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Apostle Peter (Character)
from The Passion of the Christ (2004)

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The Miracle Maker (2000)
Simon Peter: The Lord! I... he was... I thought they'd taken the body!
James the Disciple: Who?
Simon Peter: Priests! Romans! But... but he was there! In front of my eyes! In front of me! *This* near! Like...
Thomas: [irritated] I cannot believe what I'm hearing.
[walks toward door]
Simon Peter: Thomas! I saw him!
Thomas: You're all crazy, all of you. Dreams, visions, everyone's going mad.
[goes to open the door]
Thomas: I'm leaving.
Cleopas: [burst through door, knocking Thomas to the floor] THE LORD!
Thomas: Ow!
Jairus: [breathless] We... we have...
Cleopas: [excited] We've seen him!

Jesus: The Son of Man will suffer many things. He will be arrested. He will be killed.
Simon Peter: No Lord, that will never happen to you! Never!
Judas Iscariot: [to himself] The messiah... killed? Defeated by the Romans? No!
[thinking to himself]
Judas Iscariot: A false messiah... defeated... we'll all... we will all die!

Jesus: Push the boat further out.
Simon Peter: Out?
Jesus: Into the deep.
Simon Peter: Why? What for?
Jesus: [smiling] Let your nets down for a catch of course.
Simon Peter: [rolls eyes] No one catches fish during the day. They hide from the sunlight, right down in the depths.
[sees Jesus' expression doesn't change]
Simon Peter: But if you insist, I'll let them down.
[to Andrew, grumbling]
Simon Peter: Right in the middle of the day.
[casts nets, sits]
Simon Peter: We could be here for hours.

Simon Peter: [sees Jesus approach him] Leave me. Lord leave me.
[voice breaking]
Simon Peter: I am such a sinful man!
Jesus: [gently] Don't be afraid Simon.
[places his hands on Simon's shoulders]
Jesus: From today, I'm going to make you a fisher of men.

Jesus: Simon, I will call you "Peter," for the rock.
Simon Peter: Rock?
Jesus: Yes, I'm going to build
[places his hand on Simon Peter's chest]
Jesus: on *this* rock.

Jesus: [raises bread] Blessed are you oh Lord our God, who brings forth bread from the earth.
[breaks bread and passes it]
Jesus: Take this and eat. This is... my body. Which is broken for you.
Thomas: Your body?
Jesus: Do this in memory of me.
[lifts cup]
Jesus: Drink from this all of you, for this is my blood. My blood which is poured out for many, for the forgiveness of sins.
[as the cup is passed]
Jesus: This is the last time I shall drink wine with you.
Simon Peter: Master.
Jesus: Until I drink the new wine with you, in the kingdom of my Father, in heaven.
Simon Peter: In heaven?
Simon Peter: No. No!

Jesus: Simon, Satan wants to grind you into powder and scatter you to the wind! But I have prayed for you.
Simon Peter: Master, you know me. I won't leave you.

Matthew: Look, we have to keep records. It's the law.
Simon Peter: Is it the law to cheat? And steal? And line your own pockets? Is that the law? Traitor?

Mary Magdalene: [rambling] Hands off me! I'll give you murderers! Your money.
[tosses money at tax collectors]
Mary Magdalene: Your money!
Tax Collector: Leave this one. She's the mad woman from Magdala.
Matthew: [wearily] How much does she owe?
Simon Peter: Nothing! And nor do we! We caught nothing, no catch, no money. We're not paying taxes for thin air!
Mary Magdalene: [muttering] I told the emperor. I told the emperor about you.

Jesus: One of you sitting here is going to betray me... tonight.
James the Disciple: We'll all stand by you! Every one of us!
Simon Peter: Even if the whole world deserts you, I will never
[draws sword]
Simon Peter: *never*
[sheaths sword]
Simon Peter: let you down.
Jesus: Simon Peter, Satan wants to grind you into powder and scatter you to the wind! But I have prayed for you.
Simon Peter: Master, you know me. I won't leave you.
Jesus: Simon.
Simon Peter: I'll go to prison with you! Execution!
Jesus: Simon Peter by the time the cock crows today
[gets up]
Jesus: you will deny three times that you know me!
[leaves table]

The Power of the Resurrection (1958)
[first lines]
Guard: The one called Marcus.
Peter: I'm the one you want.
Marcus: No, Peter!
Guard: We'll get around to you later.

Young Man: I can't face it. I can't!
Peter: Come, come.
Young Man: If I were brave like you, it would be different. You don't know how it feels!
Peter: Inside you there's a pounding like your heart might burst... in the pit of your stomach, there's a knot... you want to run away but you can't... so if all the others weren't here, you'd cry like a child. Oh, yes - I know what it feels like to be afraid.

[last lines]
Guard: You there - the one called Peter.
Peter: Yes?
Guard: You're next.
Peter: Of course.
[to the young man]
Peter: Well, lad...
Young Man: Christ be with you, Peter... and I would like you to know that from now on he lives within me, too.

"Jesus of Nazareth: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1977)
Simon Peter: I denied him because I was a coward. We are all cowards. We accused Judas of being a traitor but we ALL betrayed Him. We ALL abandoned him. At least our brothers in the Sanhedrin who condemned him didn't know him. The Romans, they did not know HIM. But we... we ate with Him. We lived with Him. We knew He was the Christ! And still we betrayed Him. Brothers can't you see? You ask if I believe He's risen? Yes I do. For I know in my heart He will not abandon us. I know in my heart He has forgiven me... us... Forgiven all of us.

Simon Peter: [having denied Jesus thrice] Oh God... oh God...
Simon Peter: My God! Please, help me!

Simon Peter: [Peter is drunk] Andrew. Andrew, I'm not like you. I'm not a follower of priests and prophets; I'm a fisherman. I've got my family to think of. You followed the Baptist, now follow this one...
Philip: [grabbing Peter's Arm] Peter!
Simon Peter: [wresting free] Just leave me alone! Why did you bring Him here to me?
[grabbing his net]
Simon Peter: *This* is my life! My nets... my boat.
Simon Peter: Go on! Follow Him! But leave me!
Andrew: Come on, you can't talk to him when he's like this.
[motioning the others to leave]
Andrew: Come on, Philip.

Demetrius and the Gladiators (1954)
Messalina: [arrogantly] You'll never get him back. What can you offer him ? The company of slaves and beggars ? The refuse of Rome ? Poverty and self-denial ? Prayers ? Tears ? Death ? You see, I've studied your teachings, and I, Fisherman, I can give him the world. If he has to choose between us, do you think he'd hesitate for one minute ? Of course not. And that's why you hate me. I can see it in your eyes.
Peter: What you see in my eyes is pity.
[she tosses her goblet of wine in his face]
Messalina: Get out !

Demetrius: We traveled here together from Galilee, persuading people to give up their lives for a beautiful dream.
[he attempts to hand a goblet of wine to Peter]
Demetrius: Take it Peter. It's real... hot spiced, with cinnamon and cloves.
[chuckles and looks towards Messalina]
Demetrius: Did you know that Jesus could turn water into wine? And that was only one of his tricks.
Peter: Yes, only one. Anything that was base, He could make noble. He found a leper and made him clean. He found death and He made life. He found you a slave, and He made you free.
Demetrius: Get out!
Peter: And now you've won a great victory over Him, haven't you tribune ? You've made yourself a slave again.

The Robe (1953)
Peter: Let me tell you of the burden I bear. Justus told the others I was steadfast. He didn't know. The night Jesus needed me most, I denied him... not once... but 3 times. I swore I never knew him. Now...
Marcellus Gallio: [stammering, pointing to himself] I... crucified him.
Peter: I know. Demetrius told me.
Marcellus Gallio: [shocked] And you can forgive me?
Peter: He forgave you from the cross. Can I do less? Now, is there anything stopping you? Can you become one of us?
Marcellus Gallio: [new strength in his voice] From this day forward, I am enlisted in His service. I offer Him my fortune, my sword, and my life. And this I pledge to you on my honor as a Roman.

The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)
Peter: Who's there?
James the Younger: [behind the door] Me.
Peter: [angrily opening the door] What's wrong with you? When I ask "Who's there", why do you answer "Me"?
James the Younger: It *was* me, Peter.

"The Bible: Passion (#1.9)" (2013)
John: [after Jesus' crucifixion] Where were you? You were supposed to be his rock.
Peter: I failed him. Now I can't ask him to forgive me.

"Second Chance: The End (#1.1)" (1987)
Saint Peter: Ah, Colonel Quaddafi... dead at last.
[after gunshots are head and Quaddafi appears full of bullet holes]
Colonel Quaddafi: Dead? It-it is impossible for me to be dead.
Saint Peter: Oh, no, you're dead, quite dead, completely dead. That's something you're just going to have to live with. Hahahahahahaha!
Colonel Quaddafi: Hikeeeee!
[Phonetic spelling; Quaddafi gets up and fires on St. Peter, but nothing happens]
Saint Peter: You never could take a joke. Now it's time for you to be judged. Step up, please.
[St. Peter motions to a circle the person to be judged has to stand on]
Colonel Quaddafi: What does that mean?
[after red lights glow and the door to Hell opens up]
Saint Peter: It means, sir, that you can go to Hell.
Colonel Quaddafi: Agh, but...
Saint Peter: Oh, come on, you must have known it was coming. Very few parents these days are naming their kids Moamar. Colonel Quaddafi, hear me: Because you have ordered the death of innocent people by means of terrorist explosives, you are sentences to spend externity wired as a human bomb. Every two minutes you will blow up.
Colonel Quaddafi: Holy -
[looking at the explosives now on him]
Saint Peter: Too late for that now.
[interrupting Quaddafi]

King of Kings (1961)
Peter: You're wrong, woman. I-I do not know the man Jesus.

"Jesus of Nazareth: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1977)
Simon Peter: Go on. You can preach to the fish!

"Father Knows Best: Father's Biography (#4.16)" (1958)
St. Peter: We keep throwing difficult choices in your path to test you, and it's the decisions you make that shape you into what you are.

Death Interrupted (2011) (TV)
Saint Peter: You should try looking on the bright side. Your life was just a microcosm of everything else.
Joan: I'm sorry. I don't speak ghost. What does that mean?

The Silver Chalice (1954)
Saint Peter: [last lines, Peter is speaking about the Silver Chalice to Basil and Deborra, and he utters his lines in the tone of a heroic speech] It will be restored, but for years and for hundreds of years, it will lie in darkness; where, I know not. When it is brought out into the light again there will be great cities, and mighty bridges and towers higher than the tower of Babel. It will be a world of evil and long bitter wars. In such a world as that the little cup will look very lonely. But it may be in that age when man holds lightning in his hands, and rides the sky as Simon the Magician strove to do it will be needed more than it is needed now.

Barabbas (2014/I)
Peter: We are all witnesses. Hundreds of us.

The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)
Peter, Apostle: Don't you have any respect?
Judas: For him?
Jesus: [feebly] You don't understand...
Judas: Understand?... You broke my heart. Sometimes I curse the day I ever met you! We held the world in our hands. Remember what you told me? You took me in your arms, do you remember? And you begged me, "Betray me, betray me, I have to be crucified..."

Day of Triumph (1954)
Peter: [to Andrew] I sent Thomas to find you. Where have you been?

Barabbas (1961)
Peter: [Arrested for arson, Barabbas has been brought to the dungeons housing the Christians falsely accused of the act] This burning city is no work of ours. This isn't how the new kingdom is going to be made. You were wrong.
Barabbas: Who are you to tell me I'm wrong?
Peter: Many years ago, we spoke together. Do you remember?
Barabbas: No.
Peter: You asked me why I was making a net so far from the sea.
Barabbas: Jerusalem. The street of the potters.
Peter: You were as mistaken then as you are again now.
Female Christian: We didn't set fire to the city.
Male Christian: You've done the work of the wild beasts of the emperor.
Female Christian: Are you a lunatic?
Male Christian: It was his fire, you fool. Not God's.
Barabbas: [the realization of his error sinks in] Why can't God make himself plain? What's become of all the fine hopes, the trumpets, the angels, all the promises? Every time I've seen it end up in the same way, with torments and dead bodies, with no good come of it. Huh? All for nothing.
Peter: Do you think they persecute us to destroy nothing? Or, for that matter, do you think that what has battered on your soul for twenty years has been nothing? It wasn't for nothing that Christ died. Mankind isn't nothing. In His eyes, each individual man is the whole world. He loves each man as though there were no other.
Barabbas: I was the opposite of everything he taught, wasn't I? Why did He let Himself be killed instead of me?
Peter: Because being farthest from Him, you were the nearest.
Barabbas: I'm no nearer than I was before.
Peter: Nor any farther away. The truth of the matter is, He's never moved from your side. I can tell you this: there has been a wrestling in your spirit back and forth in your life which, in itself, is knowledge of God. By the conflict you have known Him. I can tell you as well that so it will be with the coming of the kingdom. A wrestling back and forth and a laboring of the world spirit, like a woman in childbirth. We are only the beginning. We won't see the time when the earth is full of the kingdom. And yet, even now, even here, the hour at the end of life, the kingdom is within us. There's nothing more to fear. Upon us, the years will be but many years, many martyrdoms. The ground of men is very stubborn to mature. But men will look back to us in our day, and will wonder, and remember our hope. It is the end of the day. We shall trust ourselves to a little pain, and sleep, saying to world, "Godspeed."

Jesus (1999) (TV)
Peter: But he's the enemy!
Jesus: If the man is your enemy, show him love. You are a strong man, Peter... Are you strong enough to love?

"The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XI (#12.1)" (2000)
[Homer has just performed the good deed he needs to get into heaven]
Homer: There, did you see that?
Saint Peter: Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't looking.
Homer: I thought you guys were always watching.
Saint Peter: No, you're thinking of Santa Claus.

Son of God (2014)
Peter: What are we going to do, then?
Jesus: We are going to change the world...