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Quotes for
One (Character)
from The City of Lost Children (1995)

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The City of Lost Children (1995)
One: Miette too little.
Miette: Not as little as all that.

Miette: One?
[One grunts]
Miette: You asleep?
[One breathes deeply and mumbles]
Miette: What did you do before?
One: One sailor. Harpooned Whales. One night
One: One hear whales singing. After
[gestures throwing of harpoon]
One: always always the target I miss. One loses job.
Miette: One?
Miette: What's it like to have a little brother?
One: Keeps you
One: running.
Miette: Well, he can't complain he's got nobody to worry about him.
One: [Turns over] Denree- little brother. Miette- little sister.
[Blows air on Miette's back]
Miette: What are you doing?
One: [Whispers in Miette's ear] Radiator