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Luke Snyder (Character)
from "As the World Turns" (1956)

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"As the World Turns: Episode #1.13072" (2007)
Luke Snyder: Oakdale isn't exactly a gay Mecca.

Noah Mayer: So, you've been avoiding me because you're attracted to me?
Luke Snyder: Yeah, aren't you glad you asked? Look, I should've just kept my mouth shut. You're probably totally freaked out right now.
Noah Mayer: No -
Luke Snyder: It's just I am so tired of hiding and lying, I'm just through with it.
Noah Mayer: I'm glad you said something. I just hope I didn't do anything to make you think - because, man, I'm not gay.

"As the World Turns: Episode #1.13532" (2009)
[first lines]
Luke Snyder: Hey.
Noah Mayer: Hey.
Luke Snyder: What's that?
Noah Mayer: Uh, it's a letter from the head of the film department.

"As the World Turns: Episode dated 23 December 2005" (2005)
Luke Snyder: Oh, Holy Night -
Kevin Davis: Will you shut up? The last thing I need is for my parents to think I've been drinking. Now, aren't you supposed to be at home carving up some helpless squash, anyway?
Luke Snyder: That's Thanksgiving, genius.

"As the World Turns: Episode #1.13028" (2007)
Maddie Coleman: Don't I look great?
Luke Snyder: Yes, Maddie. We're like the perfect prom couple. Except I'm gay, and your boyfriend's in jail.

"As the World Turns: Episode dated 23 January 2006" (2006)
Kevin Davis: So, I've got a great idea. Can you go out?
Luke Snyder: Why?
Kevin Davis: So we can conjugate verbs. Come on, what do you think? So we can party, man. Just you and me. What do you say?