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Unferth (Character)
from Beowulf (2007)

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Beowulf (2007)
Unferth: Good night, Beowulf. Watch out for sea monsters. I'm sure your imagination must be teeming with them.

Unferth: Beowulf... I was wrong to doubt you before, and I shall not again. Yours is the blood of courage. I bet your forgiveness.
Beowulf: Granted.
Unferth: Cain. Cain! Take my sword. It belonged to my father's father. It's called 'Hrunting'.
Beowulf: The sword is no match for demon magic.
Unferth: I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
Beowulf: No, I'm sorry I mentioned you murdered your brothers. They were hasty words. Unferth, I may not return. Your ancestral sword may be lost with me.
Unferth: As long as it is with you, it will never be lost.

"Star Trek: Voyager: Heroes and Demons (#1.11)" (1995)
Unferth: Your name means nothing to me. There are no songs of your deeds nor stories of the battles you have fought. Who are you to believe you can slay Grendel?