Nathan Templeton
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Nathan Templeton (Character)
from "Commander in Chief" (2005)

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"Commander in Chief: Wind Beneath My Wing (#1.12)" (2006)
Reporter: Madame President, any chance you'd care to comment on this mornings USA Today poll? You're numbers show you and the Speaker are now tied among likely voters.
Mackenzie Allen: [to Nathan, faking confusion] Mr. Speaker, are you running for something?
Nathan Templeton: Me?... Yes: the door.
[He leaves]

Nathan Templeton: False modesty doesn't suit you.
Mackenzie Allen: Nor you.

"Commander in Chief: The Mom Who Came to Dinner (#1.9)" (2005)
Sara Templeton: Jayne was an excellent Chief of Staff. You won't find any better. And you know you miss her.
Nathan Templeton: Well... I can't hire her back.
Sara Templeton: Why not?
Nathan Templeton: 'Cause I'd have to beg.

"Commander in Chief: The Price You Pay (#1.14)" (2006)
Nathan Templeton: [to Jayne, after the President made Carl Brantley AG] From now on, we don't stop. Attack, attack, attack, attack.