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Zatanna (Character)
from "Justice League" (2001)

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"Young Justice: Secrets (#1.18)" (2011)
Zatanna Zatara: [Quietly to Artemis] So how long have Conner and M'Gann been a couple?
Artemis: [Artemis chuckles slightly] Couple? No. They're not a...
M'gann M'orzz: [M'Gann giggles as she helps Conner with his Halloween costume] Would you please stop fidgetting?
Conner Kent: You are *so* making this up to me later.

Zatanna Zatara: [after Artemis takes down some criminals] There were easier ways to take them.
Artemis: They had it coming! No harm done.
[Their bike suddenly explode in front of them]
Harm: No indeed. Harm is not done. Much Harm left to do.

Harm: Their ridiculous garb and rudimentary skills indicate instruction from Green Arrow and Zatara. Harm will study these two to learn methods for killing their mentors.
Zatanna Zatara: Oh you did *not* just threaten my dad!

Zatanna Zatara: Thanks for the assist, but - who are you?
Secret: Secret.
Artemis: That won't cut it. We need answers. Do you know Harm? Does he have any weaknesses?
Secret: Secret.

Zatanna Zatara: [Artemis aims her crossbow at Secret] Wait.
Artemis: Zatanna, she's his partner!
Zatanna Zatara: Then why did she help me?
Artemis: Don't know. Secret.

Zatanna Zatara: [Reading a grave marker] Greta Hayes. Beloved sister.
[Secret rises from the grave. Zatanna gasps]
Zatanna Zatara: This... this is your grave. This is your secret! This is you!
Artemis: A ghost? An actual ghost!

Harm: Ah, it casts another illusion spell.
Zatanna Zatara: Except I didn't speak. Harm knows it can't cast a spell without speaking.
[Harm gasps realizing who the ghost is]
Artemis: You asked how we found this place. Face it, Harm. Your secret's out!
Harm: No! Harm's heart is pure. Harm's not sorry.
[Secret reaches into Harm's chest and pulls out his power]
Harm: I'm not!

Artemis: I still can't believe anyone could do that to his own sister. If my...
Zatanna Zatara: Your what? Artemis, talk to me. Secrets don't stay buried obviously. It's better to bring them into the light.

Zatanna Zatara: First you lure us into a trap, now you free me? What's your game?
Secret: Secret.
Zatanna Zatara: Is this your room? Do you live with this nut job?
Zatanna Zatara, Secret: Secret
Zatanna Zatara: Right. Naturally.

"Young Justice: Humanity (#1.15)" (2011)
Zatanna Zatara: Are you guys having a psychic conversation? 'Cause I can't decide if that's cool or really rude.
Superboy: All right. Fine. We were talking about Tornado. It's been weeks since his attack and the League hasn't told us anything.

Zatanna Zatara: We're not really taking a tour, are we?
Superboy: No. We're hunting down that robot.
Aqualad: Yes! We are!
Zatanna Zatara: Wow. Out loud and everything.
Artemis: What about the new girl?
Robin: I'm sure she won't tell.
Zatanna Zatara: I can't tell. Not if you kidnap me.
Artemis: Oh she's going to fit in great.

Aqualad: I recommend you stay behind.
Zatanna Zatara: Is that an order?
Aqualad: No. You must do as you see fit.
Zatanna Zatara: Good.
[Zatanna changes into her uniform]

Zatanna Zatara: Tornado never knew my moves.
Robin: And I bet you've got some good ones. Whoa. Sorry that may have come off a little too Wally.
Zatanna Zatara: [Zatanna chuckles] I don't mind.

Robin: So, good kidnapping?
Zatanna Zatara: Actually, yeah. Best ever.
Robin: [Robin chuckles] First of many, I hope.
Zatanna Zatara: If my dad doesn't ground me for life.
Zatara: [Cut to the cave] SHE'S GROUNDED FOR LIFE! "They're good kids, Giovanni." "Don't worry, Giovanni." She's never joining this team!

"Smallville: Warrior (#9.12)" (2010)
Zatanna Zatara: Sorry my locator spell wasn't more accurate. Like I said, I'm gonna need all the help I can get. He should be... close?
Clark Kent: I guess you can't expect magic to be an exact science.
Zatanna Zatara: Was that a clever play on words? Wonderful wit *and* sparkling theatrics. Mr. Blur's really upped his game.

Lois Lane: [speaking to Clark] Did you and Chloe both just swear off whimsy? Was there a memo? Look, a costume isn't just about hiding who you are, it's about seeing the world in a way that you haven't before. What's your dream? Getting swept away in a little fantasy might do you some good every once in a while.
Zatanna Zatara: [referring to Lois' previous comment] Lady's got a point. Without a dash of fantasy, life's just life. Where's the magic in that?
[Lois nods in agreement with Zatanna]
Clark Kent: [surprised] Zatanna, when did you...?
Zatanna Zatara: We need to talk, Blue. Alone.
[turns and speaks to Lois]
Zatanna Zatara: I hope it's okay that I borrow him for a bit.
[Lois is confused but nods okay]
Clark Kent: Lois, Zatanna. Zatanna, Lois.

Zatanna Zatara: Even though we live lives that everyone else thinks are fantastic, doesn't mean we don't get to take a break from the real world and then.
Clark Kent: We don't get to take breaks.
Zatanna Zatara: Which is why us Super Friends gotta stick together. I think I have a spell for that.

Zatanna Zatara: Remember how you said magic wasn't an exact science? Well, there's a catch too. And my dad rally outdid himself on this one. There's a monster at the end of the book.
Clark Kent: Not surprised your dad's friend had trouble selling this. This isn't the origins of a superhero, it's the birth of a villain. In the original story, Warrior Angel becomes Devilicus.
Zatanna Zatara: And the moment our hero feels the slightest betrayed...
Clark Kent: He becomes a monster.

Zatanna Zatara: I could swear there's a twinkle of magic in your eyes. Or is it just pride in a job well done?
Clark Kent: I think I always gain a bit of perspective when you blow through town.
Zatanna Zatara: Careful. A girl might just start to crush on you.

"Batman: The Animated Series: Zatanna (#1.50)" (1993)
Zatanna: [puts a hand to his mask] What happened to you that made you put this on?
Batman: A painful memory and a promise.
Zatanna: I'd say you're keeping that promise pretty well. And for what it's worth, Dad would have been proud of you tonight.

Zatanna: What do you care about some leggy dame in nylons? Or did I just answer my own question?

Zatanna: You never wrote.
Batman: I meant to, really...
Zatanna: Hey, it's okay. I can see you've been busy.

Zatanna: Here, pick a card. I'll tell your future.
[Bruce does]
Zatanna: Hmm, I see intrigue, danger... two of hearts.
Bruce Wayne: [looks] Joker.
Zatanna: Oh, it's a dumb trick anyway!

"Smallville: Hex (#8.17)" (2009)
Zatanna Zatara: It's what he did for me. He wasn't meant to die. I owe him this. I know the rules. A life for a life. I have to make it right. I'm not afraid.
Clark Kent: Do you really think your father would want you to give up the life he gave you to bring him back?
Zatanna Zatara: What would you know about losing the one man that made you who you are?
Clark Kent: The day I lost my father, I thought my world would never be the same. It felt like something had been ripped away from me forever. But I had to let him go.

Zatanna Zatara: Rough birthday, huh?
Chloe Sullivan: You ever seen the napalm scene in Apocalypse Now? More fire, less cake.

Zatanna Zatara: Bravo. You found my book *and* pull it off in style.
Green Arrow: I wish I could say I've had the pleasure.
Zatanna Zatara: Oh, please, Oliver. Ask a billionaire for help, and then a vigilante steals *exactly* what I ask for? You need to work on your sleight of hand.

"Justice League: This Little Piggy (#3.5)" (2004)
Circe: [as Batman's singing] Beautiful.
Zatanna Zatara: And you'll keep your part of the bargain.
Circe: A deal's a deal. He can stop now.
Zatanna Zatara: Not on your life!

B'wana Beast: B'wana Beast. How you doing?
[He offers his hand to shake, but she follows his gaze]
Zatanna Zatara: My *legs* are fine, as is the rest of me.
[points to her face]
Zatanna Zatara: Up here.
B'wana Beast: Whoa! She's got the fire of the cheetah in her!
Zatanna Zatara: [to Batman] Why are you doing this to me?

[after Batman's knockout performance]
Zatanna Zatara: Is there anything you can't do?
Batman: There's one thing I've never been very good at: saying thank you.

Justice League Heroes (2006) (VG)
Darkseid: Brainiac is no more. Tremble before the power of...
Superman: [surprisingly shocked] Darkseid!
Darkseid: Greetings, Superman.
Batman: You tricked Brainiac into freeing you from your extra-dimensional prison.
Darkseid: I promised him he would unleash power beyond imagining. I fulfilled our bargain. To the letter.
Zatanna: Yeah, and he was also promised great knowledge.
Darkseid: And I delivered. What higher lesson is there than is this: Never trust Darkseid.
Superman: Get off my planet... monster!
Darkseid: Normally a threat from you is worth considering, but with both the Mother Box and Sensory Matrix Field Generator at my command, I'd rather think you should get off my planet.

Wonder Woman: I don't know how, but you've been misled. If those missiles launch, they could kill millions.
Killer Frost: And?
Zatanna: She's a whack job, Diana. No point trying to talk her out of it.
Killer Frost: She's right. I'm criminally insane. Want to see my note from the doctor?
Zatanna: No. But if you don't step aside, I'm putting you in the hospital.
Killer Frost: Funny! I see what you did there. You should get off a good one-liner before you die.

Darkseid: You can't control me, you can't destroy me, and there is no prison in the universe that can hold me.
Wonder Woman: I don't believe you're telling me the truth.
[wraps her lasso around Darkseid]
Wonder Woman: You know the power of my magic lasso. No one bound by it can tell a lie.
Darkseid: If I were free, I'd tear you limb from limb.
Zatanna: I believe him.

Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013) (VG)
Zatanna: Thgif siht esol!

"Young Justice: Intervention (#2.18)" (2013)
Rocket: Girlfriend, someday you have to tell me how you figure out those backwards words so fast.
Zatanna Zatara: Maybe backwards is my native tongue?

"Young Justice: Auld Acquaintance (#1.26)" (2012)
Raquel Ervin: So Tornado built this android... to party?
Zatanna Zatara: Not how he'd put it. But yeah, more or less.