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Quotes for
Lance Wilkinson (Character)
from "Neighbours" (1985)

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"Neighbours: Episode #1.2829" (1997)
Lance: [to Phil] Mum was trying to blade but she crippled herself - pretty stupid for a physio!

"Neighbours: Episode #1.2964" (1997)
Jacinta Myers: [after Lance answers a question correctly in class] Suck any harder, Lance and we'll have to put wheels on you and sell you as a vacuum cleaner!
Susan Kennedy: That's Enough.
Lance Wilkinson: Everyone just hear that? Jacinta actually strung some words together and made a sentence. Maybe her brain is finally starting to develop!
[more laughter]
Susan Kennedy: I said that's *enough*, everybody!

"Neighbours: Episode #1.2811" (1997)
Jo: [about a Spider] I can't sleep with it in the house!
Lance: And it probably can't sleep with you in the house!

"Neighbours: Episode #1.2965" (1997)
Ruth: Lance, call Amy a taxi
Lance: Sure... Amy, you're a taxi!