Leah Patterson-Baker
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Leah Patterson-Baker (Character)
from "Home and Away" (1988)

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"Home and Away: Episode #1.3962" (2005)
Colleen Smart: [about Jesse] Oh, and I wouldn't put it past him to have thrown that Mongolian cocktail as well!
Leah Patterson: Yeah, well the police have cleared him of throwing that *molitov* cocktail.

"Home and Away: Episode #1.4451" (2007)
Leah: Rach, you didn't just scratch the car. You slept with another man.

"Home and Away: Episode #1.5871" (2013)
Bianca: She broke in here, trashed the place.It's insane.
Leah: Yeah, it is.But do we think she's not?

"Home and Away: Episode #1.5994" (2014)
Leah: Chris, are you okay to hold the fort until close?Chris?
Chris: [Distracted] Close the fort.Got it.

"Home and Away: Episode #1.5287" (2011)
Leah Patterson-Baker: Yeah, you're right, maybe she does need to go out there and have some... fun
Ruby Buckton: You think Charlie needs to get some action, don't you?
Leah Patterson-Baker: I said fun!
Ruby Buckton: No, but it's true! I mean think about it, her love life's been pretty much non-existent since Angelo, I mean, Colleen's getting more than she is!

"Home and Away: Episode #1.5340" (2011)
Leah: Can you just take VJ home, please?
Miles: No, we're bored.

"Home and Away: Episode #1.5630" (2012)
Leah: Oh my god, okay, this is one of the most embarrassing moments of my life and trust me, I have had many embarrassing moments.

"Home and Away: Episode #1.5304" (2011)
Leah: And what have I told you about knocking?
VJ: There's no door.

"Home and Away: Episode #1.5034" (2010)
Leah: I can see how he sees it as a bit of a wall.
Miles: Good.
Leah: But on the other hand, walls are there to be climbed, right?
Miles: Mmm.Technically, walls are there to keep people in and out.

"Home and Away: Episode #1.6541" (2016)
Leah: I would never criticise him, I'm his wife.
John: Those two things aren't mutually exclusive.