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Pat Cheaver (Character)
from The Lucky Ones (2008)

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The Lucky Ones (2008)
[Cheaver is told by his wife that she wants a divorce from him]
Fred Cheaver: You seeing someone else? You can tell me.
Pat Cheaver: No. I'm not seeing anyone else. I don't want to see anyone else. I'm happy being alone. I want to be alone. I know that sounds harsh, but it's the truth. I am happy... without you.
Colee Dunn: [Colee whispers to T.K. in the other room] Oh, my God.
T.K. Poole: [T.K. whispers back] This is what makes a guy flip out. He's gonna strangle her.
Colee Dunn: [whispering] It's Cheaver. He wouldn't strangle her.
T.K. Poole: [whispering] Okay, shoot her, whatever.