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Ryu Nakanishi (Character)
from "Kagaku ninja tai Gatchaman" (1994)

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"Robot Chicken: Poisoned by Relatives (#6.4)" (2012)
Sagat: We meet again, Ryu. Only this time, we fight TO THE DEATH!
Ryu: Actually, no. It's, uh, to Knock-Out, best two out of three. Remember? It was all covered in the packet.
Sagat: Uh... sorry, what now?
Ryu: [pulling out a packet] The packet I spent weeks putting together? You don't have your packet?
Sagat: Oh, right, right! No, I have it. It's just... it's in the bag...
[starts searching his bag]

Ryu: [on phone] Well, Ken, if your opponent's late, you give him a call. There's a contact sheet in the packet.
Ken Masters: [not looking] Let's see... contact sheet, contact sheet... no, I don't see it. You must've forgotten to put it in.

Ryu: [on phone] What's the problem, Guile?
Guile: I'll tell you the problem: E. Honda's venue is a bathhouse! Like a full-on "We're all guys here, so let's get naked" bathhouse!
E. Honda: What? In my culture, it's a familiar setting.
Guile: Hey, no one told me I'd be fighting with all these "sushi rolls" hanging out...

Ryu: [on phone] What is it?
[Blanka is in a hotel with a chihuahua, and hollers down the line]
Ryu: No! Don't you scream at me! It's specifically noted that your hotel doesn't allow pets!

Ryu: [on phone] This better be good, M. Bison.
[Bison is in the Q*Bert game]
M. Bison: I think I got the wrong packet.
[Punches Q*Bert]

Ryu: [on phone] What?
Ken Masters: It's been twenty minutes. I don't think E. Honda's coming.
Ryu: E. Honda?
[checks the packet]
Ryu: You're not fighting E. Honda, you're fighting A Honda.
Ken Masters: I'm fighting a car?
Ryu: Yes!
Ken Masters: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!
Ryu: It was in the packet! You know what? From now on, you lose your packet, you are OUT of the tournament!
Ken Masters: [sarcastically] Fine, fine! I'm punching the car! Oh, he's not hitting back. How exciting! Wow, what a great idea!
[gets into it]
Ken Masters: Hey, this is kind of fun... Shoryuken! Shoryuken!