The Tooth Fairy
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The Tooth Fairy (Character)
from Sandman (1998)

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Rise of the Guardians (2012)
[from trailer]
Tooth: Wings up, ladies, and take no prisoners!

North: Merry Christmas!
Bunnymund: Happy Easter!
Tooth: And don't forget to floss!

Tooth: [about Jaime] Shh, you guys. He's still awake.
Bunnymund: Sandy, knock him out.
[Sandman hits his fist against his open palm]
Bunnymund: With the dream sand, you gumbies!

Tooth: [as a new Guardian is being chosen by the Man in the Moon]
Tooth: I wonder who it's gonna be!
Sandy: [Sandy depicts a four-leaf clover over his head suggesting the Leprechaun]
Tooth: Maybe the Leprechaun?
Bunnymund: Please not the Ground Hog, please not the Ground Hog...
North: [the Guardian's image comes into focus] Jack Frost?
Bunnymund: I take it back, the Ground Hog's fine!

Bunnymund: [to Jack's collection of teeth] You call that a bag of choppers?
[holds up a larger sack]
Bunnymund: Now that's a bag of choppers!
North: Gentlemen, gentlemen. This is about Tooth, it's not the competition, but if it was...
[Pulls out a huge sack of teeth]
North: [Jamie awakened shines a flashlight on North] Oh no!
Jamie Bennett: Santa Clause? The Easter Bunny? Sandman? The Tooth Fairy! I knew you'd come!
Tooth: Surprise! We came!
Jack Frost: He can see us?
Bunnymund: Most of us.
[Jack is unseen by Jamie]

North: Leaving the party so soon?
Tooth: You didn't even say goodbye.
[Tooth flips a coin to Pitch. Pitch catches it]
Pitch: A quarter?
[Tooth hits Pitch in the mouth, knocking out one of his teeth]
Tooth: That was for my fairies.

Tooth: Hello Jack, I've heard a lot about you. And your *teeth*!
Jack Frost: [confused] My... my what?
Tooth: Open up! Are they really as white as they say?
[opens Jack's mouth]
Tooth: Yes! Oh, they really do sparkle like freshly fallen snow!
[the Tooth Fairies titter excitedly]
Tooth: Girls, pull yourselves together! Let's not disgrace the uniform.

Tooth: [Admiring a girl's first lost tooth] Aw, her first tooth. Have you ever seen a more adorable lateral incisor in all of your life? Look how she flossed!

Tooth: Sorry, but not all of us get to work one day a year. Am I right, Sandy?

Bunnymund: Crikey! Somebody do something.
Jack Frost: Oh, don't look at me. I'm invisible, remember?
Tooth: Don't worry, Bunny. I bet she's a fairy fan. It's okay, little one.
Sophie Bennett: Pretty.
Tooth: Oh! You know, what? I've got something for you! Here it is! Look at all the pretty teeth, with little blood and gum on them!
Sophie Bennett: [wailing]
Jack Frost: Blood and gums? When was the last time you guys actually hung out with kids?
North: We are very busy bringing joy to children. We don't have time... for children.

Jack Frost: Why would Pitch take the teeth?
Tooth: It's not the teeth he wanted... it's the memories inside them.

North: [Caleb looks out the window to see three of the Guardians riding a sleigh on the street where his house is, sliding down a patch of ice] Merry Christmas!
Bunnymund: Happy Easter!
Tooth: Don't forget to floss!
Caleb: [Caleb sees Cupcake sitting on a smaller toy sled in her pink nightgown, giggling and cheering] Cupcake!... What the...?

The Santa Clause 2 (2002)
Scott Calvin: Wait a minute, I got it. I got it. I got it. How about this: The Molintator.
Tooth Fairy: The Molinator. I like it. Thank you, Santa. Can we vote right now on The Molinator?

Curtis, the Experimental Elf: A little altitude please!
Tooth Fairy: What?
Curtis, the Experimental Elf: Could you possibly fly a *little* higher?
Tooth Fairy: What?
Curtis, the Experimental Elf: Never mind.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006)
Father Time: Frost, you herald a season. You're not a holiday.
Tooth Fairy: You're the best friend, not the leading man.
Easter Bunny: And you kill fruit!