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Synclaire James-Jones (Character)
from "Living Single" (1993)

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"Living Single: Judging by the Cover (#1.1)" (1993)
Synclaire James-Jones: Go ahead Regine let it out, cry. If you don't your tearducts will get blocked up and then when you get old you won't be able to cry.
Khadijah: Just when we thought it was safe to let you back into the conversation.

Maxine: The bottom line is men are nothing but speed bumps on the road to happiness.
Regine Hunter: No no, I think they're more like cheap pantyhose at the worse possible moment they run on you.
Synclaire James-Jones: But did you ever stop to think about what the world be like without men?
Khadijah: A bunch of fat happy women and no crime!

"Living Single: There's No Ship Like Kinship (#2.14)" (1994)
Sheri: Khadijah, before you say anything, it's my fault Synclaire is late.
Khadijah James: It's cool.
Synclaire James-Jones: It is?
Khadijah James: Sure, what's 20 minutes between cousins?
Sheri: Sounds like a pickup line in a hillbilly bar.

Synclaire James-Jones: [after Khadijah accuses them Synclaire and Sheri of cheating in Clue] I cannot believe you would accuse us of cheating.
Sheri: Oh, forget about it Synclaire; she's on to us. I mean, it's been fun roaming the country, pulling one Clue scam after another. But look, we've finally met our match.

"Living Single: Come Back Little Diva (#3.1)" (1995)
Khadijah: You mean you and Kyle been together three months and your already buying him draws?
Maxine: I need a little Tabasco with my jalapeño if you know what I'm saying.
Synclaire James-Jones: Well, which way is the front?
Maxine: That depends on how freaky I'm feeling.

Synclaire James-Jones: So, is your new apartment all fixed up nice?
Regine Hunter: Girl, it's fabulous! I've turned it into a little French hideaway.
Khadijah: Apparently so hidden yo ass can't seem to find it.

"Living Single: Full Court Press (#1.7)" (1993)
Synclaire James-Jones: You know what Mark Twain said, "A lawyer who defends himself in court, has a fool for a client."
Khadijah: Did you just call me a fool?
Synclaire James-Jones: No, Mark Twain did.