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Monica (Character)
from "Touched by an Angel" (1994)

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"Touched by an Angel: Show Me the Way Home (#1.2)" (1994)
Coach Earl Rowley: You know, until last night, I was afraid of this. Dying.
Monica: Until last night, you weren't really living

Monica: [the day of the big game] Tess, any last-minute pointers?
Tess: Well, same thing I told the Babe. Hit far and run fast.
Monica: That's it?
Tess: Well, I never got any complaints outta him.

Tess: I told you he needed an umbrella but I didn't tell you to hit him on the head with it.
Monica: I know. I got angry.
Tess: Well, anger's not so bad. You just gotta be careful where you put it. So now you're sitting out here contemplating the infinite, huh?
Monica: And what it takes to run it. I can't see the plan, Tess. I know I'm supposed to be doing something but I don't know what. He said so many awful things.
Tess: You see, that anger's clouding your brain. Forget what he said. What did you hear?
Monica: I heard fear. Fear that his life has been a waste. He knows that he's dying and he knows that he's dying by himself.
Tess: Oh, honey, we all die by ourselves. It's living by ourselves that hurts. What is he leaving behind that will last?
Monica: I don't know.
Tess: Some of our best living is done by the people we leave behind.

Tess: This week you'll be substituting for the history teacher. He's on jury duty.
Monica: Perfect. I'll simply reminisce.

Monica: May the road rise before you. May your swing be straight. May the ball fly high and far. And may God Himself take you home.

Monica: You know, if they let down their guard for - for one minute, or are sloppy for an instant, there's the opening the enemy's waiting fo;r and bingo, they're dead.
Coach Earl Rowley: But this is baseball. These are kids playin' against kids. Not the enemy.
Monica: No difference. Today it's baseball.Someday it'll be something else. Kids gotta learn to fight to win in a job, or...
Coach Earl Rowley: Or in a war?... So that's how it happened. In a war. You got sloppy and you got hurt. Are you really trying to save these kids from the same thing? Or do you just need to make someone pay for it?

Monica: [teaching] Dumping the tea to protest the king's unfair tax was a brave risk. It started the Revolution... Not to mention the harbor smelled of Earl Gray for weeks.

Monica: Sometimes we have to stand up and fight for what we believe in. And sometimes it takes even more courage to stay put. To hold your ground, and refuse to be bullied.
Peter Enloe: It doesn't always stop it.
Monica: No. It doesn't change the bullying. But it does change you.

Monica: How you doing, Coach?
Coach Earl Rowley: That's a stupid question.
Monica: Well, technically it's meant to be kind of a - an ice-breaker.
Coach Earl Rowley: You don't intimidate easily, do you? Could you cower just a little to humor me?

Monica: You want to know why I saved your life? Because there was something you were supposed to do with it. You were supposed to *share* it. You could've let your guard down every day for the rest of your life and sent a hundred boys to collage. You could've let your guard down and put our arm around a hundred Dinks and told them they were okay. But what did you choose to do with your gift? You spent your life thinking about what you lost. Makin' sure that you never let your guard down again, makin' sure you never let anyone in. Now it's too late. You see, because now you're gonna die more alone than ya ever were before.

Monica: [on helping someone] It doesn't take a lifetime. It can take just a day.

Adam: It's not like this guy deserves another chance, you know.
Monica: That's why he needs one.

Coach Earl Rowley: [of Adam] I'm just getting acquainted; he's a big baseball fan too.
Monica: Ah, that doesn't surprise me.
Coach Earl Rowley: And I'm stalling for time, huh?

Adam: Batter up, Mr. Rowley.
Coach Earl Rowley: [chuckling] Earl Rowley; rounding third, heading for home... What do I do?
Monica: Just let your guard down.

Monica: I can't change him.
Tess: Of course not. That's not your job.

"Touched by an Angel: Fear Not (#1.9)" (1994)
[first lines]
Monica: [at a stained-glass window] Don't you just love the way the sun pours through?
Tess: But they got the nose all wrong.

Monica: Now Serena's music - that comes pretty close to the real thing.
Tess: Yeah she and Johann Sebastian have a lot in common. You give them a little glimpse of Heaven and they're off and singin'. But some people, you coan put Heaven right smack dab in front of 'em...
Wayne: [as they're watching him] Joey...
Tess: And they still can't see anything to sing about.

Monica: It's hard sometimes, Tess. Knowing the what but not always knowing the why. Knowing, more than human beings, and less than God.

Monica: I have it on very good authority that angels don't normally carry dolls.

Serena: An angel keeps her promises, doesn't she?
Monica: Always.

Monica: In the end, it will sound, uh... It'll sound better.

Adam: You know, I'm glad... you two are here.
Monica: We thought she'd appreciate a familiar face or two.

Monica: When I get angry, I ask God for patience.

Wayne: What did God ever do for me? He gave me a brother like Joey, and then took my parents. So I'm stuck with him. Ask God for patience, huh? It was God Who did this to me.
Monica: That's not how God works.

Monica: Responsibility is a privilege.

Monica: He's losing Serena and he knows that. A-and when he loses her, he's gonna lose the faith that has kept him going.
Wayne: You're talkin' to the wrong man. I've got no faith left.
Monica: You help Joey find his and I promise you you'll find yours.

Monica: You've already been through the darkest place you can imagine. Now it's time to - start lookin' for the stars.

Monica: When life keeps you in the dark, that's when you start looking for the stars.

"Touched by an Angel: Sympathy for the Devil (#2.3)" (1995)
Kathleen: Truth, I'm finding, that it's relative.
Monica: Or you just make it look that way.

Monica: Is this your dad?
Matt Duncan: No. It's just my father.

Monica: Think of the possibilities.
Kathleen: You better think about me gettin' in your way every step that you take. Because that's not a possibility. It's a fact.

Monica: [of Kathleen] Do you think if I dressed like that I'd be more successful?
Tess: Absolutely. I'm just afraid to think what you'd be successful at.

Monica: Get off o'my horse!
Kathleen: Possessive, aren't we?

Kathleen: Well, we're winning, Monica. And I like being on the winning team.
Monica: It only looks that way, Kathleen.

Monica: You're not going to win.
Kathleen: And who's gonna stop me?
Monica: God is.
Kathleen: I forgot how damned hopeful you get when you're about to get whupped.

Monica: This is a fight you don't need to have. There's already a battle going on and I've been sent to fight for you, and for your father.

Monica: She's not anybody's friend. She comes from a place so dark you can't even imagine it. And she comes with one goal: to destroy.

Monica: Oh, don't worry. She can't come any closer. Love is here. She can't be.

Monica: We don't always know when it's too late, until it's too late.

Monica: There are so many people in the world who have never seen what you and I have seen but - they believe anyway. But you... you have seen Him, and still you walked away. I don't understand.

Monica: I'll never forget who you were. Who I loved. But I can't say I'm sorry to see you go.

"Touched by an Angel: The Feather (#2.11)" (1995)
Joey: Hey. You came back.
Monica: Hello, Joey.
Joey: [calling out the door] HEY, EVERYBODY. THE ANGEL'S BACK.
Monica: Ah, no, Joey. I'm just here for you today.
Joey: Oh. Okay. NEVER MIND.

Joey: You know, the other angel? The real, uh... the funny one?
Monica: Tess.
Joey: Yeah. She took Serena up to Heaven, didn't she?
Monica: She helped, yes.

Wayne: She's not an angel.
Monica: You know I am.
Wayne: I dunno what you are. Maybe a magician... Maybe a con artist like -
[breaks off before giving away a connection to his secret]

Wayne: So there really is a God... And He knows, what I used to do.
Monica: Yes, he does.
Wayne: So what if I choose not to believe in Him?
Monica: Well, that's certainly your choice, but it's not going to make Him go away.

Monica: God is real, Wayne. And the miracle is real. And God wants the people of this church to know the difference between the truth you all saw, and the myth that has replaced it.

Monica: God loves you. He came into that church on Christmas Eve to tell you so. He took away your disbelief. If you walk away from Him now you do so knowing exactly Who it is that you're turning your back on. And if a man walks away from God, where else is there to go?

Monica: I didn't know God was in the T-shirt business now.
Wayne: He's not.
Monica: Well, somebody is. And if that's what a miracle's all about then I'm not interested in God.
Wayne: What you're not interested in is this religion created by Charles to take advantage of a lot of vulnerable people right now. It's been going on for centuries. People trying to explain the unexplainable, and give their soouls over to someone who claims to speak for God.

Parishioner #4: Please, will you tell God - that we're sorry?
Monica: You can tell Him that yourself. That's what He was trying to tell you on Christmas Eve. He is listening.

Monica: God doesn't care about how smart you are. He cares about what's in your heart.

[last lines]
Tess: That's what I call a miracle.
Monica: How come people only notice them at Christmas?
Tess: Well, we're working on that. We're working on that.

Monica: You've been fakin' the miracles for a long time, Charlie. What's it like to finally see the real thing, hm?

Charlie: I didn't know I was makin' up lies about somebody real. God help me.
Monica: He will. Just ask Him.

"Touched by an Angel: The Driver (#2.4)" (1995)
Monica: They invent clocks, and then they become slaves to them. They invent - little jobs and then become prisoners to them; they - they build all sort of roads going nowhere and then they spend all their time going up and down and back and forth and, ya know, sometimes I could just shake them... Well,, in a nice way, I mean.
Tess: You been hittin' that coffee a little too hard lately, huh?

Leo: Welcome to God's country.
Monica: Well, I suppose it started out that way.

Henry: You know, I don't place the orders. I'm just the delivery man.
Monica: Henry, ya know, sometimes you c...

Monica: I-I don't know that I can give blood.
Tess: Oh, I bet you can. I bet your blood is purer than the driven soul.

Monica: You can't force a human to choose life for herself. Otherwise what kind of life is it?

Debra Willis: I think I'm losing my mind.
Monica: No. You're just startin' to find it.

Debra Willis: [of God] He's gonna kill me.
Monica: No. but He's afraid you're going to kill yourself.

Monica: You have the right to be less than perfect.

Monica: [of God] How can He blame you for bein' human when He made you human, huh?

Debra Willis: God... really loves me.
Monica: Yes. And there's not a thing you can do about it.

[last lines]
Monica: When are you finally going to relax when I'm in the driver's seat?
Tess: The driver's seat? Who knows; I'm waitin' for a sign.
Monica: There's one: BRAKE FOR SNAKES.
Tess: That's not the kinda sign I'm talkin' about.

"Touched by an Angel: The Southbound Bus (#1.1)" (1994)
Monica: [uf humans] How do they do it, Tess? They get up every morning and start all over again. Takes a lot of courage to do that. And they don't even know what we know.
Tess: God help 'em.

Monica: [getting off the bus, sees an angry Tess] Now, before you say anything...
Tess: Don't tell me what to say or when, Miss Wings. I want to know what you're doin' here!
Monica: Well, I just thought...
Tess: That's where you made your first mistake. Did I tell you to think north? No, I distinctly remember telling you to get on the bus and go north. GO north. Now, you get your little angel butt back to the city, and take care of business.
Monica: But I am. I'm helping David.
Tess: You were told to stay close to David. That's what he needs
Monica: What David needs is his mother, and all of a sudden my instincts were kicking in, and...
Tess: Wait just a minute. Let me see if I understand you correctly. You want me to go back to the Creator of the Universe, the Alpha, the Omega, the Great I Am and explain that the words of the Almighty were disobeyed because Monica's instincts kicked in?

Monica: What I want to know is why did You give me a heart if You didn't want me to follow it? Love doesn't hide, that's what You said. It hopes all things, it endures all things, it never fails, it stays and it fights. That's what I'm fighting with now. I love that little boy. Please, if I messed things up, please help me to put them back on track. Don't let that child spend one more minute without his mother and don't let his father spend one more lonely night. Please. Please help me. Please.

Monica: It worked. Thank God it worked.
Tess: What'd you do?
Monica: I did something really radical, Tess. I prayed.
Tess: Now you know that's dangerous. But if you think that gets you out of that little mess of yours, you got another thing coming.
Monica: Oh, c'mon! Admit it. I pulled it off
Tess: You and Who else?

Tess: People are complicated things.
Monica: I know. That's what I love about them.

Monica: I thought you were someone else.
Ruth Ann Russell: Yeah. For a moment so did I.

Monica: Love doesn't hide, right; that's what You said. It hopes all things, it endures all things, it never fails, it-it stays and it fights... That's what I'm fighting with now.

Monica: I don't have any vices except I hate to wear shoes unless it's absolutely necessary.

Monica: David, is there something you want to tell me before you go?
David Morrow: Good-bye.

Monica: If you change your mind, and you want help, just ask for it. It will be there. Believe it.

Monica: That's why God made love so strong. So it can carry you all the way.

"Touched by an Angel: Portrait of Mrs. Campbell (#2.20)" (1996)
[first lines]
Monica: Makes you think, doesn't it?
Tess: Yeah. Makes me think this man's in the wrong line o'work.
[Monica chuckles]

Monica: This looks like an interesting work. It's as if there's another painting underneath.
Tess: Pentimento.
Monica: The wee red thing in an olive?
Tess: No, that's a pimento.

Tess: Pentimento is when one painting is painted over another. It's like, the artist started painting a sunny day. And something changed, and she painted right over top of it.
Monica: Well, why wouldn't she just start a new canvas?
Tess: 'Cause she thought she could hide it. People do that all the time, baby, whether they're artists or not.

Monica: [seeing a child's drawing] Now that's the kind of art I'm good at.
Tess: I know; you're gonna have to work on that.

Monica: Well, how can I keep track of two assignments?
Tess: Don't worry. You can always find them at each other's throats.

Monica: Andrew, was I too late?
Andrew: No, you're just getting started.

Monica: So you're the transplant coordinator.
Andrew: [for Marion] That's right, it's a - it's a temporary assignment.

Monica: God has many names. Jehovah, Almighty, Everlasting Father, Alpha and Omega, but - do you know what He calls Himself? "I Am." If you ask God Who He is that's what He'll tell you. I Am. Not I Was or I'm Going To Be, but I Am. And He'll tell you, "I'm here, because you need Me to be."

Monica: Patience is a virtue.
Marian Campbell: He who hesitates...
Monica: Haste makes waste.

April Campbell: Are you sure you're an angel?
Monica: We all have different gifts.

[last lines]
April Campbell: Monica, how did you d-?
Monica: I prayed.
Tess: Imagine that.

"Touched by an Angel: Clipped Wings (#3.18)" (1997)
Monica: I wish I could say it was nice to see you.
Kathleen: [laughing] But you cannot tell a lie. I remember the rules.

Kathleen: We're not that different, you and I.
Monica: Yes, we are, Kathleen. I love God. You turned your back on Him.
Kathleen: Awww... So you're still mad about that?

Monica: Maybe they're gonna give me a new human form, or transfer me to Acts of God, hm?

Monica: [of her jobs] My favorite one was delivering the baby.

Monica: When I get nervous I drink coffee and when I drink coffee I get nervous.

Monica: I must say, sometimes I don't know how I get through the day without a cup.

Monica: I take everything quite seriously. It's my best and worst quality, I suppose.

Jodi: It's a long story.
Monica: Those are my favorite kind.

Monica: I do this all the time. I mean, helping people with their problems, that's what I do.

Monica: Helping people through their dark times is my favorite thing. If I do say so myself. I'm pretty good at it. It's my greatest joy.

"Touched by an Angel: Lost and Found (#2.18)" (1996)
Monica: I can't even imagine which one is my assignment; they - they all need an angel.
Tess: And there's been an angel assigned to every case on the outside.

Monica: Elevators are such a great place for meetin' people, Tess; why can't they see that?
Tess: Well, people are suspicious; they don't know when you're gonna steal their money, or their car, or... or...
Monica: [Monica turns to see what she can: Kathleen] Or their souls.
Tess: Speaking of the Devil...

Monica: So now you're moonlighting as a computer technician, huh?
[he grins]
Monica: Andrew...
Andrew: Yes?
Monica: What are you doin' here?
Andrew: It's, my shift. Ah! Look at this, this - mm! I love computers!
Monica: Your shift?
Andrew: Yeah... You know, this is the toughest assignment that an Angel of Death can get - sitting around here, waiting to get the word. It's just, it's too hard.
Monica: But I thought you liked being an Angel of Death.
Andrew: I - oh, I do. I - I do. Sometimes, you know, the getting there... Meditating the murder of a child... So we take shifts.

Monica: Kathleen. I wish I could say I was happy to see you.
Kathleen: [Frank enters] *Somebody's* happy to see me!

Monica: [of Satan] He exists. And he's workin' every day of every month of every year to destroy what is good in this world.
Frank Champness: Look - Monica, I know you mean well. But I don't believe in evil. I believe in evil people but evil as an outside force, uh-uh.

Monica: You can't have him.
Kathleen: And who's gonna stop me? You have rules to play by, Monica. "Angels must not interfere with a human's free will." Well, I don't play by the rules. His will is already mine. You've already lost.
Monica: It's not me you're fighting, Kathleen. It's God. And I don't think I'd count Him out just yet.

Frank Champness: I don't believe this is happening.
Kathleen: It's not. You're losing your mind.
Monica: No, you're fighting for your soul, Frank, right here.

Monica: Kathleen has shown you a poor *imitation* of love. But if you look at her with the light of God then you will see her for what she truly is.

Monica: She used to be an angel. But she traded the power of love for the love of power.

Monica: Just never lose hope. There's always a battle going on that you can't see. We lose our children to something more terrible than bad luck. And it isn't luck that finds them.

"Touched by an Angel: The Heart of the Matter (#1.6)" (1994)
Monica: Sometimes endings are opportunities.

Monica: [of the pharaoh whose image is on the sarcophagus] Reminds me of an old friend of mine.

Charles Hibbard: This isn't one of those near-death experiences, is it?
Monica: In a way.
Charles Hibbard: But where's the tunnel? Did I miss it?
Monica: You weren't that close to dying.

Charles Hibbard: And, you're...?
Monica: An angel.
Charles Hibbard: That would be consistent with my experience.

Monica: All your life you've been afraid of life. And if you hadn't convinced yourself you were dying then you'd decide you were, too fat or too short, or - or too anything as long as it convinced you to hide. But God made you, Charles, and he knew what he was doing. You're not too anything. Except almost too late.

Charles Hibbard: If you're an angel, why didn't you just give me the two-hundred-thousand back in the first place?
Monica: That would've just saved your job. I'm here to save the rest of your life.

Monica: Do you remember the Christmas that you ran away? And a nice lady came and helped show you the way back home?
Charles Hibbard: ...You?
Monica: [Chuckles] No. My friend, Tess, but - can you remember where she found you?

Sister Mary Francis: She came with an answer to our prayers.
Charles Hibbard: ...$20,000.
Sister Mary Francis: Enough to remodel our kitchen, and keep our lunch program going, which we desperately needed.
Monica: What a blessing that must've been.
Sister Mary Francis: Oh, it was a miracle.

Charles Hibbard: You were wrong. God was wrong. She's not the right kind of woman for me at all; what kind of woman gives away $20,000 like that?
Monica: A great woman.
Charles Hibbard: A really great woman. Too great for me.

Tess: What if you ran away from home, and nobody noticed?
Monica: What if you gave away your heart, and nobody cared?

"Touched by an Angel: Trust (#2.2)" (1995)
Zack Bennett: Where do you come from?
Monica: Oh, well, I used to be in search-and-rescue, but I felt like I needed something a bit more challenging.

Zack Bennett: [of shooting] You might wanna try this with your eyes open.
Monica: I always say a wee prayer first.

Monica: Well, I just thought that partners were supposed to get to know each other, you know. Play poker, confide in each other, be best friends.

Monica: Coffee? Doughnuts? I could get used to this job.

Monica: Shouldn't we be out lookin' for trouble?

Monica: You've pushed away everyone that you love to protect a secret that you hate.

Monica: Didn't I say, "Don't be afraid"?

Zack Bennett: Am, uh... am I hallucinating?
Monica: No. I'm very real.

Monica: There's only one thing in this world that's truly bulletproof. And that's faith. Not faith in a gun that shoots, or a radio that works or even faith in your own cop's instinct. But the faith that you wrap yourself in every day of your life. The faith that no matter what happens, you won't lose God's love, and all the bullets in the world can't pierce it, and all the pills in the world can't replace it.

Tess: The simplest things are the hardest to say.
Monica: Like "I'm sorry." Like "I didn't mean to hurt you." Like "I love you," like "We'll get through this somehow."
Tess: Like "Don't hog the bread."

"Touched by an Angel: Angel of Death (#3.17)" (1997)
Monica: Aush, you know that nothing's ever really lost.
Tess: God knows where he is but, He isn't tellin' me.

Monica: I didn't even think you liked that wee mutt.
Tess: He's not a mutt. He's a special blend like this coffee you drink.

Celeste: [of people] Monica, how long does it take to understand them?
Monica: Maybe an eternity.

Monica: You know, Heaven can be very heavenly, but helping people - can be just as wonderful in a different way.

Celeste: I wanna help Eric. What should I do?
Monica: Pray.

Celeste: [lights up] Hey, would ya look at that. I must've said somethin' good.
Monica: Not only good, but truthful.

Monica: You cover your eyes and you think that no one will see you - no one will find you. But God has never lost you.

Monica: You see, that's the thing, with secrets and lies. They're illusions that grow bigger and bigger until you can't see the truth anymore.

Monica: You have spent your whole life trying to cheat death, and instead you have cheated life because you were too afraid to really live it.

Monica: You started hiding a long time ago. Isn't it time you started to seek?

"Touched by an Angel: Til We Meet Again (#2.13)" (1996)
Monica: [of death] It's quite a miracle.

Monica: Death... Oh, it's probably the most real thing that happens on Earth. It's awesome and profound. Like a birth. A soul passing from - from one realm to another. You can welcome death with wonder and respect, or you can fight it with fear and regret. Dying with regret, I've learned, is hardest of all. For everyone.

Monica: My name is Monica, and I'll be goin' to be lookin' after you. Helpin' you down the road, so to speak.
Joe Carpenter: [smiling] Angel.

Monica: I guess that's the thing about family secrets. Nobody talks but everybody knows.

Kim Carpenter: Do you believe in God, Monica?
Monica: Believe hardly begins to describe it.

Kim Carpenter: All I ever wanted to just feel comfortable in this family. When I was a kid and I'd blow out my birthday candles every year that was my wish. Whenever we'd pray, that was my prayer.
Monica: I would put my money on the prayers over the candles.

Monica: There's nothing wrong with you. In fact you're-you're a shining example of how God can take the saddest things, and turn them into something beautiful.

Andrew: "Sometimes the answer is no, sometimes the answer is not yet."
Monica: What, are you makin' fun of me?
Andrew: No, no, I think you did great. Joe, she did great, didn't she?
[Joe smiles]
Andrew: See?
Monica: Andrew, what do you think the chances are of a special dispensation?
Andrew: Monica... Uh, I-I don't know.
Monica: It's worth trying. 'Cause sometimes, the answer is yes.

Tess: There's a moment when humans remove themselves from this place, and get down to the business of dying. You see, his spirit is straining to remove itself from a body that won't release him.
Elizabeth Carpenter: Is he in pain?
Tess: Oh, no, no. The pain's all gone; there's more death here than life.
Kate Carpenter: The other angel. Is he here?
Monica: Yes, Andrew is here. And he's in touch with that part of your father's spirit that you can't communicate wtih.

Tess: It is Mr. Carpenter's time.
Monica: Andrew is here. Why do you need me?
Andrew: [tossing the football to himself] Well, what's a good receiver without a good passer?

"Touched by an Angel: Fallen Angela (#1.4)" (1994)
Monica: I'm afraid of the water.
Tess: Say that again?
Monica: I never had to work near lakes and oceans. I always asked to be excused from those and I was. Bad memories of the Flood, I guess.
Tess: This is ridiculous! What is the first thing an angel says? "Fear not. Be not afraid. Except for large bodies of water." Is that it?
Monica: I know there's nothing to be afraid of. I know it doesn't make any sense.
Tess: Well, actually, it makes good sense now. The thing you're terrified of is something she loves.
Monica: Who?
Tess: Your next assignment, Angela Evans. She's fighting a terrible fear. The kind that comes in the night and whispers in your ear 'til dawn and then sends you running to the sea just to get the voices to quit for a little while. But Angela's voices won't quit. Not until her own voice drowns them out.

Angela Evans: You saved me. Are you...?
Monica: I am an angel.
Angela Evans: Like... Like a real angel? Sent by...?
Monica: Sent by God.
Angela Evans: I knew there was something about you. Something so strong. Something so fearless. Something... Something I wanted to be.
[Starts to cry]
Monica: Shh... Look at me. Look at me, Angela. You are strong. You had the courage to make a sacrifice to save someone that you love. And you taught me a lesson today. That love erases fear. For when I saw you out there, I would've dived into the deepest ocean to bring you back.
Angela Evans: It might not have been such a good idea.
Monica: You made the choice, Angela. You want to live. You just don't want to live like this.
Angela Evans: But I can't change the past... Can you?
Monica: [Shakes her head] But all you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And it is this moment, right now, that you can choose to make everything new.
Angela Evans: You know something about... almost dying?
Monica: No. actually, I don't.
Angela Evans: All of a sudden, there's not a whole lot more to be afraid of.

Angela Evans: Well, we need volunteers.
Monica: And I need to be needed.

Angela Evans: I love your accent. You must be from the old country, huh?
Monica: [Chuckles] Yes. Very, very old.

Adam: Hey, I think I'm a little out of my element here, don't you?
Monica: I need an escort.
Adam: What you need is straps, that's what you need.
Monica: [laughing] Where's your faith, my friend?
Adam: Just don't make any sudden moves, Monica.
Monica: Ohh, the Angel of Death has approved. Why, I'm learnin' a lot in this new job.

Monica: Whatever it is, you can trust me.
Angela Evans: Funny, but... I think that I can.

Monica: I wish I could make that decision for her.
Tess: That's not what love is.

Monica: I've never had a friend before.
Tess: Who am I, chopped liver?
Monica: You know what I mean. The more I get to know about human beings, the more I get to know about myself.
Tess: Well, while you're learning about human beings, I wish you'd learn to make a good cup of coffee.

Monica: You know, Tess, sometimes you can be really pushy.
Tess: That's what friends are for.

"Touched by an Angel: In the Name of God (#2.6)" (1995)
Monica: [static turns to music - rock - on the radio as they enter town] Finally.
[Tess shuts it off]
Monica: Variety is the spice of life.

Sam: I heard that you make a great cup of coffee.
Monica: Well, i-it's one of the few perks of takin' human form.

Sam: I sort of... specialize.
Monica: Kind of like a cleanup man.
[Sam chuckles]

Monica: I can't imagine hating anyone.

Dr. Joanne Glassberg: You were here.
Monica: Yes, I was.
Dr. Joanne Glassberg: Like an angel.
Monica: Just like one.

Monica: God didn't bring you this far to leave you now. Will you give Him a chance to take this fear away?

Monica: I think I've got you figured out.
Sam: [Chuckling] Oh, don't bet on it.
Monica: You're a member of a secret elite angel team. Celestial Force One, or somethin'.
Sam: Now that's close.

Monica: Just in case the wind changes, I hope the flames next door remember that you don't want to get involved.

Monica: I thought that he'd be more... scary, you know? Fire and brimstone, horns?
Sam: Ah, mostly it's a lot of bells and whistles and lights... He trades heavily on his reputation.

"Touched by an Angel: Jacob's Ladder (#2.16)" (1996)
Monica: Every day is a chance to start over, my friend.

Judge: You have no last name?
Monica: Not officially, Your Honor.

Monica: Why is it when you talk to God you're prayin', but when God talks to you you're not?

Monica: Anywhere we can get a cup of coffee?
Jake Stone: I didn't think that angels drank coffee.
Monica: Well, how would you know; you don't even believe in them.

Jake Stone: Are you crazy?
Monica: Maybe. Maybe I am.

Monica: There's no greater love than to give your life for your friend.

Monica: It's you who have forgotten Who God is; He would never turn His back on you. Nothing - not death or life or war, not the past, the present, or the future - no one, no creature on this Earth, can ever separate you from God's love. And nobody knows that better than an angel.

[last lines]
Jake Stone: It's a miracle.
Monica: They happen every day.

"Touched by an Angel: Rock 'N' Roll Dad (#2.14)" (1996)
[first lines]
Monica: [reading gravestones] "Rest in peace"..."Rest in peace"..."Rest in peace."
Tess: Well, most of the time that's the only rest that anybody ever gets.

Monica: [of cemeteries] If people knew what was waiting for them, they wouldn't make these places so sad.
Tess: Well, grieving is a very powerful thing, Miss Wings. It's a good thing. It's a healthy thing. It's a healing thing. And it helps you get rid of a lot of pain. But It's something you should go through, not something you should hold onto.
Monica: I don't understand why human beings hold onto things that hurt.
Tess: Well, it's like if you give up the pain, you give up the person you've lost. It's a hard lesson, but there's only one way to learn it.

Tess: [watching him dance] Andrew, what're you doin' to yourself?
Monica: Lookin' good!

Dylan Mateos: I'm sorry, if you're making a delivery go to the service entrance; no autographs or pictures, please; and if you haven't announced yourself at the gate I must ask you to leave.
Tess: I am your new nanny.
Dylan Mateos: I didn't have an old nanny.
Tess: Well, you got a new one now. Let me talk to your mother.
Dylan Mateos: I'm sorry, if you're making a delivery go to the service...
Tess: Back off... and get your mama.
Dylan Mateos: OK...
Tess: ...And what are you snickering at?
Monica: You have such a wonderful way with children, Tess. They respond so well to you.
Tess: You keep that up and watch how I respond to *you*, Miss Wings.

Monica: How can you be mad at someone if they're dead?
Dylan Mateos: Your mom?
Monica: God.
Dylan Mateos: I happen to know that He's alive and kicking.

Monica: You can't send a letter to Heaven.
Dylan Mateos: Sure you can. You don't even need paper; you could write it with your heart.
Monica: That's the dumbest thing I ever heard.
Dylan Mateos: You want to believe it, though, don'cha?

Monica: God is not dead. He doesn't die just because you say so in a song. But a part of you dies every time you tell yourself that.

Monica: You can't worship something that's not greater than yourself.
Jon Mateos: Evie *was* greater.
Monica: Evie was a wonderful, loving, caring, and very human being. And she knew that. That's why she cared so much about the songs you sing. But the only hope finally left to a human in this world is denied every time you glorify darkness, or dance on a grave, or-or ridicule your Creator. Evie knew the power your music has to take hope away from your public, from you children, even from yourself.

"Touched by an Angel: An Unexpected Snow (#1.7)" (1994)
Monica: We thank you, Lord, for this Thanksgiving meal. And we thank You for all the gifts that we take for grated every day. For pumpkins, and llamas. For stars, and for snow.

Monica: Tess... would you sing somethin' for me?
Tess: I'm tired.
Monica: Oh, please. My soul misses it so.

Megan: He wasn't supposed to be married; he's supposed to be with me. God's made a mistake.
Monica: No. When things become this ugly and this painful, God has nothing to do with them.

Monica: Megan, when you cry, God cries with you. But He can't wipe away your tears unless you let Him.

Monica: The only thing I know is that the kind of love worth waiting for you won't have to lie for, or steal, or keep it - hidden in a box to visit on weekends.

Megan: Will I ever see you again?
Monica: [Shakes her head] But I promise ya this. I'll dance at your wedding, my girl.

[last lines]
Monica: I'm really thankful for you, ya know, Tess.
Tess: [putting an arm around her shoulders] Well, thankful is as thankful does, Miss Wings; I simply adore you. I adore you so much.

"Touched by an Angel: Out of the Darkness (#2.17)" (1996)
Tess: Uh, this is Monica; she's your physical therepist.
Steve Bell: Look, everything seems to be workin' fine.
Tess: Well, I'm sure it is. But you haven't walked or run or lifted, or moved at all, for five years. And so your muscles are gonna have to be retrained. That's where Monica comes in.
Monica: Yes, I'll be, um... physically therepizing you.

Steve Bell: Feelin' good, I'll be doin' the lambada in no time.
Monica: [Chuckles] I don't think they do that anymore.

Steve Bell: Where'd you come from?
Monica: Well, I figured you'd come here and my cab was faster than your cab.

Monica: I know this'll be hard for you to believe, but - I'm an angel.
Steve Bell: Right, and I got the Easter Bunny in the back seat.
Monica: It's true.
Steve Bell: Prove it; make the, windshield wipers go on.
Monica: We're not fairies; we don't grant wishes. But it's always good to check your wipers.

Monica: Send me back to the choir.

Al: Something's not clear, my dear?
Monica: Yes, everything's not clear.

Monica: [of Al] How did she get this job?
Tess: I think she knew somebody.

"Touched by an Angel: Unidentified Female (#2.10)" (1995)
Monica: Sometimes things can seem random because God allows us to make choices.

Monica: God will use you right now where ya are if you let Him.

[first lines]
Monica: Tess, if you could go back and do any day over again, what day would you choose?
Tess: [chuckling] Oh, I dunno. I've had some doozies. But it would be a happy one. And definitely sometime after the discovery of chocolate.
[Monica chuckles]

Monica: Do ya ever notice something about humans? If you ask 'em if they could go back and live any day over again what'd they do, they always want to go back and fix something. As if they knew the precise moment when something went wrong.

Monica: I'm an angel.
Jennifer: I know.

Monica: Some roads home are shorter than others.

Monica: Sometimes the end is just the beginning, huh?
Tess: The end *usually* is just the beginning.

"Touched by an Angel: Cassie's Choice (#1.5)" (1994)
Tess: You remember that man who lived around here about two, three-hundred years ag, got lost in a blizzardo
Monica: Yes. Yes, I do. I led 'im to a cave.
Tess: He spent that winter ice-fishing and concocting stories to tell to his tribe when he got back home.
Monica: I remember. He told them later that it was the most wonderful season of his life. He said that he had met himself that year.
Tess: Hm... People too busy to meet themselves anymore. Everybody's faxing and modeming and onlining and imputing and downloading and overnighting... You don't like it? Change the channel. Push the button. Escape. Delete. You know, you can say anything to anybody, anywhere in the world, in seconds. But it still takes as much time as it ever took to know a soul... mend a broken heart, or... give birth to a child. In this world of change, some things just don't. And children like her - they get lost in the in-between.

Monica: I've never seen it from this side before. Oh, isn't it somethin'.
Doctor: How long you been workin' on OB? I've never seen *you* around before.
Monica: I've been workin' upstairs.

Cassie Peters: She's really into music.
Craig: Yeah?
Monica: Well, I used to be in a choir.

Cassie Peters: [of the car seat that appeared in the trunk the second time] Where did that come from?
Monica: Oh, my friend. She likes to be prepared.

Cassie Peters: How do you know that?
Monica: Because I'm an angel.
Cassie Peters: you mean... like a psychic or something?

[last lines]
Monica: I made the pawnbroker an offer he couldn't refuse.
Tess: O, Lord, here it comes.
Monica: I took care of his siattica. Is that wrong, Tess?
Monica: Father, why will you not help me with this child?
[Monica laughs]

"Touched by an Angel: Reunion (#2.7)" (1995)
[Monica had just written a poem and recites it in a public poetry reading]
Monica: Roses are red, angels are gossamer, hold on to yourself and make sure you floss some more.

Monica: Edsels are old, Packards Jurassic, but don't lose your faith 'cause a T-bird's a classic.

Howard: When I saw that old clunker on the road, I couldn't believe it.
Monica: Clunker? It drives beauty.
Howard: Well, that's a miracle, that's all I've got to see. One I never thought I'd see.

Monica: This isn't a punishment. God didn't do this to you. God didn't set this journey in motion. He's just as angry as you are that ya have to walk this road. But He promises you this, Megan: He will walk this road with you. And He will be there for you when ya reach the end of it. God loves you.

Monica: The love has always been there for you. All any of you needed was the courage to hold onto it.

[last lines]
Monica: Roses are red, napkins are handy...
Tess: [revving up] That's my cue.
Monica: Weddings are nifty, 'cause they give ya free candy!
Tess: [causing her to laugh] O, God, why don't you help me? Please help me with this child.

"Touched by an Angel: Interview with an Angel (#2.1)" (1995)
Callie Martin: Do you got any wings you carry around with you or something?
Monica: I don't think you're ready for those.

Monica: Faith is the evidence of things unseen.

Monica: I mean, saving lives has its merits. But saving souls, and - and futures, and families... That's somethin' else altogether.

Monica: Lesson number one: assume nothing.

Henry: Just when things start getting predictable - voila.
Monica: "Voila." That's all you learned after a century in France?
Henry: Well, that, and, uh, "A red glass of wine a day keeps the Angel of Death away."

Dr. Gus Jacobs: Have you ever... come across anything like this before?
Monica: In... one form or another.

"Touched by an Angel: Birthmarks (#2.23)" (1996)
Monica: You went over the fence, did ya, Leonard?
[He barks]
Monica: Well, I know there are rabbits, but - you'll just have to invite them over here next time, OK?

Monica: Actually, I came to apply for the dog-training job.
Penny Russell: Oh, uh... I-I just put up the sign.
Monica: Oh, great, so the job's still open, is it?

Monica: [trying to train a stubborn dog] Leonard, could you help me out here?
[he barks; the other dog sits]

Whit Russell: My kiln takes hours to heat up.
Monica: Oh. Well, mine doesn't.

Whit Russell: What kinda angels are you?
Monica: The old-fashioned kind.

Monica: Isn't it odd how people every day pray over the tiniest things - the weather, a green light, a baseball game? Things you can't even change. But how come no one remembers to pray when faced with a decision? When you have to make a difficult choice, don't you think God would like to help you make it?

"Touched by an Angel: The Big Bang (#2.9)" (1995)
Monica: [in the bank of lost money] I thought I would put it in the lost-and-found.

Tess: How much faith do you have?
Monica: Well, that's a silly question. I'm an angel.
Tess: Well, what would you do if I told you angels don't have any faith at all?
Monica: What?
Tess: Sooner or later every angel finds that out. Sooner or later.

Monica: How much faith does an angel have, Max?
Max Chamberlain: I don't know. I-I guess more than anybody.
Monica: No. No. We don't have any at all, absolutely none; you see, we don't need it. But you do. That's what makes yous strong. Believing today in the light that doesn't come until tomorrow.

Monica: Oh, little one. Have I a message for you. God wants you to be born and the world that is waiting for you was created by Him. And it is nothing to fear. Yes, there will be rivers for you to cross, but when you walk through the water He will be with you. And, yes, there will be mountains for you to climb, but when you can't take another step, He will carry you. And there will be people to cherish, and hearts to change. But He will hold your hand every step of the way if you just will come out into the light, and have faith.

Tess: You kept that faith. Or maybe you found it...
Monica: It wasn't easy.
Tess: Well, if it was easy, anybody could do it.

"Touched by an Angel: Flesh and Blood (#2.22)" (1996)
[first lines]
Monica: I don't understand what people see in tea. How could they not prefer coffee? But, I suppose just as there are cat people and dog people there are tea people and coffee people.
Tess: And listening people and talking people.

Monica: She doesn't look like she needs an angel.
Tess: She doesn't. Right now she needs a friend.

Kate Prescott: I didn't hear the door.
Monica: I didn't use the door.

Kate Prescott: You've been a real angel.
Monica: [revealing herself] Just like one.

Kate Prescott: God is real.
Monica: Oh, yes. More than real.

"Touched by an Angel: Indigo Angel (#2.15)" (1996)
Tess: If you got soul, you sing the blues.
Monica: Anybody ever sing the yellows or the greens?

Monica: [asked to tell a joke] Knock, knock.
Sam Brown: Who's there?
Monica: Oh, you heard it already.
[Sam laughs]

Sam Brown: You know anything about soul?
Monica: A little.

Monica: [asked to name a time when she was seriously down] Oh, when I spilled the coffee on meself. It was Columbia Supremo.

"Touched by an Angel: The Quality of Mercy (#2.21)" (1996)
[first lines]
Monica: "To be, or not to be."
Tess: I would definitely say: not to be.

Monica: Do I know you?
Andrew: [Lifts his fencing mask] The Angel of Death, at your service.
Monica: [of the sword] Andrew. Put that away before you hurt someone.
Andrew: Hey. You're supposed to tell me how dashing I look.

Monica: Tess, is Andrew here on business?
Tess: Well, he's certainly gonna do a death scene. We just don't know if it's on stage or off.

Monica: "The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from Heaven upon the place beneath. It is twice blessed. It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes."
Marshall Redding: [as she reveals herself] You look like some kind of an angel.
Monica: Before Shakespeare wrote it, God *was* it. Mercy is His gift. And you shine with His divine light every time you are merciful or show someone forgiveness.

"Touched by an Angel: Beautiful Dreamer (#5.6)" (1998)
Monica: The dream didn't begin in your mind, sir. It comes from the mind of God.

Abraham Lincoln: And what are you, another one of, uh, Mary's spiritualists?
Monica: No. Spiritualists seek messages from a - mysterious beyond. I deliver messages from God, Who is neither mysterious nor beyond but with us here, now, in this room.

Monica: I believe your faith in God a long time ago prepared you to leave this world and meet your Creator. But until that day comes, God wants to reward your faithfulness by giving you some new measure of peace, now.

Monica: I-I cannot see into the future. Only God, Who loves you very much, and do that. But He wants you to know this about your dream. That no matter what happens, what matters most is that in your dream, you were walkin' the halls off the White House. And that for generations to come, children and presidents, citizens and legislators, average Amerians and world leaders will - walk these same hals, and listen for the echo of your footsteps, hoping to hear one distant reassuring sound of honesty, and goodness, and genuine sacrifice. For the people of this country, and the centuries to come, will not simply honor your memory, sir. They will need it. They will cling to it in the days when the real heroes are hard to find. When the little boys and little girls wonder if there was a time when principles mattered more than politics. When parents need an example of courage to point to. They will need you - the men and women of every race and religion who continue the struggle that you began. Who will fight for freedom and fairness, who will even sacrifice their own lives: the fighters, and the dreamers, who will follow you to the mountaintop.

"Touched by an Angel: The One That Got Away (#2.12)" (1996)
Monica: God never created anything stronger than the power of real love. It lives forever. And you never know where it's gonna come from next.

Monica: Human beings have the power to make choices. And some of the worst choices are made in darkness.

Monica: If you want to be a judge, don't go 'round makin' up your own laws.

[last lines]
Monica: If you really, really, *really* love somebody, always bring them back some meatballs from the weding.
Tess: Ohh, Miss Wings, I have trained you right. Don't be shy, baby; come on, dig in. Ooh, yes.

"Touched by an Angel: The Hero (#1.11)" (1995)
Monica: Where I come from, people don't always have to be busy. Sometimes they just sit back and - enjoy the peace.

Monica: Well, his head is going to be all right; it's his heart I'm worried about.

Monica: Secrets are dangerous things. The longer ya hold onto them, the farther away you push everyone else trying to keep them safe. But you know what, James? There are no such things as secrets.

[last lines]
Tess: Now don't you go getting emotional on me. You can't go around crying over every job.
Monica: [choking through tears] Oh, you're a fine one to talk.
Tess: [watches her using a handkerchief] Save one for me.

"Touched by an Angel: Statute of Limitations (#2.24)" (1996)
Monica: Experience is my middle name. If I had one, I mean. That would be it.

Morgan Bell: You understand she has very special needs?
Monica: When it comes right down to it, who doesn't?

Andrew: So how'd you like the show?
Monica: OK. The best bit was seein' the Angel of Death runnin' around in a T-shirt and headphones.
[he grins then frowns thoughtfully]
Monica: What's the matter?
Andrew: I was just tryin' to imagine what you would look like with a safety pin through your lower lip.

Monica: Open a mind and ya open a door, I always say.

"Touched by an Angel: Dear God (#2.19)" (1996)
Tess: Thirty-two cents to send a piece of paper from here to there. Ben told me this would happen but I didn't believe him.
Monica: Ben?
Tess: My good old friend Ben Franklin. I helped him start the post office a couple centuries ago.
Monica: You told me he was a nosy motormouth.
Tess: Well, most of my best friends are motormouths if you get my meaning.

Monica: [reading mail for her] I'm a winner already!
Tess: Yes, you are, baby, and neither rain nor sleet nor snow will keep you from your appointed assignment.

Monica: "Dead letters"? How can a letter die?

Miss Raphael: They sent you down from Central?
Monica: You could say that, yes.

"Touched by an Angel: There But for the Grace of God (#1.10)" (1995)
Monica: O, dear God.
Zack: God can't hear you down hear.
Monica: God can always hear you.
Zack: Maybe He's ignoring us then.

Monica: I'm an angel.
[Pete grins and shakes his head in disbelief]
Monica: I know that sounds crazy.
Pete Taylor: Nah, not around here.

Monica: I don't know why these things have happened to you. It's not because of anything you've done.

Monica: He will walk with you all the way, but it's up to you to take the first step.

"Touched by an Angel: Tough Love (#1.3)" (1994)
Elizabeth Jessup: You've come to punish me.
Monica: No... Oh... No... God loves you.
Elizabeth Jessup: ...Why?
Monica: Because you're Elizabeth. Not Elizabeth the journalist, or teh prizewinner... or the alcoholic. But because you're You. God loves *you*.

Monica: You've spent your whole life running, and running, trying to catch up with something that was never there for you. But all you've done is go farther and farther away from that precious love that is always there for you. Now...
Monica: Now you've almost lost that completely.

Elizabeth Jessup: You've come to punish me.
Monica: No... Oh... God loves you.
Elizabeth Jessup: ...Why?
Monica: Because you're Elizabeth. Not Elizabeth the journal, or the prizewinner... or the alcoholic. But because you're you. God loves *you*.

"Touched by an Angel: Crisis of Faith (#3.16)" (1997)
Monica: [causes the basketball to stop just above the hoop to speak to Daniel] I believe this is what you'd call a time out.

Monica: No one is blaming you for the choice that ya made. But you have to accept responsibility for making it because only then can you fully receive the forgiveness your heart needs to heal.

Monica: You failed, and you're human. Just because you're a man of faith doesn't mean you won't make mistakes. It means that when no one will understand why you made them, you know that God will. And it means that when no one can forgive you, you know that God can.

"Touched by an Angel: Til Death Do Us Part (#6.5)" (1999)
[first lines]
Monica: What do you suppose God had in mind when He created cows, Tess?
Tess: Well, I wanna say hamburgers. But I don't think that's the right answer.

Monica: Angels have free will too; you don't have to do this. But I know that you will. Because you're a servant of God before you're a servant of your own heart. That's how you were made. And that's the difference between humans and angels.

[last lines]
Tess: [to the cow nosing around her pockets] Go away, go away, I have nothin' for ya, nothing. Nothing.
Monica: [Chuckles] They're just friendly creatures, Tess.
Tess: Well, the flies certainly like 'em!
Andrew: Oh, come on Tess, go and make yourself a new friend.
Tess: I don't need a new friend but I might need some new shoes after this.
[the others chuckle]

"Touched by an Angel: Fighting the Good Fight (#5.24)" (1999)
Monica: Two boys, four angels.
Andrew: I've seen it take as many as six, seven angels.
Tess: Yeah, but it only takes one God, 'cause He's the one that's got the plan.

Frank: I'm just a guy, ya know... I did not ask for this. I just wanted to help out a little and look what I got.
Monica: Yes. You got a chance to be a man.

"Touched by an Angel: Manny (#1.8)" (1994)
Tess: [trying to choose a name for Tess' convertible] Helen.
Monica: Too mythological.

Monica: A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, right?
Tess: Yeah, but the problem is most people think more about the name than the rose.

"Touched by an Angel: Angels on the Air (#2.5)" (1995)
Monica: Oh, a field trip? That's lovely. I've seen lots of really beautiful fields.

Monica: God doesn't need science to explain Himself.

"Touched by an Angel: Band of Angels (#7.20)" (2001)
Alex Wilson: Shut up, lady! You don't know what you're talking about!
Monica: Yes, I do! I absolutely do!
Monica: [starts glowing]
Alex Wilson: What's going on here?
Monica: God has sent me as an answer to a prayer.
Alex Wilson: What? I didn't say no prayer or nothing!
Monica: It's not your prayer. It's Henry's prayer.
Alex Wilson: What?
Monica: I am an angel, Alex. A messenger sent by God, and an answer to Henry's prayer.

"Touched by an Angel: Netherlands (#7.23)" (2001)
Satan: We don't have to be friends. We don't have to be enemies.
Monica: You *are* the enemy.
Satan: [shakes his head] I'm not the enemy... I'm the alternative.

"Touched by an Angel: The Sign of the Dove (#7.21)" (2001)
Monica: I don't have the authority to physically stand in your way. You have a free will and a mind of your own. But I will try to change your mind.

"Touched by an Angel: Operation Smile (#2.8)" (1995)
Monica: I'm workin' on a plan.
Tess: Well, that's good.
Monica: Can I borrow your car?
Tess: [reluctantly handing over the keys] ... I hate this plan already.

"Touched by an Angel: Quality Time (#6.20)" (2000)
Monica: Anyone care for a slice of mocha?
Tess, Andrew: *No!*