William Travis
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William Travis (Character)
from The Alamo (1960)

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The Alamo (2004)
William Travis: I have here pieces of paper, letters from politicians and generals, but no indication of when, or if help will arrive. Letters not worth the ink committed to them. I fear that no one is coming. Texas has been a second chance for me. I expect that might be true for many of you as well. It has been a chance not only for land and riches, but also to be a different man. I hope a better one. There have been many ideas brought for in the past few months of what Texas is, and what it should become. We are not all in agreement. But I'd like to ask each of you what it is you value so highly that you are willing to fight and possibly die for. We will call that Texas. The Mexican army hopes to lure us into attempting escape. Almost anything seems better than remaining in this place, penned up. If, however, we force the enemy to attack, I believe every one of you will prove himself worth ten in return. We will not only show the world what patriots are made of, but we will also deal a crippling blow to the army of Santa Anna. If anyone wishes to depart under the white flag of surrender, you may do so now. You have that right. But if you wish to stay here with me in the Alamo, we will sell our lives dearly.

William Travis: We could try to get you out with an escort. If you're captured, perhaps given your condition, mercy would be extended.
James Bowie: I don't deserve mercy. I do deserve a drink. You got anything stronger than water?
[He smiles]
William Travis: I don't drink, Jim, you know that. I gamble, go to whores, run off on wives... but drinking, I draw the line.
James Bowie: You know, if you live five more years, you might just be a great man.
William Travis: I think I will probably have to settle for what I am now.

William Travis: Their response?
James Bowie: Shit!
[throws down the note from Santa Ana]
James Bowie: Surrender at discretion... Buck.
William Travis: Perhaps, Colonel, they'll only execute the officers.
Crockett: I think we all just got promoted.

William Travis: One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.

William Travis: In a few days, all of Texas will know of our situation.
James Bowie: Tell me, Buck, in Alabama, precisely how many is "a few"?

William Travis: Colonel, I became a little heated with you in front of your men. It was ill-advised and not terribly professional.
James Bowie: Don't worry about it. Most of my men didn't even understand the words you were using.

William Travis: Take that ball to Captain Dickinson. We can reuse it.
Sgt. William Ward: You'll be picking that up yourself.

William Travis: Colonel Bowie, I understand that you plan to remove the cannon from this fort and take them to General Houston. I advise you not to do it; they are needed here.
James Bowie: Where did you hear that, Buck?
William Travis: Men tend to talk when they drink; your men tend to drink.
James Bowie: I will do as I have been commanded; as for what that is, I will discuss it further with Col. Jamison.
William Travis: Col. Jamison has left the fort on personal business; he left me in command.
James Bowie: Whooee, that is a rapid rise, Billy. We better break out the long pants.

William Travis: I will guard it with my life, sir.

David Crockett: Excuse me, Colonel; we got quite a mare's nest out here. You might want to come out and see.
William Travis: I have to get these dispatches out while there is still time. You can help me place the men, colonel. You and your men will defend the palisade on the west wall.
David Crockett: By 'palisade', you mean that little bunch of sticks out there?
William Travis: Would you prefer another assignment?
David Crockett: Uh, no, no; that was the one I was gonna put in for.

The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory (1987) (TV)
Col. William Barrett Travis: What are you fighting for?
Jim Bowie: More like the old life, I guess...like it used to be. Like it is in America where the people own the government. You see, Santa Anna, he thinks he owns the people. Now I don't like being owned. I'm kind of particular about that kind of thing.

Col. William Barrett Travis: This is not about land or money...but the one thing that no man should never be able to take from another man: the freedom to make his own choices about his life, where he'll live, how he'll live, how he'll raise his family.

Col. William Barrett Travis: Are you a commander or a scout?
Jim Bowie: [Clearly annoyed at Travis] You know something, Colonel, you're gettin' to be a burr under my saddle.

Col. William Barrett Travis: What if we fail?
Pvt. Danny Cloud: Well, death in the cause of liberty does not make me shudder, Colonel.

The Man from the Alamo (1953)
Lt. Col. Travis: How do you feel, Jim?
Jim Bowie: I'd feel a lot better if somebody moved me out on that wall. I'll never get any shootin' done in here.
Lt. Col. Travis: Don't be too sure of that. There's a lot of 'em left out there. Some of them might even pay you a visit.
Sam: Just bring 'em in! Me and Mr. Bowie all ready for 'em.
Lt. Col. Travis: I don't think we won't have to bring 'em in, Sam. It looks as if they intend to come in on their own.

Davy Crockett: What did he say, Colonel?
Lt. Col. Travis: He just said if we don't walk out of here right now with our hands in the air, we won't walk out at all.
Billings: What are you going to tell him, sir?
Lt. Col. Travis: Is this cannon loaded?