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"The Wonderful World of Disney: Life-Size (#3.8)" (2000)
Eve: Ben, did you see that big lady dancing? This is a night I'll never forget!
Ben Stuart: Neither will anyone else. I wonder who's asleep, Casey or the babysitter.

Casey Stuart: [after discovering her father and Eve about to kiss] Dad, how could you?
Eve: Casey, your eyes... they're wet.
Ben Stuart: Casey, wait. Casey! Case...
Casey Stuart: [Crying on the bed in her room] Go away!
Ben Stuart: Nothing happened, Casey.
Casey Stuart: She was trying to kiss you, so that you would fall in love with her!
Ben Stuart: I'm not falling in love with anyone, honey.
Casey Stuart: You let her stay in mom's special place, Dad. Nothing I do is gonna make a difference! Everything is ruined!
Ben Stuart: Case...
Casey Stuart: Just go away! I hate you!