Officer Lucy Bates
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Officer Lucy Bates (Character)
from "Hill Street Blues" (1981)

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"Hill Street Blues: A Wasted Weekend (#7.12)" (1987)
Sgt. Howard Hunter: [during Roll Call] Sgt. Stanis Jablonski, Metro Police, retired, is going hunting with several of our colleagues.
Sgt. Lucy Bates: They're going out to kill Bambi.
[laughter and murmering from the other cops]
Sgt. Lucy Bates: They're going out to slaughter poor defenceless creatures.
Officer J.D. LaRue: Hey, if you can eat it, you can kill it.
Sgt. Lucy Bates: Wanna keep your personal life to yourself, LaRue?

"Hill Street Blues: Can World War III Be an Attitude? (#1.4)" (1981)
Lt. Howard Hunter: [to Lucy Bates] I was wondering if we could have a little verbal... mano a mano.
[Lucy looks confused]
Lt. Howard Hunter: ... A Talk.
Officer Lucy Bates: Sure, about what?

"Hill Street Blues: Doris in Wonderland (#4.5)" (1983)
Dr. Stuart: So, officer Bates... you come here often?
[Lucy's look indicates she's in no mood for flirting]
Dr. Stuart: What happened?
Sgt. Lucy Bates: I knocked this kid out with my ribs.

"Hill Street Blues: Jungle Madness (#1.15)" (1981)
Officer Joe Coffey: [driving a patrol car] You wanna get married, Lucy?
Officer Lucy Bates: I can't today, Joe.

"Hill Street Blues: Here's Adventure, Here's Romance (#4.1)" (1983)
Sgt. Lucy Bates: What do you know about this horse over here?
The Cisco Kid: [wearing a western outfit, a sombrero and carrying a saddle] How should I know anything about a horse?