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Jim Bowie (Character)
from Texas (1994) (TV)

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The Alamo (2004)
William Travis: We could try to get you out with an escort. If you're captured, perhaps given your condition, mercy would be extended.
James Bowie: I don't deserve mercy. I do deserve a drink. You got anything stronger than water?
[He smiles]
William Travis: I don't drink, Jim, you know that. I gamble, go to whores, run off on wives... but drinking, I draw the line.
James Bowie: You know, if you live five more years, you might just be a great man.
William Travis: I think I will probably have to settle for what I am now.

William Travis: Their response?
James Bowie: Shit!
[throws down the note from Santa Ana]
James Bowie: Surrender at discretion... Buck.
William Travis: Perhaps, Colonel, they'll only execute the officers.
Crockett: I think we all just got promoted.

William Travis: In a few days, all of Texas will know of our situation.
James Bowie: Tell me, Buck, in Alabama, precisely how many is "a few"?

William Travis: Colonel, I became a little heated with you in front of your men. It was ill-advised and not terribly professional.
James Bowie: Don't worry about it. Most of my men didn't even understand the words you were using.

James Bowie: Sometimes... it's just the way you say things, Travis. That's all. I swear to God.

William Travis: Colonel Bowie, I understand that you plan to remove the cannon from this fort and take them to General Houston. I advise you not to do it; they are needed here.
James Bowie: Where did you hear that, Buck?
William Travis: Men tend to talk when they drink; your men tend to drink.
James Bowie: I will do as I have been commanded; as for what that is, I will discuss it further with Col. Jamison.
William Travis: Col. Jamison has left the fort on personal business; he left me in command.
James Bowie: Whooee, that is a rapid rise, Billy. We better break out the long pants.

James Bowie: [about Crockett's coonskin cap] What happened to your cap? Crawl away?
Davy Crockett: No, I only wear it when it's extra cold. The truth is, I only started wearing that thing... because of that fella in that play they did about me. People expect things.

David Crockett: That knife fight you got into, sand bar in Natchez. It was the one that got you written up. That all true?
James Bowie: You believe everything you read now?
David Crockett: I didn't read it, I heard it. And the way I heard it he put a swordcane and two shots in you.
James Bowie: I don't remember.
David Crockett: Figure ol' Sam will be here pretty soon. When he gets here we'll have a good ol' time.
James Bowie: It was there shots. Sword came through my lung and went through my hand, and then I cut his heart out. Those ain't bears out there. Do you understand that... Davy?

Comanche Territory (1950)
[Dan'l has been shot]
James Bowie: I'll get it out as quick as I can.
Dan'l Seeger: There's no hurry, son. Only don't throw it away. I like to save lead folks take out of me. I got nearly three pounds of it.

James Bowie: So this is the mighty Quisima who sat on the council of the white man in Washington. This is Quisima who gave one hand in friendship to his white brothers while the other hand held a knife. This is Quisima whose words is shifting as the wind, whose tongue twists like a river of many branches. this is Quisima, breaker of treaties. Today, the Comanche is held in honor and respect like the mountain that never yields, or the sun that never changes. Tomorrow he will be driven off like a dog that wanders close to a campfire to take his place among men.

Dan'l Seeger: You'll find this mighty interesting, Jim. Them bucks out there come galloping by and see how close they can come to us with their arrows and then they try again ten paces further on... and so on.
James Bowie: It's that "so on" that bothers me.

Katie Howard: All right, mister, draw! I said, draw!
James Bowie: Sorry, ma'am. Back in Louisiana, when we meet any pretty ladies, we make love to them, we kiss them, spank 'em on occasion... but we never go around shootin' 'em.

Dan'l Seeger: She sure is a pretty girl.
James Bowie: She sure is.
Dan'l Seeger: Too bad she's always wearing buckskin and keeping her figure covered.
James Bowie: At your age, Dan'l, you shouldn't be lookin'.
Dan'l Seeger: At my age, there ain't much else to do!

The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory (1987) (TV)
Col. William Barrett Travis: What are you fighting for?
Jim Bowie: More like the old life, I guess...like it used to be. Like it is in America where the people own the government. You see, Santa Anna, he thinks he owns the people. Now I don't like being owned. I'm kind of particular about that kind of thing.

Col. William Barrett Travis: Are you a commander or a scout?
Jim Bowie: [Clearly annoyed at Travis] You know something, Colonel, you're gettin' to be a burr under my saddle.

Jim Bowie: This is for Texas, boys. This is for Texas and Freedom!

Jim Bowie: [Admiringly] Travis, you're not a tin soldier.

The Alamo (1960)
Jim Bowie: I'd hate to say anything good about that long-winded jackanapes, but he does know the short way to start a war.

Col. Davy Crockett: Travis says Fannin's coming.
Jim Bowie: Travis says! I wouldn't take Travis' word that night's dark and day's light!

[the Alamo garrison is informed that no reinforcements are coming]
Jim Bowie: Well, that's it. I'm taking my men out of here now. Cutting through to the north. You coming?
Davy Crockett: Seems like the better part of valor.

Jim Bowie: You're a damn fool Travis.

The Iron Mistress (1952)
Jim Bowie: Ma...I killed a man.
Mrs. Bowie: Did he need killin'?
Jim Bowie: About as much as any man ever did.

The Painted Stallion (1937)
Christopher 'Kit' Carson: Isn't that what they call a Bowie knife?
Jim Bowie: Yup.
Christopher 'Kit' Carson: Where'd you get it?
Jim Bowie: Well... I made it.
Christopher 'Kit' Carson: Then you're Jim Bowie?
Jim Bowie: I reckon.

The Man from the Alamo (1953)
Lt. Col. Travis: How do you feel, Jim?
Jim Bowie: I'd feel a lot better if somebody moved me out on that wall. I'll never get any shootin' done in here.
Lt. Col. Travis: Don't be too sure of that. There's a lot of 'em left out there. Some of them might even pay you a visit.
Sam: Just bring 'em in! Me and Mr. Bowie all ready for 'em.
Lt. Col. Travis: I don't think we won't have to bring 'em in, Sam. It looks as if they intend to come in on their own.