphin is preparing hitherward,/ Where heaven he knows how we shall answer him./ For in a night the best part of my power,/ As I upon advantage did remove,/ Were in the Washes all unwarily,/ Devoured by the unexpected flood.
[the King dies]
Earl of Salisbury: You breath these dead news in as dead an ear/ My Leige, my Lord: but now a King, now thus.
Prince Henry: Even so must I run on, and even so stop./ What surety of the world, what hope, what stay,/ When this was now a King, and now is clay?