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Mother Goose (Character)
from The Wacky World of Mother Goose (1967)

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Babes in Toyland (1961)
Gonzorgo: We don't know how to tell you this, Miss Mary. No, we don't know how to tell you this at all. We were 20 leagues at sea and it was calm as it could be, when out of the north, there came a sudden squall! He was standing at the wheel he was, Miss Mary, and across the deck, the might ocean roared, and the mizzen broke and fell and we heard the fellow yell as it bashed him down and swept him overboard!
Gonzorgo: Slowly, slowly, he sank into the sea! Though we tried to save him, he sank into the sea!
Mary Contrary: But who, sir? Who sank?
Gonzorgo: It was Tom, ma'am. Tom sank.
Mary Contrary: Tom sank?
Mother Goose: Tom sank?
Sylvester: Who's Tom Sank?
Barnaby: What preposterous rumor are you spreading, sailors? Go on your way, unless you have some evidence, some proof for what you say?
Gonzorgo: Oh, yes, sir!
Mary Contrary: What proof do you have?
Gonzorgo: We are bringing you his personal belongings, and in his hat, we found this soggy note. Though the salty ocean spray somehow washed the words away, I'll see if I can't decipher what he wrote. "Darling Mary," he begins, or is that "dearest"? Yes, that's term he uses we agree. Now the boy goes on to tell how he hopes this finds you well. It's too bad he slowly sank into the sea.
Gonzorgo: Slowly, slowly, he sank into the sea! With no life preserver, he sank into the sea!
Mary Contrary: But this was to be our wedding day. Why would Tom be at sea?
Barnaby: Does this letter offer some explanation? I presume he's written more?
Gonzorgo: Oh, yes, sir! "I am poor," the letter reads, "and can't support you, and it's best I sail away to set you free. Noble lady that you are, you'd be better off by far if you were to marry wealthy Barnaby." We advice you to forget him now, Miss Mary, though our condolences to you we will extend, but we'll blame you not, my dear, if you care to shed a tear for the way he met his most untimely end.
Gonzorgo: Slowly, slowly, he sank into the sea! To the very bottom, he sank into the sea!
[Rodrigo suddenly sinks in the puddle and then slowly comes back up. Gonzorgo tries to find the hole, but can't]
Sylvester: How about that!
Mary Contrary: [near tears] Oh, my poor brave Tom, sacrificing his life for my welfare!
Mother Goose: Poor Mary. Come, children, in the house.
Sylvester: There's something fishy about this!
Mother Goose: Hush, Sylvester!
Sylvester: Well, I wouldn't trust either one of them, the fat one or the idiot!

[first lines]
Sylvester: Hello, everybody. My name is Sylvester, Sylvester J. Goose. My friends call me Syl, or sometimes silly.
Sylvester: At this time, it is with unmitigated pleasure...
Mother Goose: [behind curtain] Sylvester, talk faster.
Sylvester: "Talk faster"? You're lucky to find a goose who can talk at all! As I was saying, it is my pleasure to present your hostess for this occasion, weighing one hundred and eighty nine pounds...
Mother Goose: Sylvester!
Sylvester: Hmph! I present the one and only Mother Goose.
[Mother Goose enters]
Mother Goose: Thank you, Sylvester.
[under her breath]
Mother Goose: Blabbermouth.
[out loud]
Mother Goose: I'm here to invite you to a celebration in our village. Tomorrow is the wedding of Tom and Mary.
Sylvester: Two of my closest friends.
Mother Goose: I know. So put on your best smile, set free your imagination, and come with us to Mother Goose Village. Sylvester?
Sylvester: Alright, boys, open the curtains!

Barnaby: You are gazing at a happy man.
Sylvester: If he's happy, I'm a chicken!
Mother Goose: Shh.

Mother Goose: Now, let's see. There's something borrowed, something blue...
[Barnaby enters]
Barnaby: Good day, friends.
Sylvester: And here's something old and ugly too.