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BlackRose (Character)
from .hack//Infection (2002) (VG)

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.hack//Infection (2002) (VG)
[you chose "Talk" to BlackRose after you started a conversation]
BlackRose: What, you want to trade? Better not give me any junk!

.hack//Mutation (2002) (VG)
Balmung: I've come here to discover the cause. And I find you again! Explain!
BlackRose: Explain my ass! You don't know anything!
Kite: I already told him the other day.
BlackRose: Huh, you did?
[to Balmung]
BlackRose: Now that you know, what's the problem? Don't you understand what we're doing?
Balmung: I do understand! But you need to face facts! With you two involved, things get worse! That's how I see it! Am I wrong?
[Balmung left the scene]
BlackRose: Man I hate him!