Detective Trupo
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Detective Trupo (Character)
from American Gangster (2007)

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American Gangster (2007)
Detective Trupo: [after Detective Trupo finds Blue Magic in a small bag in the car] What are we gonna do about this?
Frank Lucas: We ain't gon' do shit about it. Close it up. Throw it back in the trunk. Everybody go home. Have some pumpin pie, warm apple cider...
Detective Trupo: I got a better idea, or would you rather me throw you and your brother in the fuckin' river?
Frank Lucas: Or, would you rather your house blows up next time?

[Detective Trupo notices Richie's plans to arrest Frank Lucas]
Detective Trupo: What's this? Don't tell me you're actually gonna arrest Frank Lucas, are you?
Detective Richie Roberts: What? Haven't you heard? We're all fucking crazy over here. You know what we do here? Cops... arrest... bad guys. The next time you come across the bridge, you should call me first. Just make sure it's safe.

Detective Trupo: Did you pay your bills, Frank?
Frank Lucas: I don't know what you're talking about.
Detective Trupo: You pay your bills, I asked you?
Frank Lucas: Look, if you're not getting your share
Detective Trupo: [interupts] What's my share? Cause you don't even fuckin' know me. Maybe I'm special.

Detective Trupo: [Referring to Lucas] We need to keep this cash cow alive.

Detective Trupo: When was the last time I was in New Jersey? Let me think, never, what are you doing coming over here unannounced? You think you're going to get hurt doing that? you got your fucking money, never come into this city unannounced, you come to the city to see a fucking Broadway show, you call ahead first to see if it's ok with me

Detective Trupo: Your husband's illustrious career is over. Now the Feds are going to come in, they're gonna take everything. I mean they're gonna take it all. But not before I get my gratuity. So where's the money?
Eva: What are you talking about, what money?.
Detective Trupo: What am I talking about, what money? The getaway money that Frank and every other gangster keeps in his house!
Eva: If you leave now, there's a chance Frank might not kill you.
[Trupo hits her]