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Quotes for
Cuddles Kovinsky (Character)
from Polyester (1981)

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Polyester (1981)
Francine Fishpaw: Dexter's been expelled from school!
Cuddles Kovinsky: For what?
Francine Fishpaw: For truancy!
Cuddles Kovinsky: It's just those common Baltimore public schools. God, I wish I lived in Connecticut!

Cuddles Kovinsky: Oh Heintz, she's straight from the gutter!
Heintz: A sporting girl, I would imagine.
Cuddles Kovinsky: A fille de joie!
Heintz: It saddens me that you have to see anything this common, madame.
Cuddles Kovinsky: Purr Francine! Purr, purr Francine!

Cuddles Kovinsky: Purr Francine. Purr, purr Francine!

Cuddles Kovinsky: Gee, Francine! You're the most drinkin'est gal I know!

Cuddles Kovinsky: At first I thought he was walking his dog. Then I realized, it was his date.

Cuddles Kovinsky: This house is just like Architectural Digest, Francine!

Cuddles Kovinsky: What's the matter, "ma petite"?
Francine Fishpaw: Speak English, Cuddles. *Please*, speak ENGLISH!